Research and computing on one place!
March 11, 2020

Research and computing on one place!

Ahmet Fatih IRKLI | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) is used by myself in our organization as a part of my research. It has been seven months since I come across the IBM Cloud Object Storage, and I loved it. I keep my experimental data on IBM servers safely, and I can access it from anywhere. Also, I run my calculation codes and data analysis codes on IBM servers. Thus, I have a remote research machine that is reliable and accessible from anywhere.
  • My personal computer and work computers are also connected to IBM Cloud Objective Storage, which allows me to backup both my personal and research data. Knowing that my files are safe and secure is precious.
  • Managing different types of digital belongings (such as data, backups, codes, results) from one place makes my job easier.
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to manage
  • Scalable
  • Availability
  • Cost effective
  • Lack of servers on some regions of the world, they can expand their servers
  • EU support desk availability times are limited
  • It saved me from 10k GBP personal device costs.
  • It saved my time a lot with its priceless computing power.
It is beneficial as it works as a cluster computing service. Typically, if I run my data analysis code on my PC, computation takes around 5-6 days on average. However, it is reduced to a day with IBM`s cluster power. In more technical terms, this service is faster while working on iterative queries of my code.
Data transfer speed is another crucial aspect of cloud storage. IBM always have had a fast and reliable connection when I need it. As my workplace computers mainly located on university campuses, I also have the advantage of the JANET academic network`s fast connection. My experimental data mostly takes about 12-15 GB per experiment. Therefore, I need faster transfer to save time.
As I daily access/change my data, active tier is the solution that I chose. Cold tier could be a good solution if I did not have to access my data on a daily base. Therefore, I cannot put too much comment on this manner.
I have not tried anything else yet.
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Servers
  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
  • IBM Cloud Auto Scaling
  • IBM Cloud Databases
  • IBM Secure Gateway
I can handle all my job on IBM Cloud Object Storage thanks to all the services that they offer.
I have multiple virtual machines to run my codes.
I am storing my raw experimental data, meaningful data analyzed data, and my backups.
I can securely connect from anywhere.
Scale my services and data easily.
If you are doing research based on experimental data and codes, you should give it a try to IBM COS. A most simple workflow for my IBM Cloud Object Storage usage is as follows:
  1. Do the measurement on setup. Collect the data from the setup. Save data on IBM Cloud Object Storage. Secure, fast file storage.
  2. Run the code for deriving meaningful results from raw data. Run codes chunk quickly with robust IBM servers. Fast processing times.
  3. Run the data analysis programs. Powerful servers save time. Time-saving.
  4. Store all of them in one place without concern about space, security, accessibility.

IBM Cloud Object Storage Feature Ratings

Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
Dynamic scaling
Elastic load balancing
Monitoring tools
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