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Great online training tool

8 out of 10
June 28, 2021
We have a large team of individuals that manage content for our large website. Prior to the pandemic, we would conduct in-person training …
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Bugs. Unstable.

5 out of 10
April 28, 2021
Adobe Connect is pretty useful to organize meetings, trainings and seminars. Actually it is so easy setting up. We use this application to …
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Adobe Connect Review

8 out of 10
April 14, 2021
We use it for Virtual Training Meetings. Use is mixed within the organization right now. Due to Covid, we are unable to train in person or …
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Review of Adobe Connect

7 out of 10
April 13, 2021
Adobe Connect was used for trainings within my organization. It allowed our organization to seamlessly train and educate our members while …
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Product Details

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that provides standard features like video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, Q&A, and document transfers, as well as the ability for users to create presentations, online training materials, and learning modules.

The product is entirely Adobe Flash-based and has several add-ons for customizing its software to suit each users’ unique needs. Some extensions that are available include, but are not limited to, Closed Captioning support, Word Cloud (for visualizing live discussions), and MP3 player for adding music to users’ meeting rooms.

Users can create or style their own meeting room layouts which can be saved. They can also add multiple chat pods, polls, quizzes, simulations, breakout rooms, HD video, and games to make meetings and online conferencing more interactive. Additionally, Adobe Connect allows for presenters and hosts to utilize a “virtual backstage” to chat and collaborate outside of the main meeting or conference. It also allows for users to go into a “preparation mode” to make adjustments right before or during a session.

Pricing for Adobe Connect Meetings ranges from $50/mo up to $370/mo. Additional webinar capabilities through Adobe Connect Webinar ranges $140/mo to $580/mo, from a webinar with 100 participants to one with up to 1000 participants.

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Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that enables users to create presentations, online training materials, and learning modules. The product is entirely Adobe Flash-based and has several add-ons for customizing its software to suit each users’ unique needs.

What is Adobe Connect's best feature?

Reviewers rate Whiteboards highest, with a score of 8.4.

Who uses Adobe Connect?

The most common users of Adobe Connect are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Computer Software industry.


