Got Satisfaction with Sprinklr Modern Care
Updated December 30, 2014

Got Satisfaction with Sprinklr Modern Care

Daved Artemik | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Sprinklr Modern Care

Sprinklr Modern Care was used to create a central hub for customer service offerings for a new product. The new product direction was supposed to make the customer experience easier, for both the customer and the employees, so Sprinklr Modern Care was put in place to help achieve that goal. The customer service process prior to Sprinklr Modern Care was through email or direct contact means, which made question and answers, feature requests, and bug reporting difficult to track and maintain. Sprinklr Modern Care allowed us to centralize all the information in one location where duplicate requests or issues could be handled, and customers could help service themselves using the Search and Forum approach that Sprinklr Modern Care employs. It also allowed our QA and Engineering staff to keep status updates in front of customers for more transparency.
  • The Sprinklr Modern Care UI for users and administrators is pretty user friendly and inviting. The theme they used and functionality they have put together was thought with the end user in mind.
  • The Search feature is one of the key points for Sprinklr Modern Care, with how it suggests potential duplicates or similar threads first, for a user, before creating their own issue or post. This helped eliminate much of the duplicate requests and posts we were receiving.
  • The ability to have different levels of administrators for the product allowed us to maintain high level control over certain groups in our organization, delegating different permissions to different teams. We could also promote non-employee users to have some level of control for assistance.
  • Sprinklr Modern Care provides an API for accessing information on users and use of the forum. It's still being built up, and while it has come far from where it initially was, it's a little difficult to work with and acquire the information you need.
  • Sprinklr Modern Care was designed with ease of use and quick deployment in mind. Because of this, the customization abilities are not as solid as more custom or open applications. They are improving this, but it provided several challenges for our purposes when trying to remove components or shift items around.
  • The reporting tools for administrators was lacking in the UI, though the API available presented much of the information we wanted. We created a custom solution to call the API and inject the report information from the API into our administration area but we would have much rather had something built in to the product.
  • While the search functionality and the way the threads are maintained is the strength of Sprinklr Modern Care, the weakness is the navigation and navigation options. It's easy for a user to post a comment, request, or question, but few people identify the navigation aids in the breadcrumb to allow jumping to specific sections and filters. Navigation could use solid improvements for user experience.
  • Through the use of Sprinklr Modern Care we were able to better address customer needs because of the centralized location of Bugs, Feature requests, and general questions. This greatly improved customer service and perspective.
  • Because Sprinklr Modern Care provides a central repository for various customer facing information, we were able to increase employee efficiency, and free up resources for other tasks by assigning community moderators and contributors.
  • Sprinklr Modern Care also helped create additional leads and helped customer conversion because it allowed prospects and customers to connect and exchange data and it allowed prospects to see an active community and company transparency.
My experience with support has been limited, as the support issues I have had revolved more around functionality. In keeping with their primary message and goal of community facing support models, Sprinklr Modern Care uses their own product to manage support requests, including, but not limited to the traditional bug reports, feature requests, and general Q&A. Their response is generally positive but I have experienced significant delays in follow-up for past requests. It's also been difficult to get information on when bug fixes or expected features would be delivered in a product version, but I have eventually received an answer on that. One significant roadblock we had as a missing feature had to be forward to our account rep to get follow-up but once that step was taken they were very responsive. The feature made it in to the product eventually, but it was a significant time (~1yr) later. Overall the people have been friendly and helpful, and I have never had a rude experience that made me regret using the product.
Prior to Sprinklr Modern Care, we used vBulletin and a custom repository to address the community needs of our customers. Keeping the experience user friendly was a key point on our needs list and our custom solutions and vBulletin forums were only positive experiences for our more seasoned developer users.

Navigation and organization of the information was another key need. vBulletin is a forum utility that provided a good location to have advanced product discussions, but it required too much maintenance and upkeep to address duplicates, organize the posts how we wanted them, and ultimately serve the customers.

Additionally, our custom solutions were becoming too difficult to maintain with upgrades and updates and it took too much time for our teams to perform updates and upgrades, which was another contributing factor to us searching for a better solution.
Sprinklr Modern Care is a great tool for an organization looking for an easily deployed and managed system without a ton of bells and whistles. It fits the bill for solutions where a complex reporting and management system is not needed, but a user friendly, easily accessed system is necessary. The Search and Forum approach, along with the ability to add various post types, including Bug reports and Praise, make it a suitable option for smaller to mid-size organizations.

