Simpler than SuccessFactors and has features we need.
November 01, 2012

Simpler than SuccessFactors and has features we need.

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Overall Satisfaction with PiiQ by Cornerstone

There are not enough wizards to help people through the process. While the interface is non-threatening, people still need help in understanding what to do. There are 2 tabs on the top that could be combined into one.
We haven’t had to call support at all.
  • It takes a lot of the fear out of performance reviews. We were very liberal about the way we implemented performance reviews before. As we grew, we knew we needed to be more organized. We wanted something that fit our culture – simple to use – and not just something that someone would use twice a year, but would use in 1-1s. It's simpler than Success Factors and happens to have features we’re looking for.
  • The analytics are good and the graphical interface is engaging. The analytics allow you to benchmark employees against each other in a non-threatening way.
  • The way it saves data/changes is a little archaic. I have gotten complaints from people doing hours of work and losing it.
  • It could be more proactive in notifications. Notifications could be improved.
  • It could provide more direction for users to know when they are complete with a review. There’s no you’re done with this review. This is important for compliance reasons when you are trying to get through reviews. They do have an indicator of completeness for reviews, a progress bar for your whole team but not for individual reviews. I keep getting the question from my staff, am I done?
  • The thing we are trying to achieve is aligning the whole company to our annual operating plan goals. We took the plan and cascaded goals across the organization. What is measured improves.
  • We are finding there’s more clarity around how each person participates in the company goals.
  • Outside of sales where objectives were clear, the project managers, know how many clients they need to install in a certain time period, support reps understand that part of the company bonus is based on NPS (Net Promoter Score) and have specific goals around that. It aligns everyone on same set of goals and allows better tracking.
  • As a result, our install rate has improved. As a recurring revenue model we don’t recognize revenue until installed. We had an outage recently and NPS was skewed by that, so it’s unfair to tell on that metric.
Success Factors: we thought they were good too, but were very expensive and overkill for what we wanted. It was not overly complicated but just too expensive.

Taleo - We were in the midst of being acquired when we selected this tool. Our acquirer was at the time was on Taleo. We looked at that tool but it had a lot more functionality and complexity than we were looking for.

Fairsail, British company. We looked at it as had integration with Salesforce. It seemed like a really good company, but did not have a lot of American companies as clients.
We did have some issues with browser support in IE in the beginning.

Using PiiQ by Cornerstone

250 - Individuals do self- assessments, and we encourage 360s.
0.25 - 3 people administer the system – me and 2 HR people. None of us are technical. For each of us it’s small fraction of our jobs. In total administration probably takes 0.25 FTE.
  • Talent/performance management - Sonar6 is a talent management/ performance management tool and is still separate from the rest of Cornerstone. We have not evaluated Cornerstone as a LMS.
If it was totally my decision. Because of the acquisition, it may not be my choice. The save issue is supposed to be fixed in next release. I am however not up to date on their road map since the Cornerstone acquisition and would have to be on board with it.

Evaluating PiiQ by Cornerstone and Competitors

Were not using a performance management tool previously. We just had paper based processes.

PiiQ by Cornerstone Implementation

I think we could have done a better job of rolling out the tool to our managers. We were under a tight timeline. In the training, we showed them everything and said go do it by this date. Looking back, I would have done it in pieces: for example, 2 weeks to write goals, 2 weeks to get sign-off from direct reports. I just let them go at it. Since then we’ve moved to agile development environment and are applying the technique to everything. In future would only do through change sprint. It is a big change I didn’t take it seriously enough.

I had a team of 3 project managing. You need a champion from every department to make sure you’re getting it right and to make sure what’s happening is communicated. It’s not something you can do without input from department heads.
  • Professional services company
Pendolino Group

PiiQ by Cornerstone Training

We bought training provided by 3rd party – it was fabulous.

PiiQ by Cornerstone Support

PiiQ by Cornerstone Reliability

The saving process slows it down. It doesn’t auto save. If you leave a page, it will sometimes warn you, but not always. When you hit the save button, a window pops up that says creating/saving packets. It feels very archaic.

Integrating PiiQ by Cornerstone

I would love if it integrated to but it does not today. I would love for the goals that cascade from AOP are goals measured in – revenue, installed, so when goals hit, there’s automation.

Relationship with Cornerstone OnDemand

We were negotiating this while our acquisition was going on and so they were motivated to get the deal closed, so we got a great price. Their list price was very competitive. They slashed when the acquisition was occurring.