PeopleAdmin Review
January 27, 2014

PeopleAdmin Review

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PeopleAdmin is used throughout our Human Resources department for hiring purposes. It is used to post positions that are available throughout campus and for candidates to apply for these positions. With PeopleAdmin it makes it easy to see who applies for each position and to see how they would fit into the position available. It makes it easy for our department to screen applicants and find the necessary information we need to contact them.
  • PeopleAdmin allows you to easily post current jobs. With PeopleAdmin you are allowed to create a new posting from an old posting. So if multiple positions come up you can easily re-create a new posting without having to start all over.
  • PeopleAdmin allows for easy applicant searches. If someone calls and is having trouble with their application you can easily look them up and help them continue their application or submit their document.
  • PeopleAdmin does a great job of allowing you to ask any question you would like to help you screen applicants. It has a feature where you can ask any question and depending on how they answer will determine if they qualify for the position or not. If they don't qualify for the position then they would get an automatic fail response. You can also custom write the fail response. This helps screen out unneccessary applicants and saves time.
  • A lot of the time people have a hard time uploading their resumes and cover letters becuase PeopleAdmin only allows a document less than 2 MB. It also only recognizes microsoft word and pdf. formats. Uploading these documents aren't as clear for the applicants and we'll get a lot of phone calls asking for help.
  • Applicants sometimes have a hard time writing their answers to the supplemental questions because it only allows 1200 characters including spaces. This feature could be better if they allowed the applicants to write more if they desired.
  • One thing I would like to see in PeopleAdmin is the ability to help an applicant change information on an application after they submit it. If an applicant submits an application accidentally with old information and needs to update it they can't until they apply for a new position.
  • PeopleAdmin helps the hiring process to go faster. You can easily view applicants and see if they qualify for the position or not.
  • PeopleAdmin has helped us find exceptional candidates for different positions throughout campus.
  • PeopleAdmin is easy to learn which makes the hiring process easier.
I did not have a choice in which program I used. I learned PeopleAdmin fairly quickly and use it everyday. I can't compare other products to PeopleAdmin, but I can say that I don't feel the need to find other products. I am satisfied with the overall quality of PeopleAdmin even if it does have some issues.
I am satisfied with PeopleAdmin, and I feel it helps our overall process. If I were to start my own business and needed help hiring people I would use PeopleAdmin. Overall, it is an easy and great tool. Being able to learn it quickly shows that it is an easy tool to use.
When deciding to use PeopleAdmin or not one key question to ask is how user friendly it is for applicants to apply for positions. You want the process for applicants to be easy so they are willing to apply without feeeling frustrated. It can become frustrating on your part as well when multiple people call about the same problem when it comes to uploading documents or writing their answers to the supplemental questions.