An intelligent solution for your contact center
September 17, 2014

An intelligent solution for your contact center

David Barilla | TrustRadius Reviewer
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3.0 SU10

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  • PureConnect

Overall Satisfaction with Genesys PureEngage

Company wide, centralized contact center solution being utilized (tenanted) by multiple contact centers that are geographically dispersed. The solution handled inbound customer interactions including phone calls, emails, faxes, and call back requests.
  • I find that operating costs, especially support staffing levels, is something that is severely overlooked when choosing a contact center platforms. Don't install something you can't support. On that note, one of the major benefits of interactive intelligence is that the basic administration of this system is extremely simple. You don't need to tie up expensive level 3 voice engineers to handle basic daily duties. These duties can be shared by the contact center supervisors/managers, field services or a competent help desk team.
  • The customer facing features are excellent and they all come straight out of the box. No need to stand up a bunch of extra infrastructure to get features such as reporting, call recording, agent score cards, etc. These features are all intuitive and easy to use as well.
  • Auto Attendant is easy to use. It's also depictive and provides a read only view that you can share with the business. This kind of visibility into what is actually happening in their phone system, and more importantly to their customers experience, will be much appreciated by the business.
  • The visibility of the call flow and current call states through supervisor and admin tools is very good.
  • From a design and build perspective the solution is not over complicated like much of the other contact center solutions out there. This makes it very robust and scalable.
  • It's very customizable and can meet any business need. Be warned though, as with any system, the more customizations you put in place the more difficult it becomes to maintain, upgrade, and grow your system.
  • Finding good qualified staff may be a challenge due to the fact that this product just isn't as common as some of it's competitors.
  • As a engineer, my worst complaint by far is that there is just not enough self help information out there. Not every company or individual has the $5K kicking around to become certified. If you have 2-3 staff members you wanted to get trained up your looking at a pricey employee investment.
  • In the past, upgrades have been somewhat painful and can come with some hefty bugs in the first 6 months. I have heard that ININ has improved on this recently, however I can't vouch for such a claim. Either way, plan upgrades carefully and test everything twice!
  • The answer to this question depends entirely on what you are currently using as your solution.
I've been supporting Cisco UCCX for a little over a year now and I am completely blown away at how terrible it is when placed next to a product like ININ. An I mean on every level, from the support of it, from a business perspective, from every angle UCCX is flaky in comparison. How people so easily drink the Cisco UC cool aid is beyond me.

My apologies if that brief Cisco review sounds harsh. Let me clarify that I'm not anti cisco or anything, and in fact I hold many of their certifications.I think call manager is a fairly sound solution for business use and would pair nicely with ININ. Their networking gear is second to none. I would just steer well clear of their contact center solutions and spend your money elsewhere.
ININ is an excellent "Contact Center Solution" and a reasonable price.

However I would be wary of using it as your corporate "business user phone system" due to the fact that it is software based and basic users will more than likely find it "excessive".

Using Genesys PureEngage

Feature rich, easy to deploy, simple to maintain, and reliable. What more could you ask for?