FunctionFox means time is on my side.
August 14, 2017

FunctionFox means time is on my side.

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Overall Satisfaction with FunctionFox

I use FunctionFox daily to record my time, track expenses, manage projects, and create reports, estimates and invoices. I also use it to improve communication with clients and schedule meetings and project deadlines.

As a freelance copywriter, FunctionFox keeps me organized and helps me keep projects on track. Creating estimates with FunctionFox lets me track progress and avoid going over budget, which my clients appreciate. It is simple and quick to record my time with FunctionFox which means that even though I'm not a great fan of time sheets, my time records are much more accurate and complete than they were when my time was recorded on sticky notes and other random bits of paper. I know I am capturing more billable hours than I used to do, and also that I am wasting much less time on non-billable admin tasks. I'm more productive, because FunctionFox helps me focus on the job at hand, and I feel more competent and professional, knowing that I can back up my fees with a complete and accurate record of time and expenses.

  • FunctionFox makes time tracking easy. The interface for recording time is simple and quick to use, with pull-down menus for clients, projects and tasks, and a choice between recording time manually or with a timer.
  • FunctionFox helps me understand my business better. A wide range of easy-to-generate reports lets me delve down to understand which clients and projects are most (or least) profitable. Tracking estimates against actual fees and hard costs helps me develop more accurate and realistic quotes.
  • FunctionFox makes me more professional. Time-tracking is just the beginning. FunctionFox makes that simple task into a really powerful tool that helps me appear - and be - more professional. It helps me develop comprehensive estimates, ensures better communications with clients during the life of a project, and helps me create accurate and complete invoices. As a freelancer, professionalism is vitally important in establishing and maintaining trust with clients.
  • FunctionFox supports its software with above-and-beyond customer service. Whenever I have had a question about FunctionFox - how to configure it so it works better for me, whether a new feature would be useful to me, how to do something, where to find something - any question, really - is answered right away by a representative that understands my business.
  • FunctionFox doesn't have an accounting function built in, so isn't totally stand alone. The simplicity that brings to the program is great, but it might be nice to have everything in one package.
  • FunctionFox pays for itself just about every month in terms of how much more I am able to bill than before I started using the software, and how much less time I need to spend on non-billable admin tasks. I used to create invoices based mostly on what sounded fair, rather than on accurate time & cost records. I'm sure my clients loved it, but it wasn't healthy for my business. Now I base invoices on actual time and expense records, and end up with more money in my pocket.
  • It's not tangible, but FunctionFox has improved my ability to communicate with clients, and with freelance partners when I'm involved in a collaborative project. I can anticipate and discuss potential budget or delivery deadline overruns before they occur. The goodwill this builds has had a tremendously positive impact on client and partnership relations.
  • I fell into freelancing without a lot of experience running a business. FunctionFox has been a great teacher, helping me think through many issues that I wouldn't have even recognized as important. It is simple to use, with a UI that is neither intimidating nor overwhelming, and it has been super flexible in terms of molding it to suit the way I work.
FunctionFox was designed by and for smaller creative companies. For those companies, it hits the spot - the terminology is right, features and processes are bang on, and the focus is appropriate. This means however, that it is not as well suited to large organizations, or to companies that are not in the creative industry.