MongoDB, noSQL, noRelational, noProblem
Updated December 19, 2018

MongoDB, noSQL, noRelational, noProblem

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Overall Satisfaction with MongoDB

We have been able to take advantage of this tool since being a non-relational database, it is much easier to build the model of the architecture of the database model. This makes the development time much easier. When working with javascript language, or working with JSON objects and collections, MongoDB makes the connection of services for queries much lighter and optimizes the performance of the applications. Also, you can work, in case you do not know the console commands, with a Desktop database administrator in a graphical way. The learning times really are much faster, which allows a great scalability of the project. In the development department, this optimizes the delivery time with the clients, which makes the projects much more feasible in terms of delivery times.
  • Being a JSON language optimizes the response time of a query, you can directly build a query logic from the same service
  • You can install a local, database-based environment rather than the non-relational real-time bases such a firebase does not allow, the local environment is paramount since you can work without relying on the internet.
  • Forming collections in Mango is relatively simple, you do not need to know of query to work with it, since it has a simple graphic environment that allows you to manage databases for those who are not experts in console management.
  • MongoDB seems to be one of the most complete tools in its field, I believe that it has all the features that a non-relational database should have.
  • Perhaps because it is a relatively new tool there are very few experts in the field of MongoDB.
  • Better development times, this translates into the better distribution of the development team's time
  • When you work with mongo the learning curve is quite short, since having mongo university they themselves provide the learning of this tool so it is easy to work with this tool, without paying additional cost in courses and trainings.
  • You do not need to know about command console since you work with a database administrator graphically, like a desktop application
MongoDB is probably the most famous NoSQL database of the moment. it has become one of the most promising startups. Some companies that currently use MongoDB are Foursquare or eBay. This type of database is designed to perform queries and aggregations on large amounts of data. They work in a similar way to relational databases, but storing columns of data instead of records.
MongoDB is one of the most famous non-relational databases in the world, there are famous active projects that use this database. I think that the same company that develops the database gives you the online induction totally free is something that really is very positive. Accounts with a first-class support to be able to relate the correct implementation of the database, in addition to teaching you the best practices to optimize your projects, I believe that with this decision it is more than obvious which is the best decision at the time of seeing with which database to work.
Mongo DB is better placed in large projects, with great scalability. It also allows you to work quite comfortably with projects based on programming languages such as javascript angular typescript C #. I believe that its performance is much better with the type of technologies that handle very logical, similar terms of programming. If we use languages like java php, for example, it is better to work with relational databases like postgres or mySql. Since this type of technology allows you to work better with database management frameworks much more agile for these environments, such as JPA, HIBERNATE, Oracle, I think they are much better with this type of architecture and programming languages.

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