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I work for a consulting company that brought me in a healthcare organization that is in the process of implementing many of the Epic Applications. Cadence is the application I am competent with. This application will replace the current scheduling systems the organization have GE Centrecity and Sorian. The people that will be using these will be all the ambulatory departments connected to the healthcare facility and all the outpatient departments of the hospital facility the organization own.
  • The system is simple to use it helps schedulers create appointments and, avoids placing patients in situations where they are scheduled at the same time in different facilities.
  • It has many reports that can help managers maintain a smooth operation and shows what areas need to improve.
  • It has a one place for all scheduling information for schedulers to see patient's appointments, especially when patients do not recall where or when their next appointments will be.
  • The system can be created in such a way that you can control who can make appointments and who can't.
  • They system when built provides warnings to schedulers helping to minimize many scheduling errors like overbooking.
  • I may not call it a weakness, but previously getting certification for the application was difficult.
  • Things have become better in providing analyst information on how the system should be built. In my early experience, I had to learn things myself seeking assistance from the technical support from Epic.
  • Upgrades usually comes every two years, keeping up with the things they have upgraded takes learning.
  • Sometimes they tend to change many functionalities for the better, but sometimes better is not good.
  • Because I have implemented this application in more than 8 facilities, the reports I get is that it has provided a strong ROI for the organization.
  • In the first phase of implementation ROI cannot be expected because of the learning curve of the users. Physician offices usually minimize their number of patients during the initial phases of using the system.
  • Many of the use of Epic applications have a very strong positive impact on the organization, ROI each year increases as the organization users gets acclimated and becomes efficient in using the system.
  • Because of the many reporting capabilities of the application, manager's have a better grasp on how well or how bad the department is going. It provides them information on where areas of improvement can be managed.
I personally did not select the application, the organization have. Most of the time, I find out that healthcare facilities who have been using many of Epic's application invites or gets a request to be visited by other healthcare organizations thinking of getting the EMR system of Epic. I believe volume speaks for themselves, there is no other one EMR application that is able to adapt with other EMR systems, reason why many big and famous healthcare organization like, NYU, Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinics to name a few is using Epic.
Community health center / FQHC
More than 250 practitioners
Cadence Enterprise Scheduling is well suited when an organization would like to have one EMR system. It is not appropriate when implementing only one application.

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They are all under the Healthcare business
6 - Each individual are responsible for departments that were divided among the group. They build all the scheduling needs for those departments

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