MIP Review
December 23, 2016

MIP Review

Jackie Koski | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Abila MIP Fund Accounting

The MIP Fund accounting is used for the accounting records for the entire organization. There are 3 employees who are trained in using the MIP Fund Accounting program. We use it for all aspects of our business, except for tracking work hours and the related billing documentation. We have a complex distribution tracking agencies, services, service types, and clients. MIP has made it possible to enter revenues and expenses, using the distribution codes, and then create queries to produce reports that allow us to access information for all sources, or for one or two specific sources.
  • Customer service is excellent. With the assistance of customer service I have learned how to reverse and correct posting. I have learned how to set up reoccurring entries, and most recently I was sent a step by step guide to help me balance a bank statement that was causing me to pull my hair out!
  • I like the way MIP Fund accounting handles credit cards and petty cash. This is in the cash activities and I am able to balance these accounts at any time. By using the reconciliation feature I can go into any of the cash accounts to verify if I entered a charge or a distribution quickly.
  • I like the tips and shortcuts available in the help section. I was able to stream line payroll procedures from the tedious step by step process being used when I started my job a year ago.
  • I love that you can create a custom report and save it for future use.
  • One of the most difficult areas is finding the information I need. At times, when trying to create a report, I get error messages that simply do not make sense to me. I have called and received assistance, but in this area the assistance is often so rapid that I am not able to follow it (yet).
  • I have had problems finding information when using the help section. Sometimes due to my not knowing the terminology used, but also due to the searching. I may find a paragraph, but not enough detail, which will be located elsewhere. Additionally, I have noticed that some of the help guides have not been updated/modified as to the related software that has been updated.
  • In the last 2-3 months customer service has been difficult to reach. What use to be a relatively short wait has turned into hours and even days.
  • 3 days ago I called and using the call back feature left a message. To my knowledge I have not received a return phone call, or an email message letting me know they tried contacting me.
  • This is a difficult area for me to answer as I did not use any prior software for this employer. MIP Fund does provide a strong audit trail by requiring reversals of incorrect data entry. This is highly beneficial for any organization that needs transparency in its books especially dealing with federal and state grants and contracts.
  • At this time we have not transitioned to MIP Advanced. This is something we have looked at and will consider at a future date. One of the reasons is to enable us to have more than one "seat" without the cost that would be involved if we increased our seats with our current on-premise program.
  • The ability to isolate one revenue type for board or accountant review in a report is much more cost effective than me having to try to pull all this information from financial reports and create revenue specific worksheets myself.

Yes I believe we have achieved this, but I also believe we have room to improve in this area.

I would like to improve at designing more custom accounts to get the specific information I want.

This software is one of the more challenging programs I have used. I like that you can not easily delete information and that payables receivable invoices are posted separately from the related payments. Allowing you to correct one or the other with out having to reverse everything.

One of the things I liked about OneWrite Plus is that I was able to find entries easily. This is not always true with MIP. On the OneWrite Plus I could pull up an entry and actually click through that entry to see different aspects from sales order entry, inventory products, payments, ect. With MIP I can look at the payable invoice posting, and click down to see some of the coding, but can not see the actual distribution code(s) used when I entered.

The software allows a huge range of distribution over many different funding sources and services. If you need to carefully track your funding revenue and related expenses for several different revenue streams this is excellent.

If you are a small business with only one or two areas that you need or desire separation this program is much more than what you need.

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