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NetBase Review: "An analyst's dream vs. an organization's search for ROI"
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Updated April 10, 2015

NetBase Review: "An analyst's dream vs. an organization's search for ROI"

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Word Clouds, Topic Creator, Trends, Influencer Identification

Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

  • I think Netbase has the ability to mine data at scale and accuracy that other products in the space don't have. For instance, we were able to identify from general sentiment, down to influencer properties for very specific sales and campaigns. This was crucial in terms of identifying media purchases.
  • I think the platform is snazzy and well designed. It is easy to use for the lay person, although I would recommend getting consulting hours if you don't have serious time to devote to setting up the filters/themes. I don't think setting them up is difficult, but you might want someone with a trained eye helping you identify 'ah ha' moments.
  • I wish Netbase integrated into existing analytics platforms. Omniture is the preferred.
  • I have used Netbase as a junior analyst pro and as a team manager searching for solutions. I think our leadership now is interested having a conversation around Netbase, for many reasons but the top would be:
  • Identifying key properties for media buys (strategically directing our attention for SEO, Affiliate, CSE and Social)
  • Identifying influencers and locating them within the existing customer demog framework we have in house
  • Crisis management
  • Being more strategic about how we move forward as a business using social as a new KPI that can help us navigate new opportunities as we expand in new markets
  • International Ecommerce
Not currently on it, but thinking about obtaining for the future fiscal year.
I love it. I would recommend using consulting hours and having a dedicated analyst who knows the tool in house. An assistant marketing manager might not be the best person to use this tool 'at night'.

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