Apptio/Cloudability - Strength in Reporting!
February 15, 2022

Apptio/Cloudability - Strength in Reporting!

Brian Toba | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Apptio Cloudability

We utilize the features of Apptio Cloudability in a number of different ways: 1) break down the spend for the various accounts/environments/groups on the 3 main providers we utilize (AWS, Azure, GCP); 2) utilize the optimization recommendations to determine efficiencies to reduce our overall spend using different strategies; 3) understand where there areas for improved governance, mainly around tagging. Because we track spending not just for our internal consumption but also for our external customer's site that we host and manage, it is critical that we receive accurate reporting, ensure we are receiving our negotiated rates for each of the providers, and that we can accurately report the consumption for each of our business units' applications. We try, as accurately as possible, to produce total cost of ownership (TCO) reporting for each of the Cloud-hosted applications. Because we can set up reports and segment access based upon accounts/business units, we can deliver specific reports/dashboards to the different business units and to the various personnel who will access them. We've started to review the recommendations from the tool to better understand where there are potential savings on the various platforms. Our focus has been to reduce the usage of higher-cost CPU/storage/network where possible and leverage reserved instances to reduce our Cloud spend. Finally, we use the governance functions to identify and improve our usage of tagging. The delivered reporting allows us to better understand where we can improve tags to better improve our reporting.
  • Financial reporting - canned reports along with easy drag and drop creation/modification tools.
  • Optimization report - show specific areas where resources can be re-allocated to less expensive ones (lower cost CPU/storage/network/etc.)
  • Governance reporting - lists out resources that have incomplete/missing tags on resources. This includes having application ID, environment type (Prod, Dev, Test), project code, etc.
  • Lack of consistent and accurate reporting of reserved instances for each platform, especially with Azure.
  • Improve functionality with Azure and GCP. Historically and currently stronger with AWS than with the other platforms.
  • More flexibility with optimization tools. Improvements have been made but still could be stronger to allow for more user selection.
  • Positive - as our utilization of Cloud platforms has increased, getting better reporting has been a key objective and Cloudability has allowed us to achieve this.
  • Positive - has allowed us to find opportunities for Cloud savings and improve our utilization of Cloud resources.
Very strong integration tools and flexibility with ingestion of the Cloud financial data from the providers. Several canned reports/dashboards allow for easy out-of-the-box deployment - along with drag and drop capability of reporting tools allow for easy creation/modification of reports/dashboards. Delivered functionality for Cloud optimization also makes it straightforward to utilize and allows for some adjustments to allow for more efficient utilization of Cloud resources.
  • ApptioOne
We are using the Bill of IT combined with Cloudability to allow us to craft a solution to bill customers for their Cloud spend - targeted to go live in 3 months. This will allow us to have flexibility on the level of detail we report to customers and allow us to adjust what type of discounts we will pass to them.
We thought that Apptio Cloudability was more complete than the others that we compared to. The out of box Cloud reporting was significantly better than CloudHealth and ServiceNow, in addition to the completeness of the reporting. The optimization engine also is far superior to CloudHealth and at the time I don't believe this was an option for ServiceNow.

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Very strong product. Out-of-the-box capability to hook up with the various platforms, flexibility around report creation/modification. Optimization tools keep getting stronger over time. Integration of container reporting has been more advanced than other tools. As this tool has evolved, I would say there currently isn't an inappropriate scenario for its utilization.