Best Source Code Management Application for Medium Scale Users
August 26, 2019

Best Source Code Management Application for Medium Scale Users

Machindra Dharmadhikari | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bitbucket

It is used across all of the organization by all developers. It is used primarily as a source code version control repository but some of the teams use it as a binary repository as well. It is used for code review by developers. Bitbucket also supports add-ons which help users get customized functionality in the application, helping them to work easily and adapt it the way they want.
  • Bitbucket provides more flexibility in using custom plugins, which helps developers to use required functionalities in Bitbucket which may not be available by default.
  • Bitbucket provides integration with JIRA which helps users track the commits in JIRA. Reduces the manual work which required to track the commit against each JIRA story.
  • Bitbucket allows configuring SSH key of the server which helps to clone and commit the code very fast & very easily.
  • Third-party plugins which were recommended by the Atlassian. We installed it in our instance but we don’t get proper support in case of any issues in the instance because of the plugin. Sometimes Git doesn’t work with bitbucket well so Atlassian should help in troubleshooting as Git is recommended client by the Atlassian.
  • Bitbucket doesn’t have the capability to generate the graphs and customised reports of source code repos. For reports, we need to use Atlassian recommended third party plugins but those are having a lot of performance issues in the whole instance and the vendor doesn’t provide the resolutions in a timely manner.
  • Bitbucket does not capture the details about the force push. There should be some way to capture the details of force push as force push deletes the history.
  • Bitbucket is a central application used across the company by the bank developers. It has removed the need for multiple source code management repositories. It helped to build the uniform platform for source code management across the bank.
  • Bitbucket is very easy to administer and maintain for our large userbase. It is compatible with multiple proxies. It supports most of the leading databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc.
  • Bitbucket checks in the compressed file version as the new version instead of delta of the file. It is impacting on the I/O operations. Because of this, it gets slow.
  • Bitbucket is not good enough to handle the merge with lots of commits through UI, and it gets timed out in most
  • cases and gives a generic error message.
The architecture of Bitbucket makes it more easily scalable than other source code management repositories. Also, administration and maintaining the instance is very easy. It integrates with JIRA and other CI/CD applications which makes it more useful to reduce the efforts. It supports multiple plugins and those bring a lot of extra functionality. It increases the overall efficiency and usefulness of Bitbucket.
Premier support requests get a prompt response from the vendor. The knowledge of support engineers is quite good. We would appreciate if they would get on an immediate call with WebEx sessions in case of rare reproducible issues even before providing the support zips. Right now, they don’t come into calls before providing logs. Actual resolution for some of the issues takes a long time and this is not good from the users perspective.
Bitbucket uses Git as a client which is more advanced with lots of features for source code management tool. It is very easy to scale horizontally as per our needs, and recent new features like adding multiple file systems keep Bitbucket more useful. Due to multiple file systems support, overall performance will improve. It also provides the customised plugin support and the Atlassian marketplace has a number of plugins which increase the overall functionality of the application.
Bitbucket is well suited in small organisation with less users and also for adopting multiple instances based on projects instead of having one instance for whole organisation. Good for up to 8k users in one instance. Bitbucket is not suited for bigger organisations which having only one instance shared across all the departments. It is also not directly suited for the source code files which are in huge size but not categorised under the binaries.