Frustration vs Satisfaction
Audrey Trembly | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 20, 2017

Frustration vs Satisfaction

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Overall Satisfaction with Financial Edge NXT

FENXT is being used as our Financial System, including Accounts Payable, Budget, and Payroll.
  • I honestly can't think of one thing FENXT does really well.
  • Since FE NXT is in the "cloud" it has been a really difficult transition as our company has some special needs that we finally got ironed out in FE, but then started the transition to NXT and now those special needs can not be met by NXT.
  • Just logging in takes three more steps. Frequently the program logs out and we have to log back in.
  • Payroll is more difficult than AP. AP is fairly smooth, but payroll is just now starting to go a bit smoother, but we heard there would not be anymore enhancements to the payroll module in the future, so our concerns will most likely not be met in the future. It's up to the clerk to figure out how to meet the needs of the employees.
  • We have paid out a lot of money for the initial set up of FE (3rd party)and then more for Blackbaud to come in to help us finish set up. Then more $$ for NXT without a level of training that should have accompanied the initial set up. Many procedures, reports, etc we have had to teach ourselves which has been a struggle.
  • The Commissioners think we have thrown good money after bad.
  • Reduced annual audit cost
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Better ability to report to funders and key stakeholders
  • Faster month-end process

Audit cost has not changed.

Data accuracy did not occur as initial codes were set up incorrectly.

Month end processing was self taught and is still trying to accommodate the State of IL with the reports, etc the state requires.

Blackbaud's consultants have been great! Always professional, but sometimes have to educate themselves on the issues we have. Overall, the consultants have tried very hard to help us. The Blackbaud products may not be geared to a government office as well as some others may be. Fundware was a great product that we were told was being phased out, so we were convinced (3rd party) to convert to FE. As stated before the 3rd party consultants were not equipped to do the conversion properly. Then on to NXT after a short time with FE was not a wise move which was recommended by a Blackbaud consultant. Then to learn that the payroll module may not be enhanced for quite some time, if ever. The overall experience with FE NXT has been tainted by these other training issues, but knowing now what we didn't know then, we would have passed on the upgrade to NXT.
We are just now exploring ADP Streamline Payroll, but have used Fundware Payroll. We were "sold" FE NXT after converting from Fundware to FE. The payroll module has been very difficult. Some features are helpful, some are just plain difficult. AP module is working fairly well to date.
I can't think of any scenarios where it is well suited. AP module is working fairly well in the old style of FE. A co-worker is using the "cloud" version more often than myself. As I stated before payroll has been extremely difficult to conquer. This latest conversion to FE NXT is the third conversion for payroll in the last 3 years for us. First was ADP to Fundware to FE to FE NXT. We are actually now investigating other Payroll modules with other companies.

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