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Qualtrics XM for Strategy and Research, Wynter, User Interviews, Mintel, Caliber, YouGov Research, ReportLinker and

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Qualtrics XM for Strategy and Research

Qualtrics is software for advanced quantitative and qualitative research to design products that satisfy customers, increase market share, and build enduring brands. The platform brings sophisticated quant and qual research together with analytics in a single platform.


SurveyMonkey provides free, customizable surveys, and a suite of paid, back-end programs that include data analysis, sample selection, bias elimination, and data representation tools. SurveyMonkey also offers large-scale, enterprise options for companies interested in data analysis,…


Target market insights platform for B2B SaaS marketers. It is used to get answers to questions about target customers in under 48 hrs. Wynter helps to uncover target customers' pain points, what they need, how they buy, and what resonates with them. ‍ Wynter's services are on-demand,…


QuestionPro is an online survey creator software designed to gather insights for better data-driven decision-making through quantitative and qualitative research. The platform allows users to design surveys to deliver better customer experiences, create strategies for product-market,…


Accenture provides services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Accenture is a global company with expertise in many different industries and business functions.


Revuze is a cloud based product experience analytics software solution for development, marketing, and product management teams.

Kantar Marketplace

Kantar Marketplace (formerly Lightspeed Research) is a market research specialist offering survey engagement software and global panel management, data on-demand, and market insights.

Kantar Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence

Kantar's Advertising and Paid Search Intelligence products connects data across advertising activities (spend, creative, channel, and media) to enable clients to optimise media and marketing strategies.

9 is a marketplace for sourcing business professionals for in-depth research interviews, or used to recruit B2B and B2C research participants for studies, as well as screen, schedule & pay research participants.

User Interviews

User Interviews offers a research platform to provide users a source of truth for participant management. The solution can be used to automate recruiting, scheduling, and contacting research participants. Users can choose to automatically distribute incentives in a selected amount,…


Dovetail, headquartered in Sydney, aims to enable the world to create better products and services through deep customer understanding. Dovetail states they empower 45,000+ people, from agencies to universities to Fortune 100 companies, to make sense of their customer research in…

Platform One
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Platform One is an platform to drive customer, employee, product and brand experiences, using insight communities for gaining an understanding. The platform helps identify and assign macro trends to the relevant people within the business, and focus on key business improvements to…

Wissen Research

Wissen Research works with global corporations to help them innovate, as well as smaller businesses, and individual inventors to help them manage a profitable, corporate-grade IP division while staying within budgets. The company offers a pool of resources and databases, and assists…

Inbox Insight
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Inbox Insight is a B2B Performance Marketing company, specializing in delivering full funnel digital marketing campaigns to engage active business professionals on insights for professionals and across the digital landscape. Using first and third party intent data and real-time content…

SG Analytics
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A global insights and analytics firm, SG Analytics aims to provide relevant, actionable, and reliable insights by offering contextual data-centric research services to its clients across market research, technology, investment insights, data modernization, healthcare, data analytics,…

MediaServices by Mediagistic

MediaServices by Mediagistic includes services by experts at planning, recommending, executing, communicating and reporting on all forms of media, who conduct research to understand the user's audience and their behaviors to come up with an efficient MediaServices plan to reach them.…

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Prelaunch is a market research tool that allows users to test a market for their product, with a landing page, and various analytics to test market response to features, pricing, etc.

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Podhash is a marketing platform boasting millions of podcasts and episodes. It offers filtering by category, language, and stats, to save hours discovering podcasts, enabling users to explore, save, and contact them with just a few clicks. 📊 Marketers can find podcast creators for…

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Datasets from México, Colombia, Brasil, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.Seenka analyze and integrate the cross-media visibility of brands and keywords in relevant contents and ads in TV, Radio, Influencers and Online media, allowing to detect opportunities and create…

CROZ Business Studio

CROZ is a technology-driven company focused on cloud-native development, agile and DevOps consulting, hybrid integrations, and data engineering, headquartered in Zagreb.

Highlight Agile IHUT Platform

Highlight's in-home product testing platform helps global and emerging CPG brands innovate, test, and launch new physical consumer products including food and beverages, beauty and personal care products, products for kids and pets, and supplements. Highlight’s mission is to help…

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PriceBeam's cloud-based solution aims to give users scientific and precise insights into what the prices of their products should be. PriceBeam brings value to:- Optimizing existing prices vs competition- Setting prices for new products- Setting prices in new markets- Understanding…

Emozo’s DIY Research & Feedback Collection platform

Emozo’s DIY Research & Feedback Collection platform uses behavioral and emotional insights to help clients drive the right decisions for digital content. Combined with consulting services and panels, Emozo helps clients go beyond traditional customer data analytics and delve…

QualMeeting by Schlesinger

The QualMeeting video insights platform from Schlesinger Group aims to combine the immediacy and visual cues of in-person research with the time and cost savings of digital research, providing greater access and real-time insights.

Learn More About Market Research Services

What are Market Research Services?

Many businesses turn to market research services to help them gain a deeper understanding of market trends and factors that contribute to business growth. These insights are then used to help businesses reach their marketing goals more efficiently, elevate their brand, and better understand their surrounding market. In addition to gaining market insights, companies can utilize this type of research to understand competitive trends, including what has and hasn’t been working.

When hired, research firms will usually provide custom markets reports consisting of qualitative and quantitative insights tailored to the company's particular industry. These reports may either be for internal use only or be a public, external-facing report.

Market research firms typically have a panel of consumers they can survey, interview, and collect other types of data from. Consumers are often compensated for participating in market research. They may either be paid directly by the market research firm or by the company that commissions the research.

Market Research Services Features

Most market research service providers offer:

  • Custom research services
  • Consumer panels
  • Multiple sampling methods
  • Qualitative research (interviews, focus groups)
  • Quantitative research (surveys, eye tracking)
  • Survey design and fielding
  • Research report writing
  • Research report distribution
  • Pre-written report purchasing
  • Multiple types of reports
    • Consumer reports
    • Market size reports
    • Market trends reports
    • Reports for different market geos

Market Research Services Comparison

Before deciding on which market research firm to work with, consider some of the following factors:

  • Communication. Make sure that the market research firm you end up hiring has a good communication track record. Since they will be acting as your research business partner, it’s important that your business be kept in the loop about important findings and report timeline changes. Research past customer experiences to ensure you will feel comfortable in the partnership.
  • Size of Business. Some market research services are better equipped to perform custom research for very large markets. Others are better suited to researching niche or emerging markets.

Pricing Information

Due to the unique nature and research needs of the business, pricing details are usually not publicly displayed. Contact the research firm directly to receive a customized quote. Most of the products will contain free trials of their services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use market research services?

Market research services provide businesses with customized research that helps product insights about their specific market. This might include emerging trends, consumer preferences and opinions, or competitive intelligence and brand awareness. Depending on the research firm and the type of research being requested, these services may use qualitative or quantitative research methods (or a mixture of both).

What are the benefits of using market research services?

One large benefit of working with a market research firm is the ability to outsource research needs. This saves the business time and money that they would otherwise spend conducting research themselves. The insights the research produces can also help companies better understand their target market, how their market is changing, how they stack up against competitors, and their overall level of brand awareness in the market.

How much do market research services cost?

In order to obtain pricing, contact the vendor for quotes customized to your business’s research needs. Prices may vary depending on the type of research needed, the scope of the research, the number of consumer participants, and potentially other research factors.