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Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This program is being used by our company for training purposes
  • I love the fact that you can do screen sharing with this program so that we can see what our trainer is seeing on their computer screen.
  • I like the features such as raising hands and you know thumbs up thumbs down applaud laugh step away because I use all of those in the training classes that I've been with my company. We use the raised hand function in order to ask questions so if anybody in our training class has a question we just click on the raise hand option. And whenever we go on break we use the step away function.
  • I like the fact that it has the function to not only use a microphone but also a camera so that when we come up to answer questions in our training class we go on camera as well as Mike and people get a chance to see who we are and that we're real people and actually hear our voices.
  • One of the issues that I am constantly having with Adobe connect is connection issues with my company I use a lot of programs and they all require access to our VPN and a hardwired internet connection. Because our company has gone into the settings of our all-in-one computers and deactivated the functionality of being able to use wi-fi. I'm able to use the internet with no problem on my computer. I'm able to use all of the programs without any connection issues whatsoever accessing the VPN for our company but Adobe connect is constantly dropping in connection status. There's an icon in the upper left-hand corner that shows us out of four bars what are connection is at and I am constantly dropping between four green bars down to two orange bars. So the connectivity issues are a constant issue with Adobe connect.
The connection issue is a big thing for me because my trainer who is talking to us is constantly cutting out and I'm missing so much information that they're giving us during their training classes.
I don't have access to the actual support for Adobe connect I have to go through my trainer.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have a large team of individuals that manage content for our large website. Prior to the pandemic, we would conduct in-person training sessions. Obviously, this was not possible recently. We have used Adobe Connect to conduct online training sessions for our staff instead of conducting in-person training. This has worked very well for us and we have received great feedback from our users.
  • Ability to conduct online training sessions.
  • Ability for users to connect from any location.
  • Ability to record.
  • It is fairly expensive.
  • More online tutorials for admins.
We have found Adobe Connect to be highly effective in situations where we need to provide training to users in a remote environment. We used to do in-person training, but the ability to host these sessions online has been a lifesaver, allowing us to continue normal operations during these challenging times.
Support options are available to us but we have not had a need to use them at this time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our worldwide sales and marketing department uses this great tool. It is a great communication tool with many working capabilities. Adobe Connect supports meetings, training, and seminars. putting together national and international sales representatives is not really easy. We use this app to stay in touch and communicate with each other. Our sales staff benefit from the software since it motivates them.
  • It's a quick method to exchange files, file, documents, and videos from a web app. Real-time conversation, and screen-sharing are all supported. It has a highly user-friendly interface. It is really simple to assist the teams.
  • Even team engagements is beneficial since it allows them to share their expertise with others, and the big benefit is the security of the rooms' access is fairly simple to manage.
  • The interface, which include features like notes, chat, pods, etc. When we're trying to gather rapid and exact information, simplify our work as much as possible.
  • Adobe Connect's features since they allow team members to express their ideas during meetings without causing disruptions, thereby bypassing the current international boundary of distance.
  • The recording options don't always function.
  • When sharing media, files saved on the server may fail to upload.
  • The internet load might cause connectivity issues, causing individuals or the entire session to fail.
It is a great resource for evaluating, refining, and combining abilities and essential experiences in the growth of the sales team training; It is productive and lucrative in terms of distance knowledge transfer, and it reduces employee training financing and expenditures. I really like the ability to collaborate as a group on a huge research project even when we are not in the same country.
I really support this software. The especially foreign team engagement is beneficial since it allows them to share their expertise with others. The interface, which includes notes, chat, and pods, etc among other things. The security of the rooms' access is fairly simple to manage. It is far superior to its competitors in terms of security.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect makes us create exceptional collaboration experiences, webinars, and digital training, which are vital for successful communications. Furthermore, Adobe Connect gives us opportunities to create virtual rooms, effective for online training or client engagements. Finally, Adobe Connect increases our interactivity, where the software contains presentation tools, screen sharing, and video conferencing, all aimed to bring some teamwork.
  • Adobe Connect has presentation features like transitions and animations, which are important in communications.
  • Furthermore, Adobe Connect supports virtual events in the classroom, where training is done and knowledge acquired.
  • Lastly, Adobe Connect makes virtual meetings through conferencing effective and manageable at a minimal cost.
  • Nonetheless, Adobe Connect lacks the engagement monitoring, which can be critical for the management to oversee.
