Keep Your Code in the Cloud Without Sky-High Pricing
Benjamin Plotkin | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 09, 2019

Keep Your Code in the Cloud Without Sky-High Pricing

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Overall Satisfaction with GitHub

Our department uses GitHub as its dedicated private repository for our production-facing web applications. In general, GitHub is popular across our organization (a public university), especially for students. GitHub gives us a high-quality, secure, cloud-based Git repository system at no cost, allowing our team to safely store application code, and to pull updates to our test and production environments, with minimal effort.
  • GitHub is a great, free or low-cost cloud-based Git repository system for smaller teams; it's easy to add members and collaborators to one or more repositories, as well as to modify user roles and rights.
  • GitHub provides a handy and highly transparent front end on top of the renowned Git system. Visibility into developer productivity, including code commits, is well-represented in GitHub's dashboards.
  • GitHub provides extremely detailed and focused user support documentation online, allowing every team member to build their Git skills incrementally while ensuring that most basic issues are handled quickly via end-user self-service.
  • GitHub packs a lot of functionality into its website; sometimes it can be difficult to navigate to the correct sub-page; the various drop-down selection boxes and sidebar menus can be confusing to users, especially ones with lightweight experience with the interface.
  • GitHub allows for substantial flexibility in user account management - Administering dedicated team members and collaborators across a large number of repositories can get tricky, especially if users have varying access rights or roles across various repositories.
  • Knowing the difference between user and organization accounts is key, there have been many times where I've wasted minutes looking at the wrong account trying to find a relevant setting or feature. For example, to view correct account billing information, one must be on the organization account, not the user account that has administrator rights for the organization.
  • GitHub has given us a robust disaster recovery tool by allowing us to securely store our private codebase repositories in the cloud. We no longer have to focus our limited resources on the provision of off-site repository backups.
  • GitHub's ability to support outside collaborators enables us to quickly and easily onboard temporary contributors while maintaining the privacy and security of our application codebases.
  • GitHub's affordable pricing model has allowed us to consolidate our application repositories into a single source of authority, reducing the overhead required to "task-switch" between various on-premises and cloud-based software versioning systems.
We maintain both GitHub and Bitbucket accounts but migrated our active private repositories to GitHub when private repository quota limits were eased. Our shop is primarily focused on open-source development and as such our team members' philosophies are generally in alignment with the culture of GitHub. In addition, while we use Atlassian Confluence as a knowledge base system for our team, we don't have all our eggs in the Atlassian basket...if we did, however, the integration opportunities for Bitbucket might be more compelling.
GitHub maintains a well-documented user support database online, which is great because there are definitely times where we need to rely on documentation to resolve minor issues. To date, the GitHub support documentation has been sufficient and we have thus far not needed to reach out to GitHub Support directly.

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GitHub is a great, free option for individuals, who can take advantage of unlimited public and private repositories. For team-based organizations, it's a reasonably low-priced, high-quality way to reap the benefits of a cloud-based repository system. Larger organizations with multiple teams may find hosting their own Git servers to be a more cost-effective option when compared to GitHub's Enterprise pricing plan, but said plan's support for cloud and self-hosting options allows enterprise users to have their cake (on-premises ownership of code repositories) and eat it, too (use of GitHub's sophisticated web-based front-end to Git).