Meets most of our needs. Needs a bit of updates, but doesn't every platform?
February 01, 2016

Meets most of our needs. Needs a bit of updates, but doesn't every platform?

Ryun Hobbs | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NUVI

Our Digital team uses NUVI to mostly do ad-hoc projects as necessary, with a few monitors set up to continually track mentions. We are pretty happy with most of what NUVI has to offer, and the social listening reports we crafted from the listening (separate from their own reports) have helped us win some business.
Pros of using NUVI:
- I have had no trouble with their customer service, and our account manager is helpful and understands what we need to do. She doesn't push us to spend more if we their solution is not the right one for us.
- Being able to preview mentions before pulling lets us preemptively block unrelated mentions.
- The dashboard provides a lot of useful information, and you can always extract more details such as top keywords and sentiment analysis.
- The reports you can pull from the platform has its own uses and has been helpful in giving more context to our own crafted reports.

Some improvements can be made, however:
- It is a bit tedious to weed through non-related mentions that get pulled in or to change sentiment in bulk.
- Their updates are not as frequent as some other online platforms I have used and don't always include updates about suggestions we made.
  • Brandi, our account manager, has been very helpful so far. She knows that we mostly use the social listening for ad-hoc reports and less often for continuous listening, so she informs us but doesn't push new features if they are not appropriate for that purpose.
  • We have been able to make cleaner mention pulls with the mention previews. For example, we noticed some strange keywords being used around a certain celebrity that we wanted to research (they were coming to Broadway in a musical). We noticed that there were random diet-related mentions that used this celebrity's Twitter handle for bigger awareness. We blocked that and a few other unrelated mentions before pulling the data.
  • It would be nice to have a more aggregate way to delete unrelated mentions and change sentiment on mislabeled mentions. Right now, you have to scroll through the "Back" and "Next" pages to look at different time ranges, and it can take a long time to clear them all.
  • One thing that we suggested a while ago but never got an update on was to be able to change sentiment/delete mentions from a specific time. We noticed that during one of our ad-hoc projects, there was a big pocket of unrelated mentions in one particular evening. Instead of being able to lump these mentions together and delete them, we had to do the above method of searching for these mentions and deleting a few at a time.
2 - Digital Media and Website Analytics (Digital Insights)
  • We were able to craft some early creative strategies based on the mentions that we pulled in, which won over some business; at the very least, it showed potential clients that we took research seriously.
NUVI may be more appropriate for long-term listening, but it can be helpful for one-time projects as well, the way we do it. Their audiences and Facebook metrics service offering also looks very useful, so when you want to dive deep into a Facebook page's performance and sentiment, that would likely be the product I look into.

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