When we first started using the application we had a need for requiring users emails be available, more detailed reporting in the admin area, the ability to add notification posts that would banner at the top, and modals upon login. Unfortunately, these are customizable features you might find in larger scale products that were not available in Sprinklr Modern Care. Thankfully, they improve constantly and addressed the email issue in an update. The other items we were able to customize with some clever scripting.

If options like the above items, or the ability to modularly control the functionality and look and feel are requirements, Sprinklr Modern Care may not be the best solution. It's a great option, though, if you don't need all of that.

Using Sprinklr Modern Care

12 - We utilized Sprinklr Modern Care for Feature Requests, Bug Reports, and General Questions. Our Customer Care group did the majority of the work maintaining the posts, but we also had users from Sales, Engineering, QA, and Professional Services contributing to, and helping moderate the posts in the community. In addition, a couple Marketing people helped drive conversation by posting up comments and questions of their own to the community.
6 - We have 4-6 technical administrators available to assist with Sprinklr Modern Care at any time. It doesn't take much more than general knowledge of the Sprinklr Modern Care administration pages to maintain the community when working with an
Out Of the Box (OOB) deployment. We utilized several custom CSS and JavaScript files to add additional functionality and manipulate our community layout, so more technical resources are required for some maintenance and changes.

Recommended Skills:
- If working with Sprinklr Modern Care OOB, general computer skills and an understanding of the Sprinklr Modern Care admin and moderation features are required.
- For more customization and layout control, solid skills with CSS and JavaScript, as well as an understanding of jQuery and JSON are recommended. With these advanced skills, customizations like our custom reporting table and customer notification functionality were possible using jQuery and AJAX calls to the Sprinklr Modern Care API, which returns JSON results.
  • Our Engineering team wanted to give customers a way to communicate features along with comments on what they are using most, versus what they are using the least, or not at all. Engineering is able to respond to these posts, and incorporate functionality into the product based on customer feedback.
  • Customers were emailing support tickets with bug reports that, in some cases, where more about questions on how to use the product, and others were duplicates of issues already resolved. Customer Care utilized the community to address these issues and questions and prevent duplicates by providing a mechanism for customers to see the existing solutions, or issues already addressed.
  • The Engineering team works with shorter development cycles and prioritizes features and bug fixes based on need. having customers able to rank and promote features and bugs allows the Engineering team to better plan their development cycles based on priority of needs.
  • Many prospective customers want to use a product that has active and up to date information available on it. Sprinklr Modern Care provides an active community with constantly relevant information available to customers and prospects can quickly access and see this information, leading to improved conversion rates.
  • The Praise feature in Sprinklr Modern Care has allowed the Marketing team to identify satisfied customers which leads to more case studies, providing valuable feedback to all company teams, including Engineering, Sales, and Customer Care.
  • When we initially started using Sprinklr Modern Care, we wanted to be able to track how active our users were in our community to designate MVPs and deliver benefits to customers who constantly contributed. Using the Sprinklr Modern Care API, we were able to develop a custom reporting table and inject it into the Administration screen so we could monitor this information.
  • Our Technical Support team needed a more efficient way to manage customers' requests and to eliminate duplicates. In addition to accomplishing this through the use of Sprinklr Modern Care, we were also able to increase support efficiency so much that we were able to cross-train Support technicians for Customer Training and Implementation tasks.
  • Sprinklr Modern Care will continue to be the central hub for our Bug reports, Feature requests, and General product questions. The product is positioned for these purposes, and aside from trying to gather additional data to improve customer retention and participation, it will continue to be used for these primary purposes.
The biggest reason we renewed, and kept up with Sprinklr Modern Care is because it is an active community and there is customer buy-in already. They continue to update and improve the product, but more importantly, the customers are using it. It's easy to switch products when it's not an active component in your daily structure, but switching and migrating the data or providing alternatives becomes difficult when customers have grown accustomed to a specific experience. As long as they continue to improve the available features and the community stays active, renewed use will continue.