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Apptio Cloudability

Cloudability from Apptio, an IBM Company, is a cloud cost management and optimization tool that enables IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of the cloud.

IBM Turbonomic

IBM Turbonomic is a performance and cost optimization platform for public, private, and hybrid clouds used by cloud, infrastructure operations, and architecture to assure application performance while eliminating inefficiencies by dynamically resourcing applications through automated…

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IBM Turbonomic

IBM Turbonomic is a performance and cost optimization platform for public, private, and hybrid clouds used by cloud, infrastructure operations, and architecture to assure application performance while eliminating inefficiencies by dynamically resourcing applications through automated…

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Apptio Cloudability

Cloudability from Apptio, an IBM Company, is a cloud cost management and optimization tool that enables IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of the cloud.

ServiceNow IT Asset Management

ITSM / ITOM specialist ServiceNow launched its software asset management solution in 2017. Built on the Now Platform, the ServiceNow IT Asset Management bundle, which includes the CMDB module also as well as the relatively new SAM module, allows users to manage software licenses…

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vRealize Operations (discontinued)

vRealize Operations, or Aria Operations, provided simplified and automated IT Operations Management across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, and visibility into the entire tech stack, including all physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components. The product is…

Azure Cost Management

Microsoft's Azure Cost Management tracks resource usage and manages costs across all your clouds with a single, unified view, and access rich operational and financial insights to make informed decisions.

Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp, now including CloudCheckr, helps companies to run their cloud investments. The Spot product suite uses machine learning and analytics to automate and optimize cloud infrastructure, to ensure that workloads and applications always have the best possible infrastructure…


OpsCompass is an enterprise-ready cloud security management software that drives multi-cloud operational control, visibility, and security to Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Its UI is designed to provide clear data visualization for resource management, remediation,…

Virtana Optimize

Virtana accelerates hybrid infrastructure innovation through deep-system data and centralized visibility. Our unified multi-cloud management solution, Virtana Platform, simplifies the optimization, migration, and monitoring of application workloads across public, private, and hybrid…

Lumen Cloud Application Manager

Lumen Cloud Application Manager (formerly AppFog from CenturyLink) is a cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure management platform with integrated Managed Services. The centralized platform manages workloads across on-premises and third-party cloud environments, allowing for…

OpenText Hybrid Cloud Management X

OpenText™ HCMX delivers visibility and operational consistency across clouds, enabling users to optimize cloud spend based on actionable insights, enable self-service that includes compliance guardrails, and orchestrate lifecycle management actions.

AWS Compute Optimizer

AWS Compute Optimizer recommends optimal AWS Compute resources for workloads to reduce costs and improve performance by using machine learning to analyze historical utilization metrics. Over-provisioning compute can lead to unnecessary infrastructure cost and under-provisioning compute…

C-Facts - Cloud Cost Management

A (Multi) Cloud Cost Management solution that helps make the right business decisions, C-Facts is presented as Management Control Center. C-Facts organizes (multi) public cloud data so users have the right insights. The user can fully or partially allocate costs to different cost…

vRealize Suite & vCloud Suite (discontinued)

vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite delivered a self-service consumption layer, an automation framework and self-driving Day 2 operations for VMware Cloud. The product is no longer available.


ProsperOps is a fully autonomous cost optimization solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that helps organizations save money and manage risk. It aims to help customers increase their Effective Savings Rate by an average of 68%, returning material dollars back to their cloud budgets.…

AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor is an online tool that provides users real time guidance to help provision resources following AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor checks help optimize AWS infrastructure, increase security and performance, reduce overall costs, and monitor service limits. Whether…


Founded by ex-Google cloud engineers and PMs, Stackwatch headquartered in San Francisco, aims to enable teams to operate Kubernetes and cloud native infrastructure at scale. Their flagship product Kubecost is presented as tooling and intelligence to manage cost, performance, reliability…

XoSphere Instance Orchestrator

What is a Spot instance? Amazon sells EC2 virtual instances in three ways. On-Demand instances offer the greatest flexibility as they can be turned up and down at any moment and customers are billed for only what they use. While convenient, On-Demand is the most expensive option.…

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics

Jamcracker Cloud Analytics provides visibility into your cloud costs across your organization for a better cloud cost management. By providing a multi-dimensional view of cloud usage and expenses, it helps you take prompt and efficient decisions about your cloud cost. It provides…

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C-Plan.IT is presented as an IT investment management platform delivered on the cloud, from Channel Portal.

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Binadox headquartered in Seattle provides combined SaaS and cloud (IAAS) spend optimimization, web usage activity to identify shadow IT, reduce spend on SaaS subscriptions and drive user application adoption.

