Concur is a disaster and anyone implementing should beware
November 15, 2013

Concur is a disaster and anyone implementing should beware

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  • The only strength that Concur has is the user interface on the end-user side (the ability to take photos of receipts and have them automatically be stored in a receipt library for use in submitting expenses)
  • Concur engaged in a bait and switch approach from the beginning of the implementation, with promises being made by both the sales and implementation teams regarding platform capabilities that simply could not be met without, ultimately, agreeing to a contract at FIVE times the originally quoted price.
  • A lack of time and energy spent trying to actually understand the needs of the client/user and ensure that the platform could meet those requirements.
  • Abominable customer service - with unresponsive agents, repeated requests to "create tickets" for each discovered issue, notwithstanding that the tickets were never reviewed and Concur representatives never engaged the client (us) to address. In addition, customer service representatives repeatedly blamed issues on our accounting software, stating "that's not a Concur issue, that's an XXXX accounting platform issue," when, from the beginning, the issues were Concur-related.
  • Duplicitous. I have never been involved with a company that, on so many occasions, made promises regarding platform capabilities and fees, only to, within a day or two, receive a call indicating that the cost would, in fact, be double or triple what had been promised during the previous conversation. Furthermore, sales representatives attempted to sell the "standard" platform, indicating that it would be able to meet all of our needs, when any time or analysis whatsoever would have made it clear (DURING THE TRIAL PERIOD) that the company would need a much more customizable solution. Rather, our repeated requests to have issues resolved were ignored, until the trial period was over.
  • Delayed invoicing
  • Increased administrative time to fix Concur-caused expense issues
  • Wasted hours in discussions with Concur
As discussed previously:

  1. From early on in the launch,
    staff attempted to have specific issues addressed in the conversion/uploading
    of Concur data into accounting software – Concur representatives repeatedly indicated
    that it was not a Concur issue – but an accounting software issue
    (it was ultimately an issue with Concur and Concur representatives not taking
    the time to understand what we needed);
  2. Concur sales representatives and implementation
    members had indicated throughout that Concur would be able to do what we needed
    it to do USING THE PLATFORM that was sold to us.
    Once the product was launched and a contract
    signed, customer service was ABYSMAL, with staff repeatedly
    being told to create trouble tickets – none of which were ever addressed
  3. The implementation team did not take the time it
    should have to explain the fee structure – due to a lack of understanding as to
    what we needed, the expected cost for the overall service TRIPLED following
  4. Concur staff REPEATEDLY, from the sales
    pitch, made promises regarding savings opportunities with existing travel services. This was entirely inaccurate – meaning
    that the costs would be QUADRUPLE what was promised
Do not trust Concur's sales pitch and be very clear about the requirements that your company has. I would recommend a thorough review of other available platforms, since I cannot imagine that there are no others with better customer service.