MobileIron Core: Easy Device Management
Updated May 19, 2020

MobileIron Core: Easy Device Management

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Overall Satisfaction with MobileIron

We use MobileIron to secure our BYOD and Corp mobile devices across the entire organization. One of the challenges many companies, and ours, deal with is securing private data, especially on portable devices such as tablets and cell phones. With MobileIron, we are able to keep better track of the status and location of each device. If one is lost, we are able to remotely wipe the device, keeping our data safe from those who should not have access to it. MobileIron is also able to apply restrictions to devices, lowering the chances of the users accidentally sharing that private data.
  • MobileIron has a very clean and simple to use interface. I have used other MDMs throughout my years and MI is the most intuitive of the bunch.
  • iDevice management is well done. Though all MDMs have the same access as the others, MobileIron makes it easy to implement with clear descriptions of what each option does.
  • The technical support is, for the most part, very professional, friendly, and helpful. There are still many things that I do not know how to do with MobileIron, but I am confident I can find an answer with the help of their support. The same cannot be said for other products within this realm.
  • Documentation is hard to find. Most of MobileIron's (MI) documentation can only be accessed through an MI account. This, in itself, is not a problem. The problem is locating specific information. Typically with other MDMs, a quick google search will point you to the location of the documentation within the official website. The way MI has their documentation locked down, I cannot find anything I'm looking for through a google search. Also, there were times documentation is locked by permissions and links provided by support are inaccessible to me due to these restrictions.
  • Sales - The sales team can sometimes come off as not genuine. I understand the purpose of sales is to sell and make money for the company, but the approach sometimes feels artificial; they say they have to company's best interest in mind, but the push for a sell like a car salesman.
  • Many of the automation options are not explicitly available into MobileIron Core. I have to use a special scripting language to make MI do the things I need it to do, such as automatically retire devices that have been inactive for 60 days.
  • The zero-touch iDevice deployment has saved countless hours for the help desk. The only extra step outside of MobileIron is registering each of the devices in Apple's DEP program.
  • Ensuring that devices comply with the organization's security policy all from a single console saves time and money.
  • The cost of securing non-exchange email on these devices cost a hefty penny.
I have experience with AirWatch and Intune. The UI of MobileIron greatly outshines these two alternatives. Though the features of securing our iDevices are the same, the way MobileIron allows me to implement these configurations makes it stand out above the competition. We are currently evaluating Intune and the interface is extremely convoluted and difficult to navigate compared to MobileIron's.
Splunk Enterprise, Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (Discontinued), Google Authenticator
Due to its ease of use, any organization that does not have a dedicated MDM Admin would benefit from MI. When I came into my current organization, I had no experience managing an MDM. With the help of our MobileIron Rep and some handy learning tools, I was able to easily get a handle on navigating and using the tools within a business day or two. For a small IT team, MI will make your life easy.

Using MobileIron

5000 - In terms of management, only IT has access. However, in a broader sense, all users with a supervised device has it registered in MobileIron. These employees range from Human resources, the C-Suite, field workers, project managers, etc. Essentially the entire organization uses MobileIron and because of how transparent it functions with supervised devices, most of our employees don't even know they have a MDM managed device.
2 - We have one Network Engineer and one Network Administrator supporting MobileIron. The help desk supports it but has limited access to what functionality is available. For example, the help desk is only able to manually register a device and retire it. They do not have the ability to create labels or add labels to policies or apps. Due to MobileIron's user-friendliness, technically anyone has the ability to support it as long as they take the time to learn.
  • We're able to manage, deploy and even customize apps from the app store.
  • In case of emergencies, we are able to use the location tracking to find employees or locate their lost devices.
  • If a device is lost, we are able to remote wipe it.
  • Because MobileIron's access into iOS is limited to what Apple gives MDMs access to, we've had to find ways to locate devices if users don't explicitly enable location services for the MI app. By putting the device into Lost Mode, we're force the device to provide its location details without the user having to enable Location services.
  • In addition to MobileIron Access, we'll be able to truly lock down access to our Corp Data to only registered devices, giving users more incentive to register their BYOD in MobileIron.
MobileIron's interface is intuitive and easy to pick up. The alternative options out in the market aren't nearly as easy to use. Also MobileIron's customer support is top notch. No matter the issue I bring up an answer has been found. And if an answer can't be found at that moment, the engineer always gets back to me later once he's able to do some research.