Medical Scheduling Software

Medical Scheduling Software Overview

What is Medical Scheduling Software?

Medical scheduling software helps medical practitioners manage and automate their practice.

A medical practice must manage patient schedules to avoid conflicts and delays. Additionally, the practice must bill patients and submit insurance claims. Medical scheduling software aims to assist practices with these tasks.

Vendors of medical scheduling software offer tools to manage patient schedules. Many of these tools allow patients to schedule their own appointments online or through a mobile app. Often, vendors include automated messaging and reminders for patients. Additionally, some software supports scheduling for individual care providers. This allows patients and employees to see when each provider is available.

Most medical scheduling vendors include additional functionality. Their software supports billing, new patient registration, claim submission, and financial reporting. These tools may be included with the software itself or as part of a larger medical practice management platform.

Medical Scheduling Software Features & Capabilities

Vendors of medical scheduling software commonly include:

  • Patient scheduling

  • Care provider scheduling

  • Patient billing

  • New patient registration

  • Automated reminders for patients

  • Patient messaging tools

  • Financial reporting and analysis tools

  • Claim scrubbing tools to help ensure insurance claims are properly formed

  • Mobile applications for patients

Pricing Information

Pricing for medical scheduling software varies based on included features. Often, the price also depends on the number of providers that will use the software. Many vendors offer free trials. Some vendors offer their base software for free and charge for additional features.

Some vendors offer a flat per-month price. These plans can range from under $25.00 per month to over $150.00 per month. Other vendors charge yearly for each care provider using the software. These plans can range from under $100.00 yearly per provider to over $3,000.00 yearly per provider.

Medical Scheduling Products

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Epic Cadence Enterprise Scheduling

Epic Cadence is the company's medical scheduling module.

AdvancedPM, by AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD (the company formerly owned by ADP) offers AdvancedPM, the company's medical practice management platform combining EHR / EMR capabilities with front office automation and workforce scheduling, medical billing, and advanced revenue reporting capabilities.

NextGen Healthcare Clinical Care Solutions (including MediTouch)

NextGen® EHR solutions meet the needs of ambulatory practices of all sizes by helping users coordinate patient care, while complying with healthcare reform demands such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), population health, and other value-based care requirements.…

Starting Price $0 is an online appointment booking system, enabling service companies to accept online bookings 24/7. The vendor says they provide a one stop solution for service companies whereby clients can run their whole business through one and the same platform. The vendor claims…



Starting Price $700

PatientPop in Santa Monica offers a medical office growth management platform, featuring patient management features (scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient satisfaction data collection), marketing automation and web presence, and other growth oriented features.

Cerner Practice Management (PowerWorks)

Cerner Practice Management, formerly under the name "PowerWorks"is a software solution that enables users to manage clinic operations across registration, scheduling, patient tracking, patient accounting and reporting through one workflow.

NextGen® Practice Management Solutions

NextGen Healthcare provides practice management solutions that support a patient-centric revenue cycle, enabling practices of all sizes to succeed in today's complex healthcare climate. According to the vendor, real-time clinical and administrative workflows help reduce physician…

Careficient AMS

Careficient Agency Management System is an operational support system for medical offices oriented around ensuring that patients are met compliantly and efficiently, with billing, patient and staff scheduling (ensuring adequately skilled staff are scheduled when patients need them)…


AdvancedBilling automates A/R and claims processes specifically for medical offices. It's offered by AdvancedMD headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. Additionally, it may include the module AdvancedScheduling, which is a medical scheduling and calendar management application for entities…


DocPlanner is a Polish company that allows patients in Latin America and Europe to locate and book appointments with member specialists.


Healthware Systems in Elgin, IL offers ActiveDefender, is a patient encounter management system, which is oriented around checking data entered and events against pre-established business rules for optimal revenue and efficiency goals.


DoctorMeow are a set of modules meant to increase operational efficiency in medical office by supplying paging and alerting services, and furthermore contains an analytic system.


QueueDr is an automated rescheduling program to help manage missed or delayed appointments without having to allocate administrative attention and time, allowing staff to work on other tasks.

Petal Scheduling

PetalScheduling, from PetalMD in Quebec, is simply a scheduling software specifically for medical practices with staff scheduling is its central focus.


Jituzu from My Clients Plus in Washington state offers medical scheduling software featuring a client portal, scheduling reminders, payment processing, and a mobile application.


Doctolib in Paris offers an online and mobile booking platform for those seeking medical specialist care in Europe, enabling them to locate local doctors. Member doctors can use Doctolib as a bookings manager.


DocMeIn is a free, entirely web-based, appointment scheduling SaaS for smaller private practices that aims to eliminate problems in scheduling appointments which includes features like appointment reminders and messaging, recurring appointments, service management, patient self-service,…

hCue Dental Software

hCue Dental Clinic Management Software/Dental Practice Management is a SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized clinics while significantly reducing costs. The vendor says this solution offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility in…

hCue Medical Store Software

hCue Pharmacy Software/Medical Store Software is a SaaS platform designed to streamline operations and processes of small to mid-sized pharmacies and chain pharmacies while significantly reducing costs. The vendor says this solution offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility…


LocalMed is an online scheduling platform in the dental industry that bi-directionally integrates with the major practice management systems, allowing patients to book an appointment in real-time.


ShiftWizard promises to make healthcare staff scheduling & communication easy. The vendor says ShiftWizard's workforce management software was developed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations. They offer integrations with all major EMR and Time & Attendance…


athenahealth headquartered in Watertown offers athenaCommunicator a patient engagement and medical appointment managing application.


Henry Schein offers MicroMD PM, a practice management with integrated customizable EMR EHR software helps practices and health centers improve clinical productivity and enhance care for patients. Practice management capabilities support patient management and revenue cycle from scheduling,…