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ADP Workforce Now
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Top Rated

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based HR platform for mid-sized businesses. It features customizable modules of various HR services that businesses can tailor to their specific needs, as well as regulatory monitoring and alerts to help businesses remain compliant.

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Top Rated

UKG delivers cloud-based HCM solutions including UKG Pro that help businesses simplify payroll computations, accelerate talent acquisition, manage time and attendance, and support proactive, strategic talent management on a global level.

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Top Rated

Paylocity provides 24/7 access to your online payroll and human resource data management. Paylocity offers highly customizable payroll functionality, as well as HR, benefits administration, and time and talent management programs.

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Top Rated

Rippling gives businesses one place to run HR, IT, and Finance. It brings together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. This enables users to manage and automate every part of the employee lifecycle…

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based platform encompassing HR, payroll, benefits, and talent and workforce management. It provides companies with a scalable framework and real-time data, such as continual pay calculations, to enable efficient decision-making.

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Top Rated

Deputy is a web-based workforce manager solution. Deputy is designed to help users simplify their scheduling, timesheets, tasking, employee communication and administrative tasks. It includes various apps and one click payroll integration that aim to make workforce management easier.…

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Paycom is a core HR management software solution. It includes features such as talent acquisition and management, time tracking, and payroll management. It offers some automation capacities, particularly regarding payroll.

Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex, of Paychex' Online Payroll Services, is a cloud-based human resource management and payroll platform. Paychex offers core and specialized services, and scales to meet the needs of small businesses, SMBs, and large enterprises.

RUN Powered by ADP®
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Top Rated

RUN powered by ADP is a benefits administration and payroll platform for small businesses with light additional HR features. It runs on a cloud-based platform with mobile accessibility.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app that allows employees to clock in and out from the job site with the devices they’ve already got in their pockets. The vendor aims to help companies replace paper timesheets with accurate, electronic…

UKG Ready
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Top Rated

Designed for small businesses where everyone wears multiple hats, UKG Ready® is an HR solution that guides users through their day-to-day HR activities. Capabilities span from HR and payroll to talent and time.


HotSchedules is a cloud-based scheduling, labor and communication management software solution serving the restaurant and hospitality industry.According to the vendor, key benefits include:Build & Communicate SchedulesThe scheduling and labor management software reduces the time…

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Top Rated

isolved is a SaaS-based, cloud-resident Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that provides Payroll, HR, Benefits Administration, Time & Attendance, Talent Management and Compliance. Employers have the ability to schedule an upcoming shift, view overtime levels, run a customized…

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Top Rated

BQE CORE is a business management solution built specifically for professional service firms. BQE CORE is a combination of a billing assistant, project management, and accounting solution. CORE is designed to do the hard work of delivering actionable insights directly to the user'…


Teamwork.com is a project management platform built specifically for client work. The platform helps users deliver work on time and on budget, eliminate client chaos, and understand profitability. Teamwork.com’s customers track and manage their projects with a suite of integrated…


BambooHR is an on-line human resources solution that provides onboarding, payroll, and benefits management. It also offers automated time-off management and employee self-service.

ADP Vantage HCM

ADP Vantage HCM is a platform combining HR, payroll, benefits, talent management and time & attendance. ADP promotes dedicated HR representatives to work with businesses.


Everhour is a time tracker equipped with project & team management features. Everhour integrates with project management apps so users can track time on tasks right from its interface: Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Jira, ClickUp, Basecamp, Notion, Todoist, GitHub, GitLab, etc. Its…

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Top Rated

Hibob headquartered in London their HR management platform, bob. Hibob provides a wide range of features supporting talent management including onboarding administration and task management, payroll reporting and time tracking, and manager dashboard for tracking employee performance.…

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers in-depth productivity analytics, giving business owners insight on how to improve performance and scale. Going beyond tracking and monitoring, Time Doctor’s suite of tools put data-driven improvement front and center, helping to ensure that teams of all sizes…


Harvest is an expense management, time tracking, and budgeting tool from Harvest in New York. It supports many accounting solutions as an add-on (e.g. Quickbooks, Xero), or it can function in a standalone fashion for some small businesses that have simple expense tracking and also…

UKG Workforce Central (discontinued)

UKG Workforce Central (formerly Kronos Workforce Central) was a suite of HR Management offerings targeted mainly at enterprise customers with larger-scale and more complex HR and workforce management issues. The product is discontinued.

APS Payroll

APS is a national workforce management and cloud-based HR solution provider. The platform includes core HR, payroll, time and attendance (including manager and employee self-service), compliance tools, and onboarding.


Toggl is a time tracking tool from the Estonian company of the same name.

