Asigra Backup/Recovery review. Why should you choose this product?
Updated April 30, 2015

Asigra Backup/Recovery review. Why should you choose this product?

Matthew P. Grosso | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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  • Full DS System

Overall Satisfaction with Asigra

Asigra is used across our whole organization. We have Asigra installed in 5 Data Centers, some DC's are used as Replication to Primary Vaults in others. Asigra solves the business needs of data protection and data retention, with the added benefit of simple server/system recovery (DR). Since Asigra is Agentless, there is an easy process for updates, upgrades and, we don't worry about security "holes" in our systems.
  • Asigra's Agentless Backup and Recovery solution protects many various platforms and services... servers, virtual machines, endpoint devices, DB's/Apps, data, etc... no more multiple point solutions to manage. Agentless means less complication, less installation, configuration and management of individual servers. Asigra provides us with a Secure, Reliable, Scalable and easy to administer and manage solution.
  • We get Recovery and Restoration assurance with Asigra. features such as Autonomic Healing and Validation Restore ensures our data recovered is consistent and accurate, and we can recover our data successfully, every time.
  • Secure and Compliant solution. As a public company, we appreciate the Security and Encryption methods from Asigra. The solution encrypts information at the source using a FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm, ensuring our data is secure both, in-flight and at rest... great for SOX and HIPAA requirements.
  • Automation and efficiency... We can schedule and automate the backup process, thus reducing the need for manual intervention and freeing up time of our IT staff for other projects and activities. The Asigra process is very efficient
  • We can manage the solution and all its components from a single pane of glass and, with the hardward/software agnostic behavior of the solution, we can mix and match the way we protect, regardless of operating systems, virtual platforms, applications, storage arrays or cloud deployment models
  • We would like to see Asigra come out with a Replication Model for quick Recovery of systems upon Disaster. We can have quicker recovery, DR, with Virtual Machines but we would like to have Physical Machine recovery in less than 2 hours. Replication can accomplish this...
  • We would like to see Geolocation and remote wipe for endpoint devices
  • We would like to see the solution provide easy "roll back" after a disaster.
  • Using the Asigra platform, we have been able to provide much better customer service to our clients, with increased visibility into the health of clients backup and recovery processes
  • Using Asgira, we have a much more efficient process, from backup and recovery, through DR and even Billing individual departments or end users
  • We now need less technicians managing backup processes, freeing up their time to work on other services providing DR and Infrastructure as a Service
Asigra is very well suited for a mixed environment... physical, virtual servers; endpoint devices; mixed platforms/OS, Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, MacX server, iphones/ipads, etc...
Questions to ask- focus on security, on the encryption key and who has access, how data is protected from unauthorized access.
Question: Are you sure you can always restore your data from your current backup repository? How does your backup software protect against data corruption?
Question: how man people do you need to manage your current backup and recovery infrastructure and, do you need people with advanced IT skills to run this solution for your company?

Using Asigra

18 - IT, Operations, Account Management and Executive Management
You can have from Basic understanding to advanced. This will depend on their roles... someone to recovery data (very easy), someone to pull data from Billing portal (easy), someone to troubleshoot errors (Medium), someone to install solution (medium to experienced).
  • Backup and Recovery with long term retentions. 7 daily, 5 weekly, 12 monthly and 7 annual retentions for compliance
  • Server Disaster Recovery. after hardware failure, restore system to previous state, before crash or before corrupted data.
  • Protect Laptops in field.
  • We have used Asigra as a data migration tool... to backup data to another data center, then recover system state.
  • We have used Asigra to migrate SANs from one vendor to another.
  • File sync and share, coming in next release
  • Laptop geolocation and data wipe, coming in next release
  • Replication of servers from site to site, without going back to Data Center systems
We covered so much... if you read my review in full, you will understand why this is a highly rated product.

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Using Asigra

Easy to use, great scalability, feature packed... Asigra is truly an end-to-end enterprise solution, not simply a point product. Asigra handles backup and restoration of client data across multiple OS platforms- Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM AS400, Mac X, etc... They include servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, virtual and physical machines. Some key features to note: Deduplication, Continuous Data Protection, Agentless Backup, Replication (New), Silent mode installation, Best of breed/start of art Security, Storage Discovery/Assessment tools, Autonomic healing... and more.
Asigra simplifies Cloud backup, period. Do your clients want a full Public Cloud, Hybrid... what about Private built solution? Asigra handles all, with ease and, with over 26 years of ZERO security breaches.