  • Besides, Adobe Connect has no certification management, which is essential in the current education or training field.
  • Lastly, Adobe Connect has no offline editing tool, hence, when the internet connection is not there, many things can not be conducted effectively.
One, Adobe Connect will facilitate the virtual classroom or any other form of meeting, which will make training and engagement effective. There is the real-time and instant chatting option from Adobe Connect, a suitable form of communication. For effective execution of this tool, there are templates with enough documentation for how the software is used. Finally, all the presentation features are included in this software, making it a perfect way to pass messages.
Live chat is a major solution for some help desk from Adobe Connect, and this ensures any query or complaint is effectively tackled. Again, Adobe Connect has adequate templates, and documentations, where when effectively used, most of the answers are available. Finally, the technical support team for Adobe Connect is readily accessible, and intelligent enough to realize a bug or a breakdown.
Shafiq Ahmed | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used in some of our specialized department for the convenience of the customer. In almost a year, Adobe has provided us with a successful approach that our customers have welcomed. Adobe Connect make it easy to set up remote training and meeting of some sort. It's easy to use, arrange, and distribute the material to your audience. You can share screen, webcam, and audio with your clients and upload files in a variety of formats.
  • It is possible to stream a presentation online. There is also the choice of video conferencing. There is no need to download something.
  • On this platform, webinars are also very simple, and you can share your laptop in moments.
  • It also has a chat feature and the ability to record calls.
  • People aren't as familiar with it as they are with other apps.
  • Its cost is higher than other apps.
  • Our new team members don't understand it quickly.
It's fantastic how many hosts can handle various breakout groups. Other fantastic features are the ability to share files and have everyone in the group engage with the documents viewer. I really recommend it. I've had no trouble doing online meetings with clients who are in various countries. It also aided me in conducting seminars and making crucial business choices.
we find this tool to be effective for coordinating at one platform while discussing core company strategy. I really support this software. It allows multiple users in all worldwide locations to use web conferencing, general presentations, online resources, learning modules, and user desktop sharing. It's a fantastic tool for ensuring customer relationship.
Brandon Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It has provided me a perfect platform where I can have easy discussions and easily I can share the computer screens with our team members. I also like its mobile application which has allowed my team members to ensure smooth operation of our working. It has amazing and well-developed functionalities for online video conferencing.
  • Adobe Connect is a very effective tool, which is built on pod systems, where each pod performs a specific task. I have found it very effective for having meetings with my clients. It has covered all the distances and within few seconds it helps me to get connected.
  • I like its interface which is very appealing because of its simplicity. Now, I never schedule any visits but use Adobe connect for showing the product description.
  • Adobe Connect is helping me a lot to have meetings and sessions, across the world I can easily stay in touch with my foreign clients.
  • Sometimes the system gets slow during the long-running of the application and we have to shut down the application, which consumes our time.
  • Adobe Connect is a costly solution and its installation is not very easy.
  • We also faced some issue during its purchasing to this needs an urgent attention.
I am having a satisfying experience with Adobe Connect. On the basis of its functionality, I will recommend it to all organizations. But I will also suggest you have some experience with its free trial. It will give you a good knowledge about your requirements so that It will also become easy for you to invest.
The customer support of Adobe connect is professional and well-skilled for resolving our minor and major issues. Moreover, it has almost all the features that will provide you a secure connection, with people across the world. Education institutes can also implement this software. On the basis of its quality and technology, I will surely advise you to try it once.
Keith Cordero | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Since most of the office went virtual in 2020, we had been using Adobe Connect for many of our meetings in addition to webinars. There were a lot of tools that gave us a lot of flexibility. For example, there was the option to go into breakout rooms or have a Q&A. This helped to provide a cohesive discussion and helped us to connect with the team easier.
  • Ability to customize the layout of webinar rooms to tailor to my audience.
  • Ability to add polls and Q&A.
  • Ability to have more than one host at any given time.
  • Recording a session isn't very straight forward.
  • Tech issues such as participant getting kicked out.
  • PowerPoint doesn't translate well through the Adobe Connect platform.
If you are presenting to a large audience that requires multiple break rooms, you will most likely get participants that get dropped. If you are just looking for an environment where you will just present to a large group of people, then this will work for you. In addition to this, if you are presenting with multiple presenters, Adobe Connect will give you a seamless way to transfer ownership to whoever is presenting at any given time.
I haven't had to use the support option very often, but when I have, I have had no problem with the level of service I need. I have spoken to others who have used support a lot more than me and they have experienced no issues as well. Overall, I would say I am happy with the service.
April 28, 2021

