E-commerce is real strong point.
Updated April 09, 2014

E-commerce is real strong point.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • E-commerce is Coremetrics' strong point. The solution is very good at reporting for ecomerce sites. For example, it gives excellent data on products purchased and abandoned cart value and other E-commerce statistics. Omniture is perhaps better for more general content browsing statistics, but Coremetrics is the clear leader for E-commerce sites.
  • Easy and well documented implementation
  • Fast, easy and customizable reporting UI
  • Data mining or AdHoc visit-based analysis: All packages provide a way to do a deep dive on data. Usually you will need a custom report to cover something that is not covered out-of-the-box. For example, you might want to know whether more purchases are coming from people using one browser over another. Coremetrics does provide access to the database to build relationships between objects to construct custom reports. though it is possible to build these ad-hoc reports in Coremetrics, it's not that easy. Once you stray outside the standard templated reports, it's not the best solution for creating custom reports.
  • Since it's a flat, table-based analytics solution, there are potential table limits which can be reached on large datasets
  • Close monitoring of the different marketing online initiatives. Making sure money is well spent.
It's a very good analytics package. No solution is perfect so it's important to test them. For an e-commerce site, Coremetrics may well be the best solution out there.
As mentioned previously, I believe Explore should be bundled with the basic Coremetrics package. So, please negotiate this module as part of your global contract.

Product Usage

20 - Most of the users are in Marketing but Sales and IT people are also part of the user base.
  • Coremetrics enables marketing stakeholders to easily follow and measure the success of their marketing initiatives.
  • Track conversion in sales and enables you to test different marketing offers and see the impacts in real $
  • Strong and very reliable solution for businesses taking critical marketing decisions based on analytics

Evaluation and Selection

Mostly from Google Analytics, or building on previous Coremetrics implementations.
Omniture and Webtrends were also considered. When business needs are met by both Coremetrics and Omniture, the latter tends to be more expensive. Webtrends is often a good choice when server logs are also used with page tags. Server logs is an older technology which tends to undercount discrete web visitors (because multiple visits from different people at a single company are counted a a single visit). But, as Coremetrics and Google Analytics only use the newer tag technology, Webtrends can be a good choice if both server logs and tags are being used.

Coremetrics is renowed for it's great support and easy implementation which - along with cost - was a deciding factor in many situations.


  • Professional services company
I was the consultant responsible for the deployment.


  • Online training
  • Self-taught
Online training is really great. One of the best assets that they have. Lots of great videos, pop quizzes at the end of each module. Fantastic. Other tools have similar features, but not as good.
It all depends if you are experienced working with analytic software. I would say Coremetrics is easy to learn, but any form of training will help you get up to speed faster.


If e-commerce tracking is your main goal, Coremetrics will do a perfect job and is configurable to meet your needs. For other sites, we may lack advanced content grouping for example.
Follow the very detailed implementation guide. That will save you time and erroneous data.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code


Even if all things in this world can be improved upon, Coremetrics support is the best I have seen.
No - Standard support is great. It may be helpful, as with other solutions, to have a consultant help you out with the initial implementation, training and to drive a Web Analytics culture in your organization. Once you are up to speed, Coremetrics standard support will usually be enough, and you won't need to pay for additional support.


Very easy to implement and use.


This solution can support large amount of data and transaction. The way that user management features are built, it shows it is meant for large organizations.
Never had any issues.
As reports are templated, the system is pretty quick. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for a report to render. Or you might have to re-load the page. But there is no real issue here and the system is on par with other similar systems.