The Best Online Survey Tool - Qualtrics
January 09, 2014

The Best Online Survey Tool - Qualtrics

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Qualtrics is an incredibly robust online survey tool that combines immense customization with your surveys, but in a very easy to use interface.
  • The Qualtrics support team and account managers were great to work with and provided quick support when needed.
  • Qualtrics has almost every type of survey or test question you could want built in. If a feature isn't present, there is usually a way to work with them to create it or program it yourself
  • Rearranging questions within Qualtrics can be a little clunky at times.
  • Using Qualtrics allowed us to easily receive feedback from customers on their feelings towards products, services, etc. This feedback was then applied throughout the business to better the customer experience. Although a direct ROI was never generated, we felt the value we received to make positive changes was worth the cost.
  • Qualtrics Survey Panel was a very cost effective and quick way to get a sample group for a survey. The minimal fee for their sample group was well worth it because it saved our team time from looking for respondents, screening them, implementing the survey and coordinating compensation. Qualtrics handled all of this.
Qualtrics is a great value if you are consistently running surveys or asking for feedback from customers. It is very user friendly and simple to use, but also allows for more advance programming to customize it for your needs. The tech support and account managers are great to work with and any issues we ran into were resolved quickly.
Qualtrics is best suited for any sized company that is consistently asking for feedback. Whether that's internal or external. As long as value is be taken and used from the surveys than I feel Qualtrics is an immense value. It is more advance than other free survey tools, yet still easy to use by anyone. Finally, they are setup to help out in any area of the survey process, whether it's creating a sample group, assisting in writing questions or even analysis. None of these though are "pushed" on to customers and instead are available only if needed.

Qualtrics isn't good for one-off or occasional surveys. Even at their minimum response level, it does cost money. If you are doing a quick survey only once or twice a year with no more than a few hundred respondents, Qualtrics probably isn't the best solution. However, once you use Qualtrics and then have to take a step back to use a competitor, it becomes apparent how much better Qualtrics is.