Bugs. Unstable.

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect is pretty useful to organize meetings, trainings and seminars. Actually it is so easy setting up. We use this application to stay in touch with each other and talk with each other. It is used by a single department (CX consultants), in order to offer trainings and coaching. It works as a virtual classroom and it gets straight to the point.
  • the app makes easy to deliver coaching and courses
  • intuitive menu
  • files and link sharing features
  • some bugs and lags
  • no virtual backgrounds
  • video quality (especially compared to other vendors)
I don't recommend Adobe Connect. I am sorry, but it is not the best on market. Screen share is slow, the app is unstable, which it doesn't happen often, but you don't need a bug (e.g. mic issue) in the middle of a coaching. Very annoying and frustrating. Also, awful UI. I mean, it will simplify your job, but the cons are much more than the pros.
Connect support is well suited when you need to be advised. It is very easy and very fast. The point is: they can't fix the bugs and you need to wait the updated version that hopefully it will resolve the issue. It can be annoying during a classroom. Pretty good the idea behind the Support Blog (tips and tricks).
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
A decent product for online training of new staff. Screen share feature is good. You can share documents as well as links. There is an option to access multiple chats and also take polls. Whiteboard feature also comes a lot in handy. You can also have a control over the screen layout for other viewers.
  • Online training.
  • Polls or questionnaires.
  • Sharing documents and links on the go.
  • Can’t set a virtual background.
  • No option to call the ones attending.
  • Troubleshooting can be improved.
Firstly this is a free software so you can basically use it for online trainings or meetings and save money instead of buying some costly products. It provides most of the basic features and since it’s a free software don’t expect too much. You have options to share documents and links with other participants however some features are lacking. Also there are lot of bugs sometimes.
Quality of support is average in my opinion. Since you are using free version they won’t be very much bothered about the troubles you are facing while using this software. Although it already possesses so many drawbacks and missing features which need to be improved. Half of the customer issues will be solved automatically.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We started using Adobe Connect when it was Macromedia Breeze as an on-prem solution 15+ years ago. We stopped using it in favor of Webex, but other units on campus chose Adobe Connect a few years ago. This is a departmental decision and not across the whole organization.
  • Flexibility to move pods around the screen
  • Outdated interface
  • Not as robust as other more modern solutions such as Webex and Zoom
  • Feels very sluggish on users' computers
There are better solutions available on the market right now. While Adobe Connect has been around for a while, it seems as if their innovation was frozen from about 8 years ago and not many significant changes/upgrades have been made as compared to some of their other competitors in this space.
Did not really have to reach out to support for many issues.
Chantal Matthews, MSEd, CHES®, CHWC | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Adobe Connect in the classroom and for meeting purposes. It allows us to meet virtually with stakeholders and with consultants when needed.
  • Adobe Connect offers the same features you find with WebEx, but seems more professional.
  • I love the chat feature which allows for questions without interrupting the presenter.
  • I also love the screen sharing/presentation feature which allows the opportunity to present in a clear and concise way
  • It is not as user friendly as zoom and other virtual meeting tools
  • I’ve had techincal issues with sound
[Well suited] for consultation meetings, training that is preplanned, one on one meetings, for group meetings or classroom sessions.
I've never had to use support, but I've seen other people use support. Sometimes they don't have a solution, but the service isn't bad.
Kim Staker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Several departments across our firm use [Adobe Connect]. The one i can speak most on is the Learning and Development team. We use to to host all of our weekly classes that we present across the firm. For us it addresses the need to be able to host classes via the web.
  • Can host a large number of attendees
  • Share files, chat, share web links
  • Share your screen and show content
  • Interact with users
  • i wish there was a raise hand, and other interactive features like you see in web ex
  • i wish that it would integrate with InterCall easier or have built in ability for the audio
  • i wish that it would have a better attendance tracking
For what I use [Adobe Connect] for I really enjoy it and I think it works well. Yes there are some areas of improvement but overall it does its job well. I would like to see more tools where users can interact like raise hand, etc. Again though over all it does its job.
I have never had to use the support. This is NA for me. I cannot give a statement on something I have never had to use.
April 14, 2021