UKG Dimensions

UKG Dimensions provides operational insights and aims to elevates the greatest driver of success: people. The automation of critical workforce processes such as timekeeping, scheduling, and leave management is at the core of this UKG solution. The solution offers features and capabilities…

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Time-Tracking Software that Counts: Paycor, Rippling, Ceridian Dayforce, Deputy, Quickbooks Time
Time tracking software applications are used to record and analyze employee, contractor and consultant time spent on jobs and tasks. In this video, we showcase some of the leading products in this category.

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Learn More About Time Tracking Software

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software applications record and analyze employee, contractor, and consultant time spent on jobs and tasks. These applications will often include the capability to generate invoices based on the time spent on client-related activities. Some HR management platforms, workforce management software, and project management software products have a robust time-tracking component and are therefore included in this category. Some examples are:

At a basic level, they track employee names with dates/times worked, replacing paper timesheets and/or expense reports. Depending on the complexity of the tool - whether it is designed for freelancers, small teams, or large hierarchical organizations - it may track additional parameters. These can include pay rate, location, department, project, etc.

More complex tools may also offer project management features, and/or integrations with third-party software such as:

  • project management
  • professional services automation
  • expense management
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • accounting systems

Mobile functionality is especially important for tracking employee time at multiple locations, or with remote workers and contractors.

Another term commonly used is time and attendance software. There is not much difference between time and attendance software and time tracking software, which is why the two terms are often used interchangeably. The small, and not necessarily universal, difference is that many packages that bill themselves as time and attendance software will have some degree of leave management features in addition to time tracking. This can be useful for some companies, especially if they lack this functionality elsewhere in their tech stack.

Use Cases Based on Company Size

Time tracking products designed for use by freelancers frequently include timers, notifications, or productivity reports designed to help them manage their time efficiently. These tools also give individuals the ability to create simple invoices and collect payments through the app.

Time tracking products designed for teams usually include reports to help team and project managers understand how employee time is spent, generate accurate project estimates, and allocate resources.

Time tracking products designed for enterprise-size companies usually include policy compliance mechanisms, to enforce company policies about overtime, expenses, etc. They also typically integrate to payroll software for more accurate, automatic project-based payments.

Features & Capabilities

Not all vendors offer the same breadth of features, however, these are some common time tracking software capabilities:

  • Employee time tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Employee GPS tracking
  • Employee paid time off (PTO) tracking
  • Automated employee reminders
  • Overtime tracking and alerts
  • Time-per-task analysis
  • Project tracking
  • Reporting
  • Invoice generation
  • Mobile application
  • Integrations (e.g. with payroll, accounting, and HR management software)
  • Labor law compliance

Time Tracking Software Comparison

When comparing time tracking software, consider these factors:

  • Timesheet Management vs. Productivity Suite: Are you looking specifically for a tool to track time for yourself or your team? Or do you need a system that pulls in other productivity functionality, like scheduling, project management, or activity monitoring? There are some core products that specialize in time tracking specifically, but many products have specialized to include unique capabilities. Consider what scope of features is the best fit for your organization.
  • Use Case: What scale and industry are you buying the time tracking software to serve? Freelancer and small business-focused products will be much cheaper, and more stripped down, than midmarket and enterprise-focused systems. Some time tracking products have specialized for certain industries, such as the retail or restaurant industries.
  • Accounting Integrations: Consider what financial systems the time tracking software will need to integrate with. These systems are usually accounting platforms or payroll software. Robust integrations dramatically reduce the manual workload associated with determining hourly compensation, invoicing, and other financial processes that are based on time worked.

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Pricing Information

Most vendors offer a free trial of their product which typically lasts between 14 days and one month. Time tracking solutions are priced on a monthly subscription model, per active user. Prices for plans generally range between $5 and $15 per month per user.

However, larger HR management, workforce management, or project management software suites may be more expensive than time tracking point solutions.

Time Tracking Software Best Of Awards

The following Time Tracking Software offer award-winning customer relationships, feature sets, and value for price. Learn more about our Winter Best Of Awards methodology here.

Best Of Winter 2023 Awards Winners for the Time Tracking category. For Best Relationship, first place is Traqq. For Best Feature Set, first place is Traqq. For Best Value, first place is Traqq.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does time tracking software do?

Time tracking software records the quantity and sequence of times than an individual or team work. This software can be used to determine productivity levels, or inform other systems that need to know how much time has been worked, such as payroll.

How can time tracking help you?

Time tracking can help individuals professionally by gaining better visibility into how they spend time day-to-day. It can also help freelancers and organizations more easily invoice and pay others accurately and quickly.

What are the best time tracking software?

The Top Rated time tracking software on TrustRadius are Toggl, Teamwork Projects, Harvest, QuickBooks Time, Ceridian Dayforce HCM, and UKG Ready.

What are some free time tracking software?

There are a wide range of free time tracking software. Explore this list of the leading free time tracking products.

How much does time tracking software cost?

Standalone time tracking software usually costs between $5-15/user/month. However, there is a range of robust free products as well.