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What is Treasury Managment Software?

Treasury management or cash management software is software designed to ensure that policies and procedures for financial risk management are correctly managed. The software helps streamline processes for cash management and reduces exposure by protecting against cybercrime, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Treasury Management Products

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Kyriba offers cloud treasury and financial management solutions. Kyriba aims to empower financial leaders and their teams with solutions for cash and risk management, payments and supply chain finance. According to the vendor, Kyriba delivers a highly secure, 100% SaaS enterprise platform, superior …
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GTreasury in Lake Zurich offers their treasury management system for funds and transfer management, liquidity tracking, customizable accounting rules with ERP integration, and other liquidity management features.
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Reval is a treasury and risk management platform allowing users to manage cash, liquidity and financial risk. Developed by the company Reval, the software and company were acquired by ION in 2016.
Finastra Fusion Treasury
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Finastra (formerly MISYS) offers Fusion Treasury, a treasury management system and suite of applications designed to simply the operational complexity of managing a global corporate treasury.
ACI Universal Online Banker
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ACI Worldwide offers Universal Online Banker, a customer and transaction focused digital banking platform for smaller businesses and corporations alike, touting advanced reporting and a user-customizable treasury dashboard.
Salmon Treasurer
Salmon Software in Dublin offers Salmon Treasurer, a treasury management system supporting centralized or decentralized treasury operations and touting automation support for most or all treasury related activities.
Axletree Solutions is a software company headquartered in New Jersey. Treasurytree is a modular corporate treasury cloud featuring cash forecasting and reconciliation, and multiple bank account management across geographic locations for tracking access and bank relationships.
German company BELLIN offers tm5, a web-based modular treasury management system which the vendor boasts can integrate with any ERP or banking system the end user likes, and beyond (near) universal integratability also contains a wide range of liquidity and cash management features (e.g. payment pro…
IT2 is one of the ION Group's numerous treasury management systems, this one showcasing high configurability and customizability of workflow with an emphasis on visibility and interactiveness, supporting automation for a wide variety of financial transactions and instruments and available on cloud o…
Openlink Cloud
Openlink Financial, headquartered in New York, offers the Openlink Cloud, a treasury management platform designed to help manage risk associated to trading. Their various products support commodities traders with market data for better decisioning. OpenLink agreed to be acquired by ION in February …
CAPIX Treasury Manager
Australian company CAPIX offers the CAPIX Treasury Manager (CTM), a WIndows-based corporate treasury management platform for Microsoft Cloud, which supports multiple users with cash flow automation , accounting features, and trading support, among other features.
siena is a corporate real-time treasury and risk management system from Eurobase International headquartered in London, offering control and full reporting of cash flow for multinational entities, compliant regulation and reporting, and multiple bank account control.
Broadridge Corporate Treasury
New York based fintech company Broadridge offers their corporate treasury suite, containing Global SWIFT Services (transaction processing with view of payments of receipts), Reconciliation for Public Treasury, and the Corporate Trade Confirmation Service.
Fiserv Treasury Management
Fiserv Treasury Management including ARP/SMS and ARP Processing Services supports financial institutions with cash and transaction management, cash flow forecasting, and identification of new revenue opportunities.
CSI Treasury Management
Computer Services, Inc (CSI) headquartered in Pecutah offers their suite of Treasury Management applications, supplying funds management, deposit and wire transfer, ACH processing, fraud detection, and detailed account analysis.
CGI headquartered in Montreal offers TWIN360, a treasury management solution for multi-nationals.
Appix Cash
Salient CRGT headquartered in Fairfax offers Appix Cash, a cash management application for wire desks, treasuries, and capital markets.
Infor CloudSuite Financials
Infor CloudSuite Financials is a cloud-delivered financial suite including general ledger, close management, real-time visibility into customer billing and intercompany billing, reconciliation management and lease accounting, asset accounting and cash management, and extensibility with Infor Treasur…
Finvisage helps users optimise hedging strategies by linking exposures with hedges and create an optimal strategy for mitigating risk. Finvisage enables users to discover price for a range of financial instruments including OTC products and analyse them with What-if scenarios. The Finvisage quotes a…
Treasury Systems
Treasury Systems is a treasury management system developed with modern technologies available in a cloud-first architecture setup. Built to be intuitive and proactive - a service designed around the user to increase efficiency throughout the treasury value chain. Highlighted features: Intuitive an…
HighRadius Cash Management Cloud
HighRadius Cash Management Cloud offers a centralized view of enterprise-wide cash flows with the capability for ledger category, bank account and region specific drill down analysis. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution integrates across multiple bank accounts to automatically …
HighRadius Bank Reconciliation Cloud
The HighRadius Bank Reconciliation Cloud automates reconciliation of the user's general ledger with enterprise-wide bank account statements. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution automatically processes bank statements and automatically classifies the inflow/outflow transactions …
HighRadius Cash Forecasting Cloud
HighRadius Cash Forecasting Cloud leverages the Rivana Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to provide cash flow forecasts – right from a ledger account level and rolling up to the organizational level. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution integrates with a company’s ERPs, acco…
Wallstreet Suite
The ION Group offers the Wallstreet Suite, their treasury and risk management system optimal for larger entities with global treasuries with complex needs.
SAP Treasury and Risk Management
SAP Treasury and Risk Management for enterprises provides enhanced cash and liquidity planning, among other treasury management features.