Adobe Connect Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for Virtual Training Meetings. Use is mixed within the organization right now. Due to Covid, we are unable to train in person or have meetings in person. We also have employees throughout the United States and other countries and are unable to have them travel for training as well
  • User engagement
  • Included features
  • recorded meetings
  • reliability
  • integration with other software
  • ease of use
Adobe Connect is great for classroom use and engagement. Adobe is a bit of overkill for normal meetings.
Only had one interaction. Didn't help much with the situation
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect was used for trainings within my organization. It allowed our organization to seamlessly train and educate our members while also sharing resources with them.
  • I like that you can customize the boxes to have displayed - so customization is nice.
  • I like how easy it was to use.
  • Only would upload PDFs well - any other formats would lead to slides being weird.
  • Not user friendly - when working with other presenters, would always have to walk presenters through what buttons to use.
  • Adobe Connect had an online way of accessing webinar presentations and a log-in way - if a presenter used an online link, it was difficult to allow them permissions to run their own slide deck.
For simple online trainings done by the hosting company - this software will be great. If working with a variety of presenters, just be prepared to have to take time to walk through the software with them.
Adobe Connect is good, just be aware that it may not be easy for everyone to understand and to use.
In my previous responses, this software was good but there were things that we needed. Additionally, this software was not that user friendly and when our work in healthcare is already fast paced, the staff didn't always have time to go through a training-we needed something more dynamic and easier to use.
Megan Koscianski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Adobe Connect as our classrooms and the way we interact with our students on a daily basis.
  • The white board function is amazing. Allows me to work out math problems easily with my students.
  • I also love the poll feature. When I have my class I can easily ask a question. For understanding and get immediate feedback.
  • I would love to have an equation editor in the text for the white board.
  • It would also be nice to mix with PowerPoint so I can have the slides move like they do on PowerPoint without making a new slide each time.
I love Connect for working out problems with my students. I also love how I can connect to my students computer to see what they see if they are having a hard time logging in or doing something.
They were able to help me when you updated.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect is being used for virtual conferencing, teleconferencing, and meeting/interviewing purposes. It is being used only in certain parts of the organization, but not the entire organization. Other departments and teams use other platforms. The business problem being solved is being able to connect and collaborate with other employees and customers, especially now more than ever since we're all remote. It also has other capabilities to troubleshoot or work out business issues and leveraging that type of technology.
  • The user interface and controls and commands are fairly intuitive. Even if audio or video isn't working, you can usually figure it out within a minute or two.
  • It functions well and seems to transition from feature to feature or capability to another capability. Doesn't seem clunky at all, but is clean.
  • Other capabilities instead of just audio and video is present too, but they haven't been fully explored or leveraged yet.
  • The overall connection and lag sometimes are disruptive. This may not be due to the platform as a whole, connectivity, and strength of the signal is probably a factor but it can get glitchy sometimes.
  • More features for remote desktop options, whiteboarding, or screen sharing to actively resolve issues would be great while collaborating.
  • Online support or forums to help assist with issues aren't as prevalent as you think they'd be. More individual resources to assist with issues would be helpful.
Adobe Connect is well suited for virtual conferencing for small groups of people or where actively sharing desktops or whiteboarding is not needed. Being in HR, using this for interviews and screening calls, it has proven to be useful. It may be less appropriate for large remote meetings where things could crash or bandwidth is really limited. Or if you really need a robust platform with tons of features and functionality.
The overall support for Adobe Connect hasn't been that great. I haven't had the opportunity to explore chat or live support, but the online resources seem to leave something to be desire. If I lived and breathed it every day I may have more of an in-depth explanation, but from my experiences, there is room to do better.
Heather Hicks | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect is used across several agencies and departments, but not all. Adobe Connect was selected due to it's customization and engagement features. The primary goal is to have engaging virtual learning, that is interactive and well designed.
  • Customized and tailored design and display
  • Adobe Captivate functionality
  • Layouts Allow for Learning Design and Run of show
  • Their closed caption pod has to be connected to an external service
  • Users joining via the web are less successful using all of the features.
  • Requires planning and design to have the best experience. (Bad for events on the fly)
  • The text is tiny. This is on the title of the share pods, and chat and attendee list. I imagine those with visual impairments might struggle.
We also have Teams so the situations where Adobe is less useful are those basic meetings that we run in Teams typically. Lecture Style Training could function fine in either.

