Amicus Attorney is great when it works.
Matthew Guerra | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 08, 2018

Amicus Attorney is great when it works.

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Overall Satisfaction with Amicus Attorney

Our entire company (all five of us) uses Amicus Attorney on a daily basis. We use it to store contact information for clients and other business contacts, to track billable hours, as our shared office calendar, and sometimes for email as well. Amicus is also crucial to our office for phone messages, which, when entered into Amicus, auto-generate emails with the caller's name, number, and message.
  • It is very helpful with tracking our time and allows us to start a timer when working on a project to keep an accurate log.
  • Since it is web-based, it can be used to log into email and contacts remotely, which I have found extremely helpful on several occasions.
  • The phone messages are also very helpful. Amicus will populate the caller information with the caller's contact info (if stored on our system) and generates an automatic email to the individual for whom the call was intended.
  • Amicus is pretty buggy, and is "out of order" on a fairly regular basis. It is not uncommon to try to save something -- a time entry, phone call, or calendar entry -- only to be met with a spinning ball. Sometimes we can't access it for a few hours.
  • Another persistent issue is duplication of contacts. We have thousands of contacts in our system, but many of them are the same name, sometimes as many as four times. Amicus allows you to associate a contact with a file, but the duplication issue makes it difficult to keep a contact with all the files with which s/he should be associated. Because you have to disassociate a contact from all its files before deleting it, correcting the problems can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • There is no real way to quantify this; we use Amicus every single day to call/email clients and other business contacts, and we use it to keep track of our billable hours. Without it or something like it, our business would not function the way it does.
In the time that I have been with my firm, we have not used any other comparable software. As a result I can't compare it to anything else that is out there.
Amicus Attorney can probably be deployed very well in a law office that has a manager specifically dedicated to making it run smoothly, and who can keep track of the contacts, etc. In our firm, no one can spend the time to do this, so the information stored by Amicus gets a little disorganized, which has the effect of slowing us down.