Finally - Business Community Software for Small to Mid-Size Organizations
Updated December 09, 2014

Finally - Business Community Software for Small to Mid-Size Organizations

Chuck Vigeant | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • All except shopping cart

Overall Satisfaction with Communifire

  • Variety of mediums to communicate with customers, partners, staff.
  • Private and public interaction available.
  • Self-help.
  • 24 hour availability.
  • Sorting data in the administrative sections. Search engine is great however.
  • Cases capability is not a full blown-help desk system, but is not designed to be. For some older customers, takes a little hand holding to get them comfortable. Our staff loves it however.
  • Eliminated the need for extra support personnel, and freed up resources for product improvement
  • Improved traffic by 65%.
Provided me many options, e.g. wiki, video, cases, forums, facebook like posting, articles, blogs, file area, and the ability to create sub communities. Nobody else came close to offering these items at a fair price, package clarity, and ease of use.

Second, the 'can-do' spirit of this team gave me comfort that anything could be fixed, solved, or implemented.
Our business depends upon this software to provide information on all aspects of our business. The future of business is a marriage between web site and customer interaction. This software will allow us to move in that direction.
This is a bright, energetic, 'can-do' team. I have liked them from day one, because they are always striving to improve their product, help the customer, and provide tools that are not available anywhere else for the price.

IMHO most community based software is only customer-interaction focused - and separated from the rest of the business. This software allows businesses to inculcate business processes and customer-interaction to give a complete stack of tools for the small to mid-size business.

I cannot see any other way for our business to run in the future.

Using Communifire

1 - Not much to support actually.

We add/change content, and assign permissions to certain users. That's about it.
  • 24 hour Real-Time support and self-help mechanisms.
  • Ability for users to communicate with each other and solve their own problems.
  • Self-Help Documentation.
  • Both private and public communities.
  • Case/help-desk.
  • Easily share wikis, videos, articles, etc with social networks.
  • Marry traditional website with community interaction.
  • Communications are centralized.

Evaluating Communifire and Competitors

No - We didn't switch, but these are the reasons for selecting this product:
Self-help for our customers
Customers can interact with themselves or our staff
Communications are efficient and centralized
A true business and social community
A variety of means to communicate: blogs, videos, forums, private cases, event locator, file downloads, etc.
Something that was affordable
A vendor we were comfortable with
A forward thinking team

Communifire Implementation

They provided personal attention.
  • Vendor implemented
Hosted by Communifire.

Communifire Training

To use the features, not much training would be needed. The administrative tools would be worth getting some time to learn about specific/technical features like changing the color of all boxes in the wiki section, or creating announcements.

Communifire Support

Things get fixed in a timely manner.
Yes - If it is something that is custom, I have no problem paying for that time. They have certainly handled all other items we have thrown at them - and some outside of the general scope.

Using Communifire

This rating has a caveat - there is always room for improvement, and this team gets it.

You always learn from customers how to do things better and easier, so it is a constant learning of how people use the site. Although the search engine is exceptional, most people do not use it as their first line of research.

Much of the usability has to do with layout - and is not just a software usability item, so the rating is severely dependent up on the layout/options you choose for your usage. And their team will do anything in their power to get the results and layout you want.

The areas that need improvement - and acknowledged by the team - are the administrative tools. There are a ton of options, and it takes a little to learn some of those. For most people, however, this won't be an issue, because the support team will always help you.

This is always the case with more power. If there were fewer options it would no doubt be easier, but they give you the keys to all of the cars in the lot; so a little more to learn.

Communifire Reliability

Never any problems. Quite impressed
Works in real time.

Integrating Communifire

  • QQube
We auto create/send product logs as cases. Not too difficult.

Relationship with Axero Solutions

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