Training that is interactive and designed are best suited in Adobe Connect. Example Having breakout rooms with different material in each and rotating individuals through each room you can only do in Adobe Connect. You can also have breakout rooms, collaborate via a doc or whiteboard, and then share it in the main meeting so they can present. It really creates a functional space to add the interactivity and engagement that you can do easily in person. If you don't make interactive training, with groups, or polls, and links, and files, you may not need this tool.
There is a lot of help out there. Purchased through a vendor so most of my experience is of the vendor.
Shannon Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have used Adobe Connect for a range of purposes, mostly for webinars and meetings when participants are remote. For webinars, it's been ideal to allow a presenter to control their slides while discussing their project, while participants can use the chat box to ask questions or network. We record the webinars and send out the link later, so colleagues who may not have been able to attend can replay it--we've received lots of positive feedback on this. We have also used it to collect email addresses for follow-up; the option to email the chat log to the meeting organizer is so useful. For meetings, we can collaborate and discuss a document or presentation as it's shared onscreen. We were even able to use a conference line for colleagues who had audio trouble, so incorporating that functionality was very helpful for us.
  • Slide-sharing and letting presenters control their speed.
  • Integration of external conference line in addition to VOIP.
  • Recording/playback is seamless.
  • Audio/mic troubleshooting could be more comprehensive.
  • Chatlog loses all formatting/spacing in email.
  • Browser compatibility is inconsistent (ex. on my Mac it only plays well in Chrome, yet on my PC desktop I need to use IE).
I highly recommend Adobe Connect for visually-driven webinars/presentations where a majority of the participants are offsite, and where a single speaker at a time has the mic. It is less appropriate for meetings where multiple people need to have a generative conversation, as it's easy to talk over each other and end up with garbled audio (the fate of conference calls everywhere).
Leonardo Barbosa Corrêa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect has only been used by me in my company. I use it to attend Adobe Day video conferences and online classes. It has been a good learning tool. Allows good viewing and interaction with the teacher. It has good chat tools to interact and the setup was pretty simple too.
  • Chat tool
  • Screen Sharing
  • No delay
  • Very dependent on internet bandwidth
  • Audio quality could be better
  • Screen Maximization Does Not Occupy Entire Area
Adobe Connect is very suitable for online or distance training. It is the reason why I have used the software. Provides good chat tools for teacher interaction. The downside is that the audio quality was a problem the times I used it. It seems to me to depend a lot on the internet band. Screen sharing does not occupy the entire monitor area.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Adobe Connect is used for live streaming educational classes which allow for powerpoint presentations, user interactions, and viewing of video clips by individuals in various locations. This allows for training among professionals where travel to the same location is not an option. It has given greater flexibility in our training platform.
  • User interaction on a sidebar while viewing material works well.
  • Most of the powerpoint slides are easily readable; occasionally, some are difficult.
  • Dialing in and connecting to the server tends to do well.
  • Videos don't always play well--it can be hard to see what is being streamed.
  • Sometimes you get 'kicked out' of the meeting and need to restart the computer to get back in--this is frustrating because of the wasted downtime.
Training with PowerPoint presentations, user interactions, and questions/answers works well with Adobe Connect. The video streaming needs help, and we have had the session stop and come back 15 minutes later, once it is fixed. The email invitation to join a group process is easy and the platform works well on laptops.
Nathan Roberts | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Adobe Connect to conduct training on software applications, do presentations, and even conduct our quarterly meetings with our board of directors. The platform is extremely flexible so we are able to conduct quality meetings remotely, saving travel time and travel expenses. With Adobe Connect, we are also able to record the training sessions for later viewing, meaning we can hold a single session and still offer the training on-demand.
  • The recording functionality is top-notch. Participants are able to interact with a recorded session just as if they were participating live (with the obvious exception of interacting with others). You can place markers on the recording so viewers can jump to areas of interest quickly so they don't have to watch the whole thing. If desired, you can off-load the recording so you can host it elsewhere.
  • The platform is incredibly flexible. You can conduct any type of meeting, from a simple webinar with one presenter to breakout sessions where participants are divided into several rooms.
  • I like that you can share just about anything through the platform, including handouts, video, etc.
  • It supports live polling, too, so you can engage your participants in fun ways.
  • The platform even has a whiteboard capability, so it easily converts to a collaborative environment.
  • It has the usual goodies for such a platform, too, such as video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • The one thing I don't like about Adobe Connect is it that to achieve integrated telephony, you have to purchase the telephony from a third party. This is not offered by Adobe. Once you get it done and set up, it's not too bad, except that the telephony cannot be controlled within the virtual room, but by a separate app. This is Adobe Connect's only failing, in my view, but because the rest of the platform is so good I am willing to overlook it.
For training sessions and meetings where you might want to conduct breakout sessions, Adobe Connect is in a class by itself. I haven't seen any other conferencing platform equal its breadth of tools and functionality. However, if all you want to do is simple screen sharing and talk, Adobe Connect is overkill. Save yourself money and reduce complexity by going with a simpler platform.
Laura Gillenwater | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Until last year, Adobe Connect was used as my company's meeting and virtual instructor-led training platform across the whole organization. We also used our area of the Adobe server to publish some of our e-learning modules created in Adobe Presenter or Captivate. Now, my company has switched to another tool (Zoom) and only a few people have retained our Adobe Connect licenses, primarily for training purposes (or for more complex meetings).
