I can sleep at night thanks to Desk.com!
July 08, 2014

I can sleep at night thanks to Desk.com!

Ryan Rivas | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Desk.com

The company I currently work for uses Desk.com as a primary means of communication with customers regarding their concerns and questions.

Photogenic Inc., is a national souvenir photography company that sells memorable photographs at multiple tourist venues across the US. Although the company is extremely efficient at providing an exceptional photo package for our guests, there are always the inevitable IT issues somewhere along the line. This is where Desk.com helps our company stay on top of any issues that might be overlooked by any one of our employees across the company. Since we upload all photographs to a website, customers will often need help locating their photo or purchasing their photo online. When they email our customer service department, we receive a ticket in Desk.com. Our Customer Support team will then classify that ticket under one of many categories within Desk.com and we can precisely allocate and prioritize each ticket among the service team.
  • Overall, what I like most about Desk.com is it's user interface. Desk.com looks like any normal email platform, and acts in a very similar fashion. I like to equate this to my experience of using Intuit's Quickbooks versus Microsoft's Great Plains - the transition from a very user-friendly program like Quickbooks to a more complex system like GP was a bit daunting for me. However, when I started working in customer service with Desk.com, I felt like I already knew the system even though I had never seen it before.
  • Desk.com offers great reporting tools that help companies examine where their weaknesses and strengths are. For my company, we can see which one of our venues sees the most customer service tickets, and then take that information to help diagnose what possible problems the venue may be encountering. Without Desk.com, it would not be nearly as easy to see what locations are having difficulties.
  • It seems like a no-brainer thing to say, but the fact that Desk.com organizes tickets chronologically makes life easy for us on the Customer Service Team. If there is ever a weekend where we don't have someone on Desk.com, we can come in Monday morning and knock out the tickets effectively while still maintaining a good turnaround time for our customers.
  • When I tag my name with a ticket and then respond to a customer's email, the customer will reply back but the ticket will no longer be assigned to me. Rather, it will be assigned to no one. To us, it looks like we have a new unassigned ticket, even though I had already assigned it to myself. This might be an issue with our system alone however, but this can be frustrating at times.
  • When looking at the home screen in Desk.com, I wish the emails would have the ticket number listed in plain view. When one is looking for a particular case, it can be tedious to have to click on a ticket individually just to find a ticket number.
  • Defining reporting categories could be made simpler. I know that our CEO wanted to change the category names for a specific report, and I recall him having difficulty doing that on his own without help from the IT department. I however, haven't had to change any report, so I am speaking purely as a bystander on this point.
  • Faster response time to customer emails which leads to greater attentiveness.
  • Increased response time to resolving IT issues that may otherwise be overlooked.
  • Increased public appreciation for quick reaction time. The venue owners also appreciate the good feedback as it makes the entire organisation look good.
To be honest, this has been the only customer service program I have worked with. In fact, before April, I was only working as an AP clerk for my company. So when I was also given the job to head up our customer service department, I was nervous that my workload would break me. While it hasn't been a breeze all the time, Desk.com has successfully made my job as easy as possible. In return, I can spend less time dealing with customer tickets because of how easy it is to operate the program. I can effectively stay on top of both of my job duties, because I know exactly where I'll be the next time I open up Desk.com
I believe that our company would be in chaos without the use of Desk.com. For our purposes, the program well exceeds what we have intended it to be used for, which is replying to customer comments/complaints/concerns. By far, this program succeeds in allowing us to mitigate all of the above. However, Desk.com has also been amazing at showing which one of our venues require more training or help simply by visualizing how many customer issues we see come from their venue. So, Desk.com for us not only acts as a great customer service communication platform, but also a great venue status generator as well.