Proofpoint TRAP - Pull malicious emails
Fraser Clark | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 03, 2019

Proofpoint TRAP - Pull malicious emails

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Overall Satisfaction with Proofpoint Threat Response Auto-Pull

Proofpoint TRAP is being used across the entire organization currently. It is deployed centrally and in use across 4 countries. As it is an international product we have a Proofpoint trained team looking after it.
We've found Proofpoint TRAP to be very beneficial to the company so far, it helped us immensely during our last security test.
  • Automatically pulling malicious emails from users inboxes.
  • Low admin intervention.
  • Reducing remediation time on malicious emails.
  • Learning curve is steep.
  • Interface can be clunky.
  • Some interface items seem counter-intuitive.
  • Helped mitigate the email portion of our penetration test entirely.
  • Made us aware of the amount of suspicious emails being delivered.
  • Prevented malware spreading through mail.
Our organization has benefited from this as we used to have to manually retrieve any potentially malicious emails (after identifying them) and then run PowerShell scripts to remove them from users mailboxes.
With TRAP we no longer have to do any of that (apart from rare cases as always) as it will do this for us. We've seen a great benefit from this product.
The reporting element is not the best part of the product. There are simple reports available but nothing more currently that I have seen.
I have not evaluated any other products against TRAP.
Proofpoint TRAP can benefit any company in most scenarios. When used in conjunction with Proofpoint's main offering it is extremely powerful and reduces malicious email being delivered to almost zero.
And emails that do get delivered it is unsure about are cloned then detonated in a sandbox to see the impact and if it is then found to be malicious it will pull these mails from the user's inbox. With no interaction from administrators.

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