Digimind - improve your business intelligence function
Updated April 08, 2015

Digimind - improve your business intelligence function

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Digimind competitive intelligence platform

Overall Satisfaction with Digimind Intelligence

Digimind saves me many hours of time, allowing me to monitor thousands of websites, news feeds and internet sources on a daily basis and all through my own customised web portal.
We also utilise its newsletter function to automatically issue several monthly and weekly newsletters to various groups within our business - a task which would be near impossible to manage if it had to be done manually.
What would have taken many hours to do before is now a simple task of reviewing our customised news feed and selecting what we wish to add to our various newsletters.
After our initial take up of Digimind over 6 years ago we now utilise Digimind across our busines globally which allows us to share our news feeds and content internally.
  • Monitoring the web - upon thousands and thousands of sources can be monitored at the same time as well as new sources discovered by utilising the tools digimind offers
  • Content management - store all of your data within the portal and access from any location with internet access or use the "push mail" feature to have a daily or weekly summary of news sent directly to your email inbox.
  • Managing the news via newsletters and extranet sites - within minutes you can automate a specific newsletter and tailor it for the relevant audience. Extranets can also be set up to view the news online as well as to store it to be viewed at a later time.
  • Source discovery - Digimind now offers ways in which to find new sources for specific topics and quickly add them to your search agents so you can continue to monitor them
  • New users may find it difficult to initially setup their Digimind platform as some of the functions appear a little complex, however with a short training session this can be easily overcome.
  • Extranets are extemely useful for displaying current news as well as searching for old articles at a later date. There is one problem with the search function however which does not allow you to show results with the latest date so you often have to either know the exact headline or end up scrolling through a few pages before you find the correct one. A "show newest first" function would be a great improvement.
We initially trialled the Digimind platform just over 6 years ago, after looking at many alternative tools and platforms.
Having used a tool called "website watcher" which had to be installed locally to alert on changes in web pages, moving to digimind could be compared to changing from a landline to using a modern smart phone.

We originally looked at a wide range of products:-
News monitors: Meltwater News, Factiva (great for sources, however lacking what a full CI platform can offer, sometimes work well in unison with Digimind itself, especially if they can offer RSS feeds which can be channelled directly in to Digimind)
Clustering engines; - Kartoo Watch, Exalead (great for finding information and sources, but not much use for managing data itself)
CI Platforms; QL2, Intelligenxia (now UReveal), Novintel (now global intelligence alliance), nStein (now a division of Open Text) and several more now defunct platforms.
The closest to Digimind in terms of features looked to be QL2 as the others had gaps in one area or another.

Digimind offered by far the most features and has the capability to allow multiple users access to a shared platform on a global basis.
Support is also very good with new features and improvements being added on a regular basis.
As the platform is "in the cloud" you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection via the website and your login.

After 6 years of use we are still extremely happy with Digimind and have adopted the platform globally with users from different countries sharing information through it internally which likely would not have happend without the platform.

Alternative products are now starting to appear but they still have a long way to go in order to offer the level of functionality and ongoing development which Digimind can offer.

After using Digimind for many years, it has become an integral part of our business intelligence process.

We have developed our platform over this time with the help of the Digimind team and are very happy with the level of support we receive.
If you work in strategic marketing, business intelligence or competitive intelligence then Digimind can shave hours of time off your daily monitoring routine.
You no longer have to manually trawl the web looking for news and no longer miss any important developments thanks to Digiminds ability to monitor sites up to 4 times a day.
However it is important to understand that you can only get out of Digimind what you put in, so there is some initial effort involved in order to build up sources for the tool to monitor and setup your own folder structure to save information.

Digimind Intelligence Feature Ratings

Using Digimind Intelligence

40 - Users of Digimind within the business mainly cover roles related to Strategic Marketing, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and also market research positions.
1 - 

Digimind support is very good, so much so to the point that we rarely need help from our own in house contact.

In fact our own contact basically acts as a bridge to the Digimind support team in order to co-ordinate any issues directly with them.

They are on hand to support us for simple questions about "how to", however any technical issues are relayed directly to the Digimind help desk and our account manager.

  • Strategic planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitive advantage
  • Market research
  • Automated production and management of newsletters helps get information to the right people at the right time