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Updated November 05, 2014

Awe Inspiring Omniscient‎ Alteryx

Spencer Vigil | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Alteryx 8.6

Modules Used

  • Mostly Custom Modules that utilize a wide range of Alteryx tools.

Overall Satisfaction with Alteryx

Buxton utilizes Alteryx to automate our processes for building regression models. It is used from everything from variable generation to building models using R and then to implement the final product to our customers. It is used by multiple departments to complete these tasks. It is able to stream line the processes that we do on a daily basis in order to shorten our projected delivery time.
  • Alteryx is a very versatile program to use. Whether you are formatting data or running complex models it can be efficient and helpful.
  • Alteryx interface is very easy to follow. There is code behind all of the tools but the visual appearance of the tools and process flow allow the user to visually see exactly what is going on behind the scenes.
  • Alteryx can be used by a variety of skill levels. Beginners can benefit greatly from already built modules. Experts can be innovative and provide company wide solutions that will streamline processes and make results more consistent.
  • Some error messages seem too ambiguous. Granted user error is a major cause of problems, it could still be beneficial to have the error point more closely to the area that is malfunctioning.
  • Reporting tools are difficult at times to get formats exactly fine tuned to the desired output.
I have not used any other products that are similar to Alteryx. From what I have heard from fellow employees is that no other programs are quite as versatile as Alteryx. I do know that it has more diverse capabilities that exceed any of the other programs used at my company individually.
Without Alteryx our company would cease to function as smoothly as it does. We are one of the top users of this product and are constantly creating new ways in which we can automate processes or create more efficient and useful tools. I plan to increase my skill level to expert one day.
When working with a lot of data where processes will be repeated in a similar fashion it is a must have. It cuts down on re work and gives the user the option to re-use past work in order to focus on more important theoretical aspects of the project. For one off formatting or similar tasks it might still be better to utilize other tools. PS SQL and R are two good programs to have a working knowledge of while working in Alteryx.