Easy-to-use, visually appealing performance appraisal system!
Updated February 15, 2014

Easy-to-use, visually appealing performance appraisal system!

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Growth Edition 1.0

Overall Satisfaction with PiiQ by Cornerstone

  • Really easy and straightforward to complete objectives and performance reviews. Anyone can figure this system out without referring to the manual!
  • Visual representation of performance (ex. sliding scale reviews, 9-box grid) is compelling and is a great snapshot of overall performance and objectives.
  • Overall comparisons between direct reports' performance reviews and objectives are easily accessible for managers
  • It's so easy to switch from the current performance appraisal period to older data for comparison
  • I really like how you can add Notes (qualitative data) easily to objectives and self-appraisals.
  • Setup and ongoing maintenance can be frustrating, needs more options for customization. We have to call their help line almost every day when we're setting up the system for the next appraisal period, and a lot of our requested features
  • Needs better user management, should be much more user-friendly, process on handling terminated employees doesn't make the most sense (ex. it's unfortunate that we have to pay an extra fee to download data if we would want to delete users in the system. I wish we would "hide" terminated/inactive employees so they don't show up with giant Xs across their chest - it's really weird and it looks like they're on a hit list.)
  • Reporting is very limited. If there is a manager with four direct reports and I, as an admin, want to see how much of each review the manager has completed so far, I can't. The numbers are only reported in the aggregate. If CSB added more in-depth reports, the system would be greatly improved.
  • I think it's silly that you need to click "Save" and that the data entered does not save automatically. I shouldn't have to remind employees to always click on "Save" every few minutes.
  • I wish the "Share" feature was more pronounced and obvious. This is probably the number one question we get - "how do I share my review with my manager?" Also, managers are never notified via e-mail upon successful completion of a self-appraisal. More notifications would be great and would remove lots of guesswork or missed time. We are on an extremely tight schedule for performance reviews and want to make sure people have enough time to complete the process.
  • It's ridiculous that Admins cannot download employee data and reviews directly from their Admin accounts. We shouldn't have to sign in as an employee's manager to read or download their reviews. Imagine doing this for 300+ employees.
  • Positive: CSB has made our performance appraisal process so much smoother and easier to manage. This is a huge plus. It used to take over a month and a half for the appraisal process to be completed because users didn't know how the system worked because our old system was not intuitive at all. Employees no longer cringe or run away when we mention performance reviews.
  • Negative: CSB does not integrate with our existing systems so there is no true "pay-for-performance" model set up currently. Data from CSB is such a pain to download so we don't use CSB for overall data reporting, only individual review reports, which isn't the most useful thing in the world.
I highly recommend CSB to any colleague who is currently working with a tedious performance management system or even worse, just paper. CSB is really easy to use from the end user perspective, and it takes all of the frustration out of completing reviews, which is great! The last thing that I want is to be forced to use a difficult system and take hours just to complete a self-appraisal and objectives. I was able to complete my own self-appraisal in CSB in a half hour.

Prior to CSB, our organization used another system (Halogen) which honestly took weeks to set up for mid-year and end-year reviews. It was an absolute nightmare. Then, from the employee perspective, it was also a nightmare to complete the review. Our employees and admins had terrible feedback on the system.

Since we had a terrible system to begin with (and only did paper reviews before that), CSB was a welcome upgrade!

Using PiiQ by Cornerstone

300 - All functions - Sales, Client Services, Planning, Technology, Product Development, HR/Finance/Legal, Operations
2 - Requires patience and understanding of how CSB manages user data, set-up requirements. May have to call their support team on a regular basis when setting up the appraisal process.
  • Performance management (self-appraisals, mid-year, end-year reviews)
  • Objective setting
  • Employee documentation for their files
It's not that CSB isn't a decent performance management system, but we have decided to go with just one vendor (Workday) for an HRIS/performance management/payroll system so we can directly relate pay to performance. We are more interested in having just one system that "talks" to the other pieces instead of having to work with several vendors. It reduces the hassle of having to communicate with different support teams, having different contracts, and so on.