I sincerely believe Criteo is the only remarketing vendor worth using for retail
May 20, 2016

I sincerely believe Criteo is the only remarketing vendor worth using for retail

Joe Preston | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Criteo

I used Criteo as an additional remarketing ad program. Criteo is an easy ad program to manage yourself.
  • Criteo produces retail transactions that you can attribute back to them in your own analytics. This is a huge difference between Criteo and other remarketing vendors.
  • Criteo has a great platform for managing their campaigns. You can effectively drill down to see what's working, you can increase volume yourself, you can analyze how volume changes through various changes. The ability to tailor my campaigns is still unusual in remarketing, and makes Criteo the only choice I'm aware of that suits my requirements for remarketing.
  • Criteo goes all-out on the creative side to get clicks. If you have very strict feelings about brand and image, you may have to get more involved with managing creative but I was happy to let Criteo feature our merchandise to get clicks.
  • Criteo charges on the click. This makes reporting for SEM teams familiar and easy.
  • I never felt Criteo account management staff was really partnering with me to make my experience as efficient as possible. I never felt that they really had the expertise to help me. Their platform was so easy and robust that I don't so much need help with that as real analysis.
  • The platform didn't really let me analyze placement and remove obvious losing placements.
  • Criteo netted out to a sensible ROI gain.
  • Criteo's service was shown to have very little attribution that could also be credited to other marketing channels.
  • Criteo actually produced real conversions in addition to view-through conversions. That is gold.
At the time, Criteo was the only one that charged on the click. I'm sure there are potential customers out there with the sophistication to segment their audience to see the real effect of different methods of attribution, but click attribution was something my organization could easily deal with. I could spend analyzing the results with other vendors and concluding it was an unnatural pattern of buyer behavior. Criteo's traffic behaved like real visitors, with conversion rates that made sense for the manner and method they were making contact.
If you are a retailer, particularly a retailer with very high seasonality, Criteo is a great way to make sure you are capturing the attention of a previous visitor. When I do analysis on any other remarketing vendor, I find their attribution is mostly smoke and mirrors. When I do analysis on Criteo, I can back up the sales and revenue they are producing as incremental. This is HUGE, if you care about knowing that your vendor is moving the needle.

Criteo Feature Ratings

Using Criteo

1 - The SEM staff can easily use Criteo on their own. There is considerable support available, but you are better off working with the platform yourself.
1 - You need to understand your product line and product performance and have the typical skills that go with PPC analysis.
  • Remarketing to previous site visitors
  • Remarketing to cart abandoners
Criteo is the only remarketing firm worth using for a retailer, in my opinion.

Evaluating Criteo and Competitors

Yes - It replaced MyBuys retargeting. My experience with MyBuys retargeting was that the product either wasn't mature or was white-labeled on their part with poor business practices for improving it. I wanted to replace them because I couldn't safely attribute conversions to the platform. MyBuys' onsite merchandising, and email retargeting services were first rate and a huge boost to my business, but the display retargeting...not so much.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Charging me based on the clicks not on imaginary conversions is why I chose Criteo.
I'd ask any remarketing vendor to only charge me for conversions that happen 1+ days from the last visit by the shopper.