  • Ability to set up multiple room layouts that "persist" indefinitely. This allows you to set up your room layout as far ahead of time as you'd like and/or re-use layouts over and over again.
  • Access to a wealth of add-ons (like clocks, timers, interactive word clouds, random participant selector, etc.), many of which are free.
  • A good variety of "pod" types -- different types of surveys, file shares, Q&A, whiteboard (with ability for participants to annotate), etc.
  • Multiple ways you can share your screen -- share your whole desktop, share just selected windows, or share just selected applications.
  • Ability to have multiple hosts for a meeting and to easily promote a participant to the Presenter or Host role on the fly.
  • Breakout rooms, ability to record meetings with options for computer and/or phone audio (including the ability link in external phone conference lines), engagement meters (which, I'll admit, I haven't really used), and, I think, pretty much all of the features that most similar platforms offer.
  • Ability to pause webcam, rather than having to stop it and restart it (and, when paused, it shows the last image it was displaying before you paused it).
  • For meeting recordings published to the Adobe server, provides a left-hand navigation pane that allows the viewer to jump to different parts of the recording, like each time the layout changes or to the point at which someone typed a particular chat message.
  • Ability to email the contents of the chat pods to yourself, both as a host and as a participant.
  • No virtual background option
  • Without multiple screens, you can't really see the room while you're screen sharing, making it harder (but not impossible) to monitor chat, and, I think, not possible to see others' webcams.
  • No "call me" feature.
  • Very expensive!
If you're looking for just a basic meeting tool, there are cheaper ones (like Zoom) that will do the trick just fine. Where Adobe Connect shines is when you're looking for a virtual training tool, because of its more robust feature set and the fact that you can set up room layouts ahead of time and reuse them and because of the available add-ons, which can help make learning more engaging. (In fact, on that engagement front, I believe you can also present learners with interactive quizzes, etc., if you create them in another Adobe tool, like Presenter or Captivate.)
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We use it when we host virtual classes to be able to have a webcam and share a PowerPoint presentation. The best feature which we use almost every session is the ability to have virtual breakout sessions where people can be broken down into smaller groups to exchange on the various topics we are discussing.
  • Virtual Breakout sessions
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to set up your own templates
  • More support for the trial period
  • Better online support and videos to get started
  • I haven't found the possibility to save as an MP4 file afterwards for distribution (if possible)
For virtual training! Adobe Connect is amazing when used in that specific context. If you just want a tool to host/record a presentation, it is OK and is comparable to all the other big names out there (Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom, etc.). When it comes to doing virtual breakout sessions, this is amazing and forces people to actually listen to the webinar and interac amongst themselves opposed to a typical session with low amount of participation unless people are put on the spot.
Christopher Power | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Adobe Connect is used at our organization to help streamline multiple processes. It addresses the common problem of communication in a large school or organization like ours. The ability to have virtual meetings and share virtual documents is crucial for our success to help speed up communication, lessons, training, as well as increase efficiency in the building. The application is used throughout the entire organization, over 200 people, over 1,000 students for educators that use it in class and for educational lessons. The problem it addresses is workflow and performance. In order to get educators and students to work harder, you must provide them with more digital content to allow them to work independently without needing to attend face to face meetings or use paper handouts.
  • The interface is extremely easy to use. It allows people to come on board and learn it very easily, reducing the learning curve. Specifically, the navigation screen on the interface after logging in has a very simple drop-down menu for you to access and able to choose how you want to use Adobe Connect.
  • Adobe Connect DOES NOT drop in terms of internet connection. We have never had situations where the platform glitched or stopped working. For us to keep a simple and easy workflow, it was crucial to find a platform that did not have technical flaws.
  • Webinars... there are a lot of webinar software available, however, staying within the Adobe family is important. Adobe makes it easier to use content developed in their other platforms and linking and working with PDFs. Many platforms avoid certain file types of the file sizes make it difficult to navigate and use the tutorials and training documents. With Adobe they have made it easy to accommodate and seemingly keep the file sizes small enough to make it easy to browse and interact with online.
  • The Meetings obviously make it easy because one login for ADOBE satisfied the needs of all their platforms, reducing the need to have multiple accounts.
  • Room for improvement would be with video. I wish I could cut and combine videos for the presentations. Being able to cut multiple videos together into one clip would be very easy for us. I have not figured out how to do that yet. It seems to be missing that ability.
  • A missing function is being able to live poll! I understand they have polling features, but creating live polls that allow us to have meetings and then take a poll during the presentation and allow us to see the results in real-time would be really exciting.
  • The mobile app is a large file size to download and does take up a lot of space on mobile phones. It is not as bad on an iPad where you use it more often and do not have as many apps as a personal phone, but the file size is still a bit large and would be the first app to remove if I need storage space.
Adobe Connect is well suited for real business and school applications. When you have a large staff and corporate or school structure, you need to offer training and meetings for all employees to avoid the stress of sending emails and worrying who will or won't show up to in-face meetings with strict schedules.

