Kubernetes is "the" tool for Docker orchestration
July 09, 2018

Kubernetes is "the" tool for Docker orchestration

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Overall Satisfaction with Kubernetes

We as an organization have very diverse hardware infrastructure. We have our own data centers and multiple cloud providers. The technologies we use are also again very diverse, we use VMs, containers as well as server-less technologies. When it comes to container technologies we are using Docker and orchestrate it with Kubernetes. In most of the cases, each Business unit have their own Kubernetes clusters for application hosting, and categorize it separately for preproduction and production environments.


  • Kubernetes can run anywhere, i.e in in-house datacenters as well as in Public cloud
  • Very efficient management of containers and self healing.
  • Out of the box Automated deployment and rollbacks. And support for many deployment strategies like blue-green, rolling update and recreate.
  • Efficient secret and configuration management


  • Understanding Kubernetes is little hard and has a steep learning curve.
  • Kubernetes is complex, it has its own concepts called pods, services and deployments.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting in Kubernetes is quite hard and requires experience.
  • Kubernetes is one of the leading orchestrator for containers and also production ready. Helps use Docker containers confidently in production.
  • Eliminates maintenance of Docker container lifecycle and handles it automatically.
  • RBAC and Namespaces help is clear isolation and access management to applications and access members of team members to each application in a fine grained manner which boosts the confidence to use docker containers.
  • Swarm
Docker Swarm is not as advanced as Kubernetes and there are no out of the box solutions for auto scaling and deployment strategies. Docker swarm doesnot have much experience with production deployments at scale. Swarm has a smaller community, and less frequent releases as compared to the very big Kubernetes Community and its rapid releases.
Kubernetes is a container-centric platform which can be run on in house data centers as well as public cloud. It is not only a platform run Docker containers, but also a very efficient network and application orchestrator. It has very powerful robust and extensible APIs. It is mostly declarative.


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