Method CRM - the best CRM for QuickBooks
March 28, 2014

Method CRM - the best CRM for QuickBooks

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Method CRM is ideal for companies that need to integrate their customer-facing employees with their back office and who have a challenge not met by other QuickBooks add-ons. Method is the most customizable CRM software and has the best interface with QuickBooks. With Method you can automate business processes and track unlimited amounts of information.
  • Method allows you to enter data in QuickBooks from a web-based or mobile platform, with highly specific user permissions, which means your field employees have access to only the data they need without being in your QuickBooks file
  • Method allows unlimited additional data fields, screen customizations, and extremely sophisticated automation of business processes, all of which allows you to design your own features
  • With its API and SQL scripting, Method can pull data from outside sources and combine it with your QuickBooks information to provide processes unique to your business
  • Even though Method has a suite of CRM and accounting features built in, because it is so completely customizable, businesses can get sucked in to extensive and expensive implementation projects. Method is best used when there is a unique challenge to solve, or when automation will produce cost-savings sufficient to outweigh the investment in customization.
  • Method is browser-based on mobile devices, it doesn't run without an internet connection.
  • Method's look and feel is database-centric unless screens are customized, however there is a new version of Method coming out in 2014 to address this.
  • One of the best features of any CRM is the ability to generate new sales from existing relationships by automating follow-up activities and campaigns. Method does this very well.
  • Method can be customized to automatically allocate amounts according to complex formulas, savings tremendous amounts of time in the back office and eliminating tons of paperwork. Some clients have been able to forgo hiring additional employees when Method is implemented.
I love the infinite customization available in Method CRM. No other CRM offers as much ROI and flexibility of design of the user interface. However Method's built-in feature set doesn't include many of the extras that might be found in a more niche product. Furthermore, while Method's deep integration with QuickBooks is a strength, it is also a limitation because so much customization may be necessary to add features that go beyond the accounting & CRM-centric buildout of Mehtod.
The things Method does well - QuickBooks data integration and extreme customization - it does very, very well. If you are looking for a CRM product or any business process automation software that integrates with QuickBooks, you have to look at Method CRM.
Method's subscription charges are quite low compared to some of the other CRM software, so if you are capable of doing customization yourself, this can be quite a bargain. There are some custom application packages already developed (for instance for field services or bookkeeping services) so if there is an app that fits your needs, that may be a great fit. Alternatively, you can tap one of the Method Solution Providers to discuss a unique customization for your business. Method CRM is also capable of linking to multiple QuickBooks files, making it ideal for franchises or other multi-entity businesses like property management or other related companies.