It is perfectly structured for new employees, tech savvy or not, to learn the software so they can easily participate in virtual meetings, trainings or reviewing documents needed. It could be less useful in small businesses with 20 or fewer employees where face to face interaction and the need for more hands-on meetings and discussions are important. However, even with small businesses, I doubt you want employees wasting time, so using Adobe Connect, especially if you already use other Adobe products, would help.
Michelle Braun | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We attempted to use Adobe Connect as a webinar platform for the entire firm. We were really excited about the virtual breakout room functionality, which would let subsets of Learners in a class break off and have discussions, brainstorming sessions by themselves, and then return to the larger class to share their learning/experiences.
  • It has a nice interface.
  • It allows for multiple people to be on a video at the same time.
  • We found the customer support to be lackluster. When we first transitioned to the platform, we had a LOT of technical difficulties. It proved EXTREMELY challenging to get someone from Adobe Connect to troubleshoot with us or attend a webinar with us so that they could experience what we were experiencing.
  • We had troubles with the audio. Some of our learners take webinars at their desks via laptops with VOIP audio; others take webinars by dialing in through their mobile phones. If both VOIP and mobile were used to access the platform, the virtual breakout room functionality was not available. This may or be not be related to the way our firm's telephony is set up. We couldn't get a clear answer on this from either our internal technologists or Adobe's technologists.
If everyone accesses the webinars with the same audio methodology, it seems like a good webinar platform. Unfortunately, that's not the reality for our Learners.