[In my opinion, the] luster gets lost when you use it.
November 12, 2021

[In my opinion, the] luster gets lost when you use it.

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Overall Satisfaction with GTreasury

It is being used primarily in the Treasury department. It solves the problem of needing and using multiple banking platforms. One-stop-shop login rather than multiple logins. It also has allowed us to automate the GL account coding inside the funding templates.
  • Reporting automates bank balance view(s) by sending daily email recipients.
  • [It] includes the GL account coding on the funding templates to automate the posting of JEs for that transaction.
  • [It] synergizes bank transactions via a single portal rather than multiple logins for multiple bank platforms.
  • [In my opinion,] the main page is not helpful - [it] uses a lot of real estate for not much info and will let you reset the default opening screen to something different or rearrange the view of [the] screen.
  • [In my experience,] on the main page, [you] cannot alter [the] view of bank balances. [It] combines all the balances across all accounts into a lump sum number which is not very helpful [in my opinion].
  • [In my experience,] email notifications to approvers only happen once at the time of the transaction creation regardless [of whether] the transaction is a future dated wire. Notification should have a reminder closer to the date that the transaction is due [in my opinion].
  • [In my experience,] approver notification for transactions in the [queue] only defaults to TODAY, so future-dated wires get missed. To see future-dated wires, [I believe] the approver must go in and alter the date range for the view EVERY TIME. [I feel like] there should be the ability to set a default date range by [the] user.
  • [There is] no mobile app. [In my opinion,] this is NEEDED for approvers on the go.
  • [In my experience, I feel it] reduced data entry from 3x (wire write up, enter in bank platform, create JE) to 1x ([GTreasury] template is selected as the wire "write up" which is in the [GTreasury] platform and includes the GL account coding for automatic posting to the Accounting software).
  • [In my opinion, it] reduced data entry risk by utilizing templates that "locked" down wire instructions.
  • [I feel that] user adoption is slow due to [the] complexity of usage and navigation of [GTreasury] compared to bank portals/platforms.
  • [I believe that the] lack of link in the email (that takes the user straight to [GTreasury]) for approvers derailed user adoption by [the] executives.
  • [I feel that the] lack of [a] robust mobile app has deterred adoption by users who travel.
[In my opinion, GTreasury] seemed like it would be more robust than it [actually] is. [I feel that] the "user" screens are much less attractive than the sales pitch. [I believe that the] navigation and set up is harder than it needs to be which makes users not like it.

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[In my opinion, GTreasury's] set up is difficult to understand and navigate through. [I feel that GTreasury] administration requires technologically minded people which does not suit the typical Treasury assistant who utilizes bank portals. [I also think that GTreasury] is very rigid and inflexible in its reporting services.
[In my opinion, GTreasury] performs best in small approval structures. [In my experience, GTreasury] does not have a user-friendly setup for [the] multiple "if/then" requirements, such as [money] by people and also [dollar amount] limits by type of transaction. [I feel like] it is clunky to use and navigate around making it [unuseable] by the executive team. As such, executives approve wires via an Esign product, which is uploaded as support to the GTreasury transaction. [In my opinion,] this diminishes the efficiency of [GTreasury].

Using GTreasury

50 - Treasury and Accounting.
2 - FP&A background tasked with learning GTreasury. They've picked it up, but, [in my opinion,] GTreasury is nebulous, illogical with terminology and design that makes it hard to master. [I feel that] our Treasury team that mastered bank portals struggle with understanding and getting around in [GTreasury].
  • [It] streamlines [the] accounting coding process.
  • [It] increases controls by using templates.
  • [It] decreases touchpoints of [the] same data entry.
  • We brought in our Investment Account balances to our reporting view to better manage our liquidity profile.
  • [I would like it if] the mobile app [could] get up and running.
  • [I feel we would be] interested in Budgeting and Forecasting, but, [in my opinion,] the pain point for [GTreasury] implementation is too high.
[I feel] it's too hard to use and navigate around [and] very difficult to manage/administer. We may keep it because [I feel] we [have] already gone through the pain point and don't want to risk going through that again. Unfortunately, if we keep it, [I believe] it's not because we love it.

Evaluating GTreasury and Competitors

Yes - It replaced multiple bank portals/platforms. Now, all banking goes through [GTreasury] as a single platform.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Product features seemed really robust.
[In my opinion, I think] we would not select GTreasury. [In my experience,] our sales rep was let go before we inked the deal, and then once we signed, the implementation team turned over multiple times as well as our dedicated account rep. [I feel] there were elements of "start over" each time a [GTreasury] team member turned over, which, [in my opinion,] lost months on our implementation timeline. That's just getting [GTreasury] up and running. Once we learned [GTreasury], [I believe that] it is not as user-friendly to use or administer as we thought. [I also feel that] the screens are not very user-friendly.

GTreasury Implementation

[In my opinion, it was the] worst implementation I've ever experienced. [I believe that GTreasury's] high turnover rate in our Sales Rep, Project Manager, Implementation lead, Implementation support team, Account rep was a challenging experience.
Yes - Code set up - TA rules, trees Reporting Security Admin Templates
Change management was a major issue with the implementation - [I believe that the] change management on [GTreasury's] part severely and negatively impacted our implementation. [In my experience,] one particular [GTreasury] Project manager was rude and inconsiderate. [I felt that] it was a dread to come to the "meetings" with this person [and] made for a terrible experience.
  • [In my opinion, it has] high, high, high turnover on [GTreasury's] side.
  • [In my opinion, GTreasury's] project manager was rude and inconsiderate of client needs.
  • [I feel that GTreasury] does not seem to value client needs, especially when they require extra effort/set up beyond the cookie-cutter options native to [GTreasury].

GTreasury Support

[In my opinion,] it takes too long to get [a] resolution. [Personally, I] don't feel like a valued customer, just a number in the [queue].
Good followup
Slow Resolution
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
[In my opinion,] you shouldn't have to select "levels" of support. [I believe that] if the [GTreasury] product is good as it says it is, then we shouldn't need support that much, but, [in my opinion,] when we do, we should have quick access to a support team that cares about ALL of their customers, not just the ones that pay extra.
Yes - [I believe it was] satisfactory.
[I am] drawing a blank on this, [but, in my opinion,] GTreasury is not very customer-centric.

Using GTreasury

Like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • Single sign-on capability [is an easy feature].
  • [I believe that] set up and administration (TA rules, trees, etc.) [is difficult].
  • [In my opinion,] reporting is difficult, in particular, the worksheets are hard to understand especially for normal bank portal users.
  • [I believe that] security [is difficult].
  • [I feel that] approval workflow [is difficult].
  • [In my opinion,] approval rules ($, type of transaction matrix) are hard to set up [properly].
  • [I feel that] no mobile app [makes it difficult].