Blackboard Collaborate is best when collaborating with other Blackboard Products
November 23, 2015

Blackboard Collaborate is best when collaborating with other Blackboard Products

Allison Kallo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Blackboard Collaborate

I helped evaluate if Blackboard Collaborate was a good tool for the academic community of a previous position. In then end, the team did recommend that our school purchase and use Blackboard Collaborate in sync with Blackboard Learn, the LMS we were using. In the end, my organization decided to hold off on implementing Blackboard Collaborate because they wanted to confirm that Blackboard was still the best LMS for the school.

However, in many ways I wish the organization would have adopted Blackboard Collaborate as it allows students and faculty easy ways to connect and since LMS evaluations take a long time the lack of having a tool like Blackboard Collaborate is highly noticed.

In our evaluation, we suggested that Blackboard Collaborate would be used solely for academic purposes and in addition to other stuff, it would solve the problem of remote meetings, team collaboration and online office hours.
  • Connecting students: Collaborate allowed students to connect with each other based on their current classes and past classes.
  • Dynamic permissions: Allowing students to change their own permissions so student could set the level of access they wanted for other students. They could do this while still allowing instructor and TA access at the classroom level.
  • Making the LMS more engaging: Collaborate made Blackboard seem more like Facebook which may have made some students and faculty more interested.
  • Video and audio was lacking when we evaluated it.
  • Multiple language inputs were not well developed when we looked at it - and what was there was very klunky and confusing.
  • Security wasn't clear. I didn't understand how my organizations information was separated from others. (I'm not really sure of the technical stuff here - but our security guys were not happy with Blackboard's explanations to their questions.)
  • Since we did not implement Blackboard this question is not applicable.
Blackboard Collaborate meets the needs of a conferencing tool. It is especially great used in sync with other Blackboard products.
If my organization was using other blackboard products, then I would highly recommend using Blackboard Collaborate in sync with those products. In all honesty, there are many products that do similar functions - but they beauty is Blackboard Collaborate is integrated with other large systems, making permissions, histories, etc. seamless.

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