Evergage is a powerful data tool with messaging capabilities.
March 08, 2016

Evergage is a powerful data tool with messaging capabilities.

Brian Rogers | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Evergage has had a variety of usage. The core of it for me is data - even if we don't actively log in, I know Evergage is going to log the data so I can get it. I'm actually hiring a data analyst (will be on my team but will do analysis across entire company). One of the things I'm going to have them do is get a data dump from Evergage and perform a cluster analysis on the behavior in order to determine our personas.
In regards to messaging, we've dipped our toe but haven't gone completely in the pool yet. We are a product and design first company, so as you can imagine there have been some internal struggles on where in-app messaging should come from. That said I'm excited to say we've finally figured it all out and product is proactively working on ways to create locations in the product for Evergage to drive dynamic content.
  • Cohort reports - I used this to find out our demo plan on our website is in fact a freemium plan! Apparently many people who sign up for our free plan and don't activate still find it valuable enough to use on a regular basis. Very cool!
  • Segmenting - I love the power of Evergage's segment tool. For example, once I learned our demo plan has a core user base using it as a freemium tool, I wanted to know more! Who are they? What do they do? With Evergage I was able to answer both of those questions.
  • Messaging - As I mentioned earlier in this review we're just now really moving forward with our messaging, and the first one is related to the above two bullets! As I was able to identify a "freemium" user base and then learn how they use our product, we're now going to engage them and offer them training via small group demos, and we'll use Evergage to deliver this message at the exact right time - so we can encourage freemium users to do more but not get in front of people who are still demoing the product! So, because of Evergage we identified a segment of users and are going to greatly improve their experience with our product and company.
  • UI - Evergage is very powerful but it can take time to learn. It's definitely worth the effort, but it is something they need to improve.
  • Annotation - I've had a ton of people ask me "What does this event label mean in the product?" so I'm setting up a google doc to share with the company. I would prefer to make it easy for everyone to learn that all right in the app - maybe a description and possibly screen shot if it's a jquery selector.
  • Importing - I do all sorts of analysis on our customers outside of evergage. I wish it was easier to upload a CSV and users or accounts w/ membership on the list or insert new data fields, etc.
  • Account Type - please enable storing account type against both users and accounts, would make segmenting so much stronger. Also need to allow grouping of account types - we have many different plans as we're 10 years old and have legacy accounts still active, so trying to segment on account type is very difficult. We're going pass a separate account type field to both the user and account level to get around this, but it's more engineering time and the less of that the better!
  • Helped reduce churn by 10% through enabling us to test a change in our cancel policy in-app
  • I've used the reporting tool to identify freemium users so we can engage and grow that base
  • I've used the data in Evergage on a weekly basis for customer success, marketing, and/or product needs.
Appcues - I like them. Very easy to use, which is the one main advantage they have over Evergage. That said their simplicity means the tool is limited in what it can do compared to Evergage. Plus Evergage's data logging capabilities in addition to messaging make it more useful for my needs.
If you want to understand how people use your site or product, then analyze that behavior to determine a real-time engagement strategy, and then engage, Evergage is for you.