You always wanted a disco floor in your office, but could never find the space. With M-Files you can remove all of those old filing cabinets and start dancing for joy!
April 08, 2014

You always wanted a disco floor in your office, but could never find the space. With M-Files you can remove all of those old filing cabinets and start dancing for joy!

Richard Abraham | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We have incorporated M-Files into our internal document management structure. Our internal structure consists of sales and marketing, vendor support, client support, finance, management and human resources. We have solved the issue of locating saved documents and maintaining mutiple versions scattered throughout the network. We have been able to link the physical, such as a client with the electronic documents associated with them in a dynamic and purposeful manner. We have accomplished this through the inherent meta-data driven properties and OCR functionality applied to all information absorbed into the centralized repository that is M-Files.
  • Permissions and access controls allow for security throughout the various departments
  • Recognizable Windows Explorer style user-friendly interface provides an organization shorty training and down time during an integration.
  • Document version control and auditing allows companies to meet compliance standards
  • Scanning and Zonal OCR features provide companies with a quick and meaningful way to convert paper documents into electronic form automatically applying meta-data properties
  • Connecting existing external databases such as Microsoft SQL and Access to M-Files. A great example would be connecting a list of all employees and can be bi-directional, which helps with redundancy and integration.
  • Connecting external databases can be tricky without prior knowledge of how those database were created. Some of the pitfalls can be avoided with more comprehensive training.
  • The OCR functionality could be more accurate which would help ingest documents of different types with less setup and training for employees trying to use M-Files.
  • M-Files has customer support, but I would like to see support have quicker response times and be more useful.
  • As a partner, the partner-portal could address more support issues by providing solutions.
  • Better collaboration by team members during the proposal phase through sharing and version control
  • Faster response times during customer support due to the speed of locating documents
  • Scanning and OCR features have helped convert documents into electronic format for easy searching
M-Files works best when you make the commitment to completely transform your current document storage system into a dynamic content management system. You can do this in phases, one department at a time which can help companies who are unsure about taking the plunge. M-Files is very flexible and can be easily integrated without lengthy implementation and training. I gave M-Files a 9 for renewal simply because there are no guarantees. We have found M-Files very useful within our organization.
We see that organizations that are consumed by paper documents would benefit from using M-Files. M-Files can enhance those companies that need to continually use paper, but can also provide a solution transitioning them away from paper documents eliminating costs, increasing efficiency and will provide a more effective method for meeting auditing and compliance standards. A few key questions to ask a company are, how long it takes to fill out and intake a document? How much time is spent filing and retrieving a document? Are you concerned about document control and permissions?