Mobile Management Made Easy
Mark Broge | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 12, 2019

Mobile Management Made Easy

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Overall Satisfaction with MobileIron

We use MobileIron Core (on-premises) to manage iOS devices for COPE (Company Owned, Personally Enabled) and single use devices. All mobile devices with access to our network or corporate services are managed by MobileIron through the IT department.
  • Security is excellent. We are able to manage and protect corporate information and it integrates with our existing requirements and practices. Enforcing secure passcodes and device lock/location services enables us to track all assets.
  • User experience is much improved as we can easily migrate users to new devices and there is consistent branding and app availability. When a user enrolls, their assigned apps are automatically deployed.
  • With iOS devices, zero-touch deployment and configuration is a reachable goal.
  • MobileIron provides excellent sales and post-sales service. In addition, their support model is excellent and we've never had a significant down.
  • The Core product's UI is very much in need of a refresh, but it doesn't get the love because most customers choose the cloud product, which looks entirely different.
  • Splunk integration does not work well and requires a lot of manual intervention. The Splunk MIApp doesn't work out of the box, at all.
  • There is no longer a mobile app for system management. It existed once upon a time, but is strangely missing in a platform that is all about mobile management.
  • We have decreased service interruptions caused by manual configuration of devices. We have one entire area that depends on a custom app and another on a custom web UI that requires a local WAN connection, and now we can pre-load and manage the configurations for these devices.
  • We are now able to enforce device compliance and security standards by requiring specific minimum OS versions based on device type, and compliance actions are available to further enhance this capability.
  • If a user needs an app or specific configuration, we simply add them to the appropriate Active Directory security groups. LDAP integration takes care of the rest.
MobileIron's professional services are at the top of their game. During deployment, there was no challenge too great despite some complexities that needed to be addressed during integration. I've found this to be consistent regardless of the person involved.
We've gone from regularly occurring issues with mobile devices to almost none. Helpdesk tickets from staff have become rare. Audit compliance is up because there is detailed logging information.
Jamf is a great platform but does not offer the wide range of integrations. It feels like an Apple-centric product, and it is. Airwatch was pricier and did not offer enough compelling advantages when feature sets were compared, so it was hard to justify the additional cost. MobileIron has proven to be a wise investment because of their continued focus on information security, and the platform can be extended to our Macs and Windows 10 devices.
For devices that require single-app mode (iOS) deployments are easy to manage. We are also able to control which OS features are available at a very granular level. What is often lacking are good guides illustrating how to implement certain features - for example, setting up single-app mode for the first time is not intuitive and should not require opening service requests with the helpdesk.

The tools for remote support require a lot of effort and have made implementation of this capability a financial decision instead of a technical one. By this I mean that it's better to request budget for professional services than to invest mine or my team's time, which makes it far less likely to get implemented. Things that cost money and require justifications to the finance team are disadvantaged from the word go.

MobileIron Support

The help portal is extensive and contains a ton of good information, and it's gotten better. Support requests first go to "MobileIron Experts" who are not employees, but power users/integrators with real-world experience. They almost always resolve the challenge quickly, and you can escalate support requests to MobileIron's team at any time. I was skeptical of this model at first, and have since learned to trust it.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
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Support understands my problem
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Quick Initial Response
Yes - Yes it was resolved and in a timely fashion. There was was version upgrade that caused the logs to fill up. The support team was able to get a temporary fix in place to resolve the immediate problem and a long-term fix in the form of a patch was released in short order.
When we encountered the bug mentioned elsewhere in this review, it was addressed with light speed and fixed quickly. The support team was on top of the problem and knew the product exceptionally well and handled the fix with professionalism. Follow up was most appreciated. For support to make you feel like you are the only customer that they have is a hard thing to achieve, but the pros at MI do it every time.