Oktopost is Hands down THE Preeminent Leader in B2B Social Media & Content Marketing tools to Get a Positive ROI
November 18, 2013

Oktopost is Hands down THE Preeminent Leader in B2B Social Media & Content Marketing tools to Get a Positive ROI

Adam Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction

  • Great scale for LinkedIn Groups by way of great distribution at once of relevant content you've created to many groups.
  • Great insight knowing what LinkedIn groups are performing for you in the way what posts go through to what group, and which groups drive visits and which don't. That way you are not wasting time knowing which groups are effective or not. Oktopost tells you so you can be a smarter marketer!
  • Love the inbox as it allows you to easily engage and manage responsed to your LinkedIn discussions.
  • Love that it also has multi platform as I can put messages into many different social platforms and can see them on all the calender.
  • Love the new bookmarklet! Can't wait to see how this evolves.
  • If you are a B2B marketer, Oktopost IS the BEST solution for your content marketing and social media marketing needs HANDS DOWN.
  • Managing the linkedin API throttle limits is VERY tough for ANY company. Oktopost will have this issue moving forward, and they have had issues with some posts going through, but they always let you know if there was an error and they work to fix any issues immediately.
  • The new bookmarklet, although just new, can use some multi-platform pushing capabilities.
  • If they can figure out Google+ communities distribution like they did for LinkedIn groups that would also be awesome! But, Google is pretty strict on APIs, so not sure that is even possible.
  • A very POSITIVE ROI for us. We have seen on average now 6500 visits from LinkedIn to our site and over 1250 engagements on our posts allowing us to grow our brand awareness. We've been able to generated about 70 leads via LinkedIn with 10 closing accounts. I could not have done that as easily without Oktopost as my guide.
  • Oktopost allows me to continually improve providing VALUABLE data analytics I can use to make smarter marketing decisions.
I give Oktopost a 9, as a 10 means NO improvement is needed, but all platforms must iterate and improve. Hands down Oktopost is the B2B marketing leader in the social and content marketing world. They are also very quick to work on things and make the experience better for users. I would say I was a very early adopter of Oktopost and have seen them grow into a very useful tool and also a great company! I am VERY excited to see what they will do next to make our B2B marketing jobs more efficient and results producing! Thanks for helping our business close 10 accounts from LinkedIn in the last year! And that is up from ZERO the year before NOT using Oktopost.
If you're a B2B and NOT using Oktopost, you aren't doing B2B social media and content marketing effectively enough. I guarantee you are losing resource to time wasted on distributing content and what groups work and which ones don't on LinkedIn.