Oracle Dyn, the best Managed DNS provider on the internet.
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November 24, 2018

Oracle Dyn, the best Managed DNS provider on the internet.

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Dyn Managed DNS

We host many corporate websites and their DNS for customers and use Dyn exclusively for these websites. My team and one other two other teams are the primary uses of Dyn in this company. It makes it quite easy to update DNS entries for customers and I have never experienced any issues from using the product.
  • I have never experienced any reliability issues from using Dyn.
  • I really rely on the different modes of editing DNS - Expert, Simple, Bulk, etc.
  • I have never run into any issues with a lack of features.
  • Honestly I would be at a loss to make a suggestion. Any option, help, guides, etc., I would want are already in Dyn.
  • Dyn is an easy, reliable way for me and my co-workers to keep all clients' DNS up to date.
  • Dyn makes it easier to grow. We have almost doubled in our queries per second this year with zero negative impact anywhere.
  • We take on many new clients a month and have to meet the ever growing needs of these clients. Dyn has makes that not only possible, but easy.
Operating our own DNS servers would be an option but a terrible one on many levels and I do not believe we could offer the same reliability, much less the ease of use that Dyn offers. There are other providers that could offer a similar offering but I see no reason to change what is working just fine.
We have never run into any compatibility issues that I am aware of. As we are managing the DNS for many of our clients there has never been an issue of compatibility for them I have been aware of either. We are a fast growing company and so are many of our clients and we have never had to even consider Dyn having any issues keeping up with this growth.
Quite frankly I have never needed to reach out to Dyn support for anything myself. There are plenty of articles, how to, and videos that I can not see myself having to do so in the future. The ease of use and what seems like limitless options make me doubt if I ever will need to reach out to support.
Oracle Dyn Managed DNS has every option and feature I could ask for and more. Any time I have ran into a situation of needing something new for me it has already been an option sitting there waiting for me to use. I highly prefer the simple, un-bloated interface that Dyn offers.
I have worked at this company over 3 years and not once has there ever been an issue with availability, consistency, or security of many domains we manage through Oracle Dyn Managed DNS. Oracle Dyn Managed DNS has allowed this company to grow without the need to worry about any issues with DNS for us or our clients.
I would say most any company that manges many DNS zones would benefit from Dyn. It gives your employees a way to make these changes while giving the business a way to manage what users can make what changes and track those changes. I would say a simple end user with a simple website would probably not need Dyn.