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Kyriba, Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS), GTreasury, SAP Treasury and Risk Management, Oracle Cash and Treasury Management, Finastra Fusion Treasury, FIS Treasury and Risk Manager, Trovata, A352 Financial Navigator and Reval.

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Kyriba empowers CFOs, Treasurers and their IT counterparts to transform liquidity as a dynamic, real-time vehicle for growth and value creation. Kyriba is a secure, scalable SaaS platform that leverages artificial intelligence, automates payments workflows, and enables thousands…

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

TIS helps CFOs, Treasurers, and Finance teams transform their global cash flow, liquidity, and payment functions. Since 2010, the cloud platform and service model have supported the office of the CFO to collaborate and attain efficiency, automation, and control. By streamlining…


GTreasury in Lake Zurich offers their treasury management system for funds and transfer management, liquidity tracking, customizable accounting rules with ERP integration, and other liquidity management features.

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SAP Treasury and Risk Management

SAP Treasury and Risk Management for enterprises provides enhanced cash and liquidity planning, among other treasury management features.

Oracle Cash and Treasury Management

Part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle offers Oracle Cash Management and Oracle Treasury, a comprehensive solution for managing corporate treasury operations.


CloudPay is a payroll management tool designed specifically for organizations that have an international workforce. They offer payroll automation services, an earned wage access platform as well as global treasury services to ensure any employee no matter their location gets the…

Finastra Fusion Treasury

Finastra (formerly MISYS) offers Fusion Treasury, a treasury management system and suite of applications designed to simply the operational complexity of managing a global corporate treasury.


Reval is a treasury and risk management platform allowing users to manage cash, liquidity and financial risk. Developed by the company Reval, the software and company were acquired by ION in 2016.


IT2 is one of the ION Group's numerous treasury management systems, this one showcasing high configurability and customizability of workflow with an emphasis on visibility and interactiveness, supporting automation for a wide variety of financial transactions and instruments and…


Trovata helps businesses automate the work it takes to gather and normalize all of its financial data. Trovata lets finance and treasury teams access, build, manage, and control their own trove of financial data – from banks, business & accounting systems, and external markets. For…

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FinanceKey simplifies the process of collecting and standardising financial data for businesses. With FinanceKey, finance and treasury teams can view, manage, control and access their financial data from various sources, including banks, ERPs and markets. FinanceKey leverages low…

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FinLync, headquartered in New York, offers global bank APIs for treasury and finance. The company's BankLync is presented as a secure API aggregator, used to gain a single endpoint for real-time connectivity to all a company's banks, regardless of data formats.

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Pile provides treasury management software for startups and VC's to maximize the use of their money, keep it safe and diversify it through different banking solutions. With Pile, companies can invest their capital in fixed corporate deposits through partner banks, and benefit from…

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MyTreasur‑e is a financial SaaS that allows companies to enhance and automate their operations for Treasury, Risk, Cash Management and Lease Accounting. Built on cloud technology, MyTreasur‑e's modules are integrated within a single database to facilitate team and people collaboration…

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As treasury operations evolve, manual tools for cash and liquidity management are no longer effective. To help users to take control of treasury operations, reduce errors, and gain visibility over an organization's cash position, ION offers Treasura. Treasura is a straightforward…

City Financials

City Financials is presented as a pre-configured and easy-to-integrate treasury and risk management solution from ION. They state it is ideal for multinational corporations with centralized treasuries in need of a robust, standardized, and controlled environment.

Bottomline GTSuite

GTSuite is a portfolio of products from Bottomline for messaging, cash management, reconciliation, business flows integration and market data management.

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CGI headquartered in Montreal offers TWIN360, a treasury management solution for multi-nationals.

Appix Cash
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Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Appix Cash, a cash management application for wire desks, treasuries, and capital markets.

Seventh Dimension

Seventh Dimension, established in 1998, and headquartered in Israel offers tailored IT Outsourcing services & financial software solutions. Their flagship financial software solution –E.F.I Enterprise financial intelligence software is a solution for managing the enterprise financial…

ATOM Global Treasury & Risk by Financial Sciences

ATOM Treasury and Risk is an integrated enterprise treasury management system (TMS) for corporations and financial institutions that automates core treasury processes including cash management, banking, forecasting, liquidity management, investments, funding, hedging, risk management,…

BancLogix Treasury

Banclogix, the Fintech arm of KVB Group founded in 2001, is a multinational financial services company with offices in Hong Kong, Toronto, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, and Taipei. Banclogix builds its services upon Banclogix Treasury for SMEs, providing a one-stop solution…

Star TMS
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TMS Treasury Systems provides systems and solutions for treasury management, Star TMS. TMS Treasury Systems is the trading name of FTI Treasury Systems and Solutions Ltd, and part of FTI Treasury, the Dublin-headquartered specialist treasury company. Fikon Treasury & I.T. is our…

Treasury Suite

Treasury Suite is a treasury and cash management technology firm that provides treasury and cash management tools directly to organizations as well as through partnerships with banks, centers of influence, and other key relationships. Treasury Suite aims to empower any treasury department,…

Bank Rec by Treasury Software
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Bank Rec is bank reconciliation software for bank accounts, credit cards, and other matching needs, from Treasury Software headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Learn More About Treasury Management Software

What is Treasury Management Software?

Treasury management software (TMS) automates the management of an organization’s financial operations. The software offers a complete view of cash, assets, market data, and financial processes. It captures real-time data providing greater financial visibility supporting liquidity and cash management, cash-flow forecasting, payment reconciliation, and debt management. This information includes a firm’s collections, disbursements, investments, and funding activities.

TMS helps companies manage the cash and liquidity needed to pay employees, suppliers, and shareholders. The software manages liquidity risk, market risk, counterparty, and credit risk. The software addresses global cash management challenges by providing visibility across all accounts, banks, currencies, and countries.

Treasury management software is used by financial managers and accountants to monitor liquidity - the ability to convert assets into cash to meet financial obligations. Owners and executives use treasury dashboards and reporting to guide the financial strategy of the company and to share financial information with investors, board members, and business partners.

Treasury Management Software Features

  • Automates treasury management
  • Captures real-time banking, account, transaction, asset, and market data
  • Workflow and process integration tools
  • Cash management
  • Liquidity management
  • Debt management
  • Risk management: liquidity, market, counterparty, credit, currency, and interest rate
  • Funds movement scheduling
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Analytics, forecasting, alerts, dashboards, and reporting

Treasury Management Software Comparison

Integrations: How readily will the TMS integrate with in-house accounting and enterprise resource planning systems to capture the financial data that is required to manage liquidity?

Installation Options: Treasury management software vendors offer client-hosted, and vendor-hosted solutions. TMS cloud-based installations are being increasingly deployed.

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Based on your requirements, vendors will provide a custom quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does treasury management software do?

Treasury management software automates the management of an organization’s financial operations. TMS helps companies manage the cash and liquidity needed to pay employees, suppliers, and shareholders. It provides forecasting and analytics, supports payment reconciliation and debt management. The software offers a real-time view of cash, assets, market data, and financial processes.

What are the benefits of treasury management software?

Treasury management software automates and streamlines treasury management functions, resulting in reduced financial and reputational risk, cost savings, and improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. The greater visibility, analytics, and forecasting that TMS provides improves decision-making and helps inform organizational financial strategies. TMS facilitates auditing and regulatory compliance.

What are the best treasury management software products?

How much does treasury management software cost?

Based on your requirements, vendors will provide a custom quote.