Edmodo for Excellence
Updated December 05, 2014

Edmodo for Excellence

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Software Version

2014 version for use in our county school system

Modules Used

  • Polls, quiz, assignments, daily blog.

Overall Satisfaction with Edmodo

I use Edmodo to communicate with trainees. Often I begin with a poll in Edmodo to assess what knowledge base or interests. I also add assignments and quizzes that are tied in to the LMS. We also use it to link to other sites, like Google Docs, for collaborative feedback or projects. My goal is to flip my classroom so I usually put guidelines on Edmodo and let them explore the links. It is easy to maintain and edit on the spot. It is reliable, user friendly, and I have never needed it but heard the support is great. I love Edmodo!
  • It is designed for professional communication and leaves out annoying distractions.
  • It is easy to edit and maintain.
  • It is user friendly AND powerful.
  • A media specialist created assessments that were accessed easily, but some of the data got lost and had to be re-taken. Knowing the clientele, it could have been user error.
  • Clearly Edmodo had a positive impact on increased employee efficiency and better customer service. Communication is better and training modules were delivered in convenient bundles for users.
The Edmodo interface looks like Facebook, with which most users are familiar. The managers have more control over Edmodo users and let it work for them. There are so many opportunities with Edmodo.
There is nothing else quite like Edmodo for our needs.
It is easily accessible by young learners so it can work for all techie levels. It is good to try it out on a small audience for feedback and then edit accordingly. That is the beauty of it. It is iterative and so easy to edit as needed so that data is current and relevant.

Using Edmodo

70000 - Trainers and trainees use Edmodo daily with great success. At first there was a great deal of training to learn how to use it, but then it became second nature. Young learners love it because they are digital natives and technology is their environment. They turn in projects on Edmodo and communicate with trainers and colleagues. It works on all levels.
20 - The people that support Edmodo in-house are instructional technology resource technologists. The skills needed are the usual social networking skills and to be tech-savvy. To create assessments and more complex tasks, it helps to have training and development experience. People that support it train the users by demonstrating ways to use it. Edmodo has a plethora of options that are not evident on the surface.
  • Training trainers
  • Training trainees
  • Presenting training materials, lessons, and assessments.
  • We use it in small group feedback sessions that can be compiled for statistics.
  • The polls can be used in many different ways to train the users.
  • With further account management, more collaboration and communication could take place between users. The tools are there. It just takes planning .

Using Edmodo

I use it with over 300 learners with positive results. I can't imagine doing training without it!
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Setting up assessments is easy.
  • Doing training modules works well.
  • Posting entries and editing is easy.
  • Some people found it difficult to access the training modules and needed some support.
  • Some of the account management features were difficult for users. The more one uses it, the easier it becomes.