[In my opinion,] it works but could be better.
November 12, 2021

[In my opinion,] it works but could be better.

Julie Chiu | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GTreasury

It is currently being used globally across different regions by accounting, AP team, and Treasury. It is supposed to be a one-stop shop for us so that we can look at balances, cash accounting, financial accounting, and provide various customized reports for our needs.
  • [The] cash accounting works well.
  • [In my opinion, the] reporting functions are not user-friendly and [are] very confusing.
  • [I also believe that the] financial accounting module is also not user-friendly.
  • Operator security - [In my opinion,] the admin is confusing to set up new groups. Some languages in there were either no longer valid or changed. [Also, I believe that you] cannot disable users unless you move them to disable group. [I feel like it's] a bit weird.
  • Customer service support - [I feel it has] gotten better but [I, personally,] hope to see more improvement and timely responses.
  • [I believe] the location of certain functions is confusing as well. [In my experience,] I usually have to go to [the] search bar to search for what I am looking for.
  • FBAR - [I feel this is] also a bit confusing and hard to find. [In my case,] I had to ask where it is located, and [it was] definitely not where I would have expected it to [be]. I would assume it would be under reporting, but it was under [the] library and then maintenance or something.
  • [In my opinion,] it has caused some added stress to be honest and more work.
  • It has reduced some manual activity for our accounting folks.
  • It has helped our accounts payable team to also reduce their manual activities.
I have used Orbit and Kyriba in the past. Orbit from [a] previous company. It was fairly user-friendly even though it does not have all the bells and whistles. What I liked most about Orbit is the customer service. Everyone was very responsive. We chose GTreasury because we all agreed it appears to have everything we needed. The demos we received looked great and looked easy to use. The reporting function seemed very robust. The account manager assigned to us at the time, Jake, was great. He was very responsive and helpful. His responsiveness was also one of the reasons why we probably went with GTreasury because we felt like we had someone advocating for us.

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For me, reporting is very important and I just don't find it very user-friendly. [To me,] the location of certain functions is also confusing which I resort to using the search function. [In my case,] I have had two conversations with two different people in GTreasury and they both also agreed with me on this. They also said to just use the search function. [I believe] a lot of the reporting areas could be updated and made better. [I feel that] unless you have had a lot of training, a user would have a very hard time customizing reports. [In my experience,] even GTreasury employees agreed with me on this one.
I can see why TMS is good to have once it works well. Our accounting team does like the cash accounting functionality. It helps make their jobs easier. Reports can be very helpful once we get [them] to work. However, [in my case,] I find it hard to create the reports unless you are looking for a very standard report. To customize a report is hard. [In my experience,] even when I have questions to GTreasury Support, they have to go back and look into it sometimes. So it is definitely something that comes with lots of training. To this day, I am still not able to get a report of global to work correctly and we have been working on it for maybe a year or a little less. [In my case,] I have had several calls with GTreasury and also have had email exchanges on this. [Personally,] all I want is a report that shows previous day balances or a report where I can say I want a balance for XX day with the FX conversion.