Azul Intelligence Cloud

Azul Intelligence Cloud is a family of products that applies cloud resources to analyze and optimize Java fleets and provide actionable intelligence. It applies the customers’ cloud infrastructure toward optimizing execution and to gain cost efficiencies. It aims to help IT and…

Uniskai by Profisea Labs

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is presented as a comprehensive AI-driven cloud cost reduction platform that helps users save on monthly cloud bills via network visibility, AI-generated policies, and detailed reports. The cloud cost reduction platform offers features for DevOps teams to…

Usage AI
0 reviews

Usage helps companies save on their AWS bill through cloud contract arbitrage. Today, companies suffer from a lack of liquidity on the AWS marketplace, forcing them to either:Use long-term AWS contracts, with their financial risk orUse AWS on-demandUsage’s liquidity pool of AWS contracts…

Ceeview Cloud Cost & Budget Monitoring

Ceeview Cloud Cost & Budget Monitoring is a tool that gives users a clear view of their cloud costs and resource utilization in order to help them control expenses and optimize their cloud environment. It allows users to avoid budget overruns, monitor resource usage, predict…

Cycloid Platform Engineering

Cycloid is an engineering platform designed to break down team silos, introduce DevOps best practices and support a hybrid cloud journey for enterprises. It's an internal developer platform that helps to facilitate end-to-end platform engineering adoption at scale in a clear and…

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What is Cloud Cost Management Software?

Cloud cost management software increases an organization's insight and management capabilities over cloud resource usage, and budgets allocated to cloud services. As IT and cloud service infrastructures become more complex, governance and optimization of spending become more difficult. Cloud cost management software is dedicated to solving this problem by providing clarity into costs and resource usage so those in charge of a company's finances can make informed decisions.

Cloud cost management software often overlaps with cloud management systems, which facilitate cloud infrastructure’s management and operations. Systems that include both capabilities can enable organizations to automate some cost optimization processes.

As cloud infrastructures grow, businesses need to pull in data from multiple different sources and analyze their entire infrastructure. Cloud cost management software can provide a central console for viewing the ongoing spending on cloud infrastructure, as well as how efficiently the purchased infrastructure is being used. The more cloud products a business uses, the more they can benefit from the cohesion a cloud cost management platform can bring.

Cloud cost management software can save organizations money in a few different ways. The primary method is by identifying and mitigating over-resourcing or inefficient resource usage. This includes costs like over-provisioning, giving instances or applications unnecessary capacity, or continuing to pay for unused or legacy licenses or instances. These platforms can also save organizations time managing all these resources, especially when the business uses multiple cloud environments.

Cloud Cost Management Features & Capabilities

Cloud cost management software includes a variety of features to help businesses analyze cloud platform costs and resource usage. Some of the most common features included in these platforms are listed below.
  • Cloud resource usage reporting
  • Data visualizations
  • Data import/export
  • Data storage
  • Spending and cost reporting
  • Cost reduction optimization
  • Dashboard creation

Cloud Cost Management Software Comparison

There are several common factors to consider when comparing cloud cost management solutions:

  1. Automated cost optimizations: Visibility into cloud resource usage and spending will only get the business so far. Administrators must then make adjustments to the cloud environment to actually save on costs. Fortunately, some cost management solutions have extended beyond tracking spend to automating cost optimization processes. Consider how much value the business would receive from automating those processes before considering it a “must-have” feature.

  2. Multi-cloud support: Some cloud cost management providers specialize in particular cloud environments, such as AWS or Azure. If the business only uses one cloud environment, a tailored solution may be more effective and cost efficient. However, if the business uses multiple cloud instances, particularly across vendors, buyers should heavily prioritize a vendor that can deliver robust multi-cloud support and visibility.

  3. Data visualization: Cloud cost management software will vary in the quality, customization, and ease of reporting and data visualization. Buyers should consider how much reporting to non-IT specialists will be necessary, and how impactful more robust data visualizations will be when communicating to budget holders and other financial stakeholders.

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Pricing Information

Pricing for cloud cost management platforms depends on the size and complexity of the organizations cloud infrastructure, as well as the feature needs of the business. Most vendors require businesses to reach out for a quote, but offer a limited trial that businesses can use to test out the platform before making a purchasing decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between cloud cost management and cloud management platforms?

Cloud cost management focuses on providing visibility into how a business spends on cloud infrastructure, while cloud management focuses on administering those cloud environments directly.

Who uses cloud cost management software?

Cloud cost management software is directly used by the cloud environment administrators, usually IT personnel.

What are the benefits of cloud cost management software?

Cloud cost management software helps save money by trimming unnecessary or inefficient cloud resource usage, and saves time when performing this process across multiple cloud environments.

What kinds of cloud cost management software are there?

There are cloud cost management tools that are either tailored to specific cloud environments, like AWS or Azure, while others are designed to be functional across multiple cloud environments, even simultaneously.