Great "plug and play" review platform
June 27, 2018

Great "plug and play" review platform

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Overall Satisfaction with Logikcull

Our firm used Logikcull for document review in large ESI cases.
  • Allows for quick and simple uploading of records into the platform. This makes the product basically a "plug and play" system which is easy for non-technical people to use.
  • Grants end users the ability to tag documents and search text, allowing the users to quickly find the document(s) that are crucial to their case.
  • Document productions can be created using Logikcull and then shared directly with the receiving parties. By sharing through Logikcull, the user can easily transfer very large sized files to other parties without having to worry about downloading to another medium to make the transfer. It also provides the necessary documentation to show when the transfer was made and when the parties receiving the productions downloaded the records.
  • Some of the searchings are not quite up to snuff for a highly technical user. They provide for Boolean searching, but there are some capabilities that are missing. For example, a negative search cannot be your first query line.
  • There are only limited fields that can be endorsed onto documents when printing or exporting.
  • The same features that make it easy for the novice user are the ones that make it problematic for the experienced eDiscovery analyst. Knowing databases and how to map data to particular fields means that when you use Logikcull and everything is set for you, you lose a lot of the flexibility you may want with the more complicated systems.
  • The analytics built into Logikcull is the lower-end analytics. They do have email threading and de-duping, but the more complicated things like concept cluster and TAR are not available with Logikcull.
  • One of the issues we had with using Logikcull was the expense. It was difficult for our attorneys to pass along the hard copy expense of paying for the service based on the types of clients we have. Logikcull was very good at trying to help us with this challenge, but in the end, we found that our attorneys were hesitant to use the product because of the fear that there would be a high hard-cost expense that the client would not pay. This was one of the primary reasons we stopped using it. Our firm has the technical personnel and equipment to maintain an eDiscovery platform in-house, so the investment to bring in another product was, for our firm, a better solution for the long run.
  • As we were developing our litigation support department, Logikcull was the perfect product for us. It allowed us to provide for our attorneys a review platform when they had the cases that could not be managed without one but also gave us the simplicity we needed as we learned how to provide litigation support services to our legal teams.
When we evaluated our long-term litigation support solution, we looked at all of the eDiscovery tools on the market. That included looking at in-house solutions, hosted solutions and cloud-based solutions. For our needs, the in-house solution seemed to be the best fit. As such, we did not dig much deeper into any of the cloud-based platforms similar to Logikcull. We were very happy with Logikcull as a cloud-based solution and did not leave because of a problem with the services and product they provided. There were several similar products on the market, but we found that Logikcull was well-suited for what we needed at the time. When we went to the in-house solution, we looked for products that could be similarly situated as the high-powered vendor solutions. I have had one case where we used Relativity hosted by our co-counsel. It is very similar to Eclipse in its functionality. But if you are new to review platforms, you would need a lot of support to use Relativity. Eclipse is much the same. These products are designed for power. They have high-end analytics and can handle anything you throw at them. My primary experience has been with Eclipse. The learning curve for this program is very steep. But once you master it, it has superb power and competes with all of the review platforms on the market.
Logikcull is a fabulous tool for the firms that do not have a dedicated Litigation Support department. They offer a tool that is very simple and easy to use. You do not need to be highly tech-savvy to use it. And their support team is absolutely fabulous.