My experience is multiple companies using Linode Services
February 04, 2021

My experience is multiple companies using Linode Services

Mochammad Zachri | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

My managed businesses using Linode in VPS services only, we are using mostly on Shared Plan 2GB because that's what we need.
We use it to deploy our retail platform, API, websites, WordPress pages, and databases services (each usage has 1 Linode).
Previously we use it for email server too, and Linode helping it too with the tutorial but it looks like there's no one in the company that can monitor what happen to email server.
As long I use Linode service, I am satisfied with the services.
  • Server uptime.
  • Fast response CS.
  • Large bandwidth quota.
  • Reasonable price.
  • CDN service location.
  • Object storage service.
  • More VPS option plan or customize the plan.
  • Boost reliability of our platform.
  • Cost efficient with reasonable price.
  • Good technical support.
  • (-) When under maintenance, our service mostly got stopped (even when we got multiple Linodes, it has same maintenance time).
We've been searching any VPS Services that match with our needs. I've been trying DigitalOcean service at one of them.
I don't know what's wrong, but in my opinion DigitalOcean is not as flexible when I'm trying the Linode services.
We are trying to use more enterprise platform like GCP, AWS, or something like that. But our needs are very custom and we thought Linode is more suitable for us.
I don't have any comment to Linode Supports except "EXCELLENT SERVICE SUPPORT." Their service is always ready whenever we need even the problem source is from our side. They help us with so many references and methods. And it's really human that help us (not a bot with unreliable help).
I know Linode have a bot too, but their human support is more amazing than the bot . 6/5 stars!
With the comparison with another service, Linode pricing maybe not too far away. But in the terms of our usage, Linode pricing is good. They count our usage with hourly rate and when it's not used/deleted they won't charge us. It's fair and good with our usage that needs a new "nodes" just for some research and delete it afterwards.
In our experience when using Linode, it has good reliability maybe in my opinion it has >98% server uptime.
And every time there's critical maintenance they will inform us long before. And it never takes a long time.
But in my experience, every midnight (SG Server) it will have a downtime for ~5 minutes on our several "nodes." I don't know what happens there, but in my case it's not a problem. Overall, it's reliable for us.
Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS), Backblaze, OVH Dedicated Servers
Linode is good when you need an appropriate VPS service with reasonable price. Linode has several location too, so you can choose based where's your target market is. In my own experience, Linode has >98% Server Uptime in my 4 year experience using it.
And if you need a responsive CS help, Linode is good for you. Every time I got a problem (even a technical one), Linode team always help me until the problem got finished.