Halogen eAppraisal & 360Multirater - 1st year using
Updated April 29, 2015

Halogen eAppraisal & 360Multirater - 1st year using

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Software Version

version 11

Modules Used

  • eAppraisal
  • 360Multirater

Overall Satisfaction with Halogen Software

  • The Halogen Helpdesk is very accessible. Whether I call the 800 number or submit a ticket via email, I typically have a response within minutes. The Halogen reps are very competent and able to efficiently resolve most issues.
  • The training provided to system administrators during implementation is extremely thorough and makes the implementation process much easier.
  • Halogen is very user friendly. We launched the system just in time for the 2013 performance evaluation process, and had little time to conduct training sessions. Although we did offer training, a majority of the users were able to figure out the system on their own since it is quite intuitive.
  • My organization was interested in taking our existing evaluation forms (mainly Word and Excel documents) and replicating them in Halogen. The system offers a great deal of customization options, which is exactly what we needed.
  • The 360Multirater reports look slick and offer a great vehicle for incorporating feedback into your evaluation process. It allows you to obtain feedback from peers of the employee, as well as managers, and even external customers.
  • Automating performance management is a huge benefit, and Halogen does this well. You can customize when reminders are sent to employees, when to copy managers on reminders (i.e. if a task is late), and when to notify HR. Furthermore, the electronic signature is a fabulous (and green!) feature that was important to us.
  • For evaluation forms that are quantitative (i.e. measuring financial or other numeric results), Halogen is somewhat lacking. Some of our evaluation forms are intended to total/calculate large sums, but they system is not capable of calculating.
  • While the training was truly phenomenal, I ran into an issue due to my organization's expedited implementation. Halogen offers 16 hours of training, but they did not have any trainer's available for the first 2 weeks of our 3 week implementation. I was able to work with my Implementation Manager, and although I learned a lot from her, the 2 day training was much more extensive. If I had been trained earlier on in the process, there are a number of things that I would have done more efficiently. So, I would list the availability of trainers as an area for improvement even though it would only present an issue if you were attempted an expedited implementation.
  • Getting users to login and register for the first time is somewhat cumbersome. If you set passwords for them, they must reset and then select 3-4 security questions. This is common with many programs, but I am listing it as a weakness because a number of my users had trouble logging in for the first time. After they logged in, they found the system to be very user friendly.
  • The 360Multirater can only be used with evaluation forms that are competency-based. While this worked for a number of our evaluation forms, we did have a few that were not competency-based, and in those cases the managers could not request multiraters on their employees.
  • When drafting Self-Evaluations or Employee Evaluations in Halogen, there are a few issues with formatting. First, Halogen does not allow to use special font (i.e. bold, italics, underlined, or highlighted). Although this is not a big deal, it is somewhat inconvenient. There is also no option to use bullet points, although it is possible to use dashes to "bullet" a list.
  • This is our first year using Halogen, and we are about 3/4 of the way through our evaluation process. That said, we have not reviewed metrics relating to the ROI. I can tell you that it has saved a lot of HR's time. Previously, HR had to track down copies of reviews and remind employees and managers of deadlines associated with the evaluation process. Now, the reminders are automated. Halogen offers excellent reporting so you can see at a glance who has submitted their evaluations and who is late submitting them.
  • I have received feedback from a number of employees that using Halogen is more efficient that completing evaluations using Word of Excel documents. There are less formatting issues.
  • We were previously printing all performance evaluations for employees and managers to sign. Now, we support our green inititives by reducing paper, obtaining electronic signatures, and storing the evaluations electronically.
I recommend that you talk to the rep about what has worked (and equally important - not worked) at your organization in the past with the performance management process. Within my organization, they did not want to reinvent the wheel. Our leadership was quite happy with the content of the evaluation forms they were using, and they just wanted an automated solution to replicate their current process. Furthermore, they did not want to have an overly regimented or standardized process. Our teams like the option to customize, which Halogen was able to facilitate. I would also make sure to ask how long the implementation process will take, and when will training be offered.

Using Halogen Software

200 - The first group to use Halogen included our corporate employees - from Admin Assistants to Sr. Vice Presidents. Since it was successful with corporate users, we are rolling it out to the field. This includes Leasing Consultants, Engineers, Property Managers, and Concierge, among other titles.
So far, my experience with Halogen has been a very positive one. I would rate it higher, except due to a few limits to the system we had a few departments opt not to use Halogen for reviews this year. Their evaluation forms were quantitative, and could not be replicated in Halogen. I am hoping that we can come up with a creative solution for next year, but since we implemented and went live with Halogen in a condensed timeframe, it was not possible to meet everyone's needs. Ultimately, we are still quite happy with the product since a vast majority of our corporate workforce was able to use it.

Halogen Implementation

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