QuoteWerks - 15 Years and Still The Most Essential Component In Our Sales Process
February 10, 2014

QuoteWerks - 15 Years and Still The Most Essential Component In Our Sales Process

Paul Marentette | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Version 4.9 (Build 2.02)

Modules Used

  • Quoting, Invoicing, Managing our Product Catalog, Integration with Act! and Quickbooks

Overall Satisfaction

Fundamentally, there are three legs supporting our customer and sales process:
Act!, QuoteWerks and QuickBooks.
Remove any one of those and our process would not stand - but QuoteWerks is really the bridge between everything we've sold and everyone we've sold to.

QuoteWerks is used daily at Team Uptime to produce the quotes our clients must have to make their purchase, and the invoices we must submit to make our commitments! The Product List in QuoteWerks is where and how we organize our various services and product details including cost, supplier and referential items.

Our business is primarily delivering Contact Management solutions with Act! and QuoteWerks has always provided super-easy, seamless integration with zero data input redundancies. We have in the past worked with QuoteWerks customers not also using Act!, but in our experience it is the combination of both that is so simple yet so powerful.
* Because of QuoteWerks our contact details are much more valuable and complete in Act! since they include each contact's accurate sales history.

We use QuickBooks for our accounting, but prefer the invoices that QuoteWerks generates right from the quotes already prepared.
* Because of QuoteWerks, our customers can process our invoice sooner since the invoice received matches the same format as the quote they'd signed off.

Then there is the matter of time. From working manually in Excel, Word to other products, alternative sales quoting methods always exist. Some may be more intensive, some less, but QuoteWerks is perfectly designed to produce the best results within not only the most efficient use of our time, but our customers too. I started this company 28 years ago and have learned that often the most effective way to closing a sale is to respond immediately to the customer's need.
* Because of QuoteWerks, we can generate and send a complete custom quote in under 10 minutes. This results in time to provide better customer service and deliver more quotes - enabling us to live more successful, effective lives.
  • Create/maintain a product list with full details on the items and services you sell. This product list can be imported from Excel or accessed live and online from suppliers.
  • Integrates with Act! and other contact managers so you simply select your contact then build their quote from the product list. With Act! integration, the full details of the Sales Opportunity are loaded automatically, and you are prompted to schedule the followup activities too.
  • Designing, printing, then presenting an extremely professional looking quote is effortless, with options for delivery by email and/or electronically for online review and approval.
  • Organizing the quotes for your contacts are very easy too, with straight-forward approach to revisions and status of review/approval. QuoteWerks developers went to great lengths to ensure salespeople know all that has been quoted to a customer, the quoted price history for this item to this customer or others, and easily referencing all the supporting product literature details.
  • The recently introduced Dashboard provides an effective summary of Quotes, Orders and Recent Documents for the user. We look forward to managers also being able to see the status of quotes other QuoteWerks users have been working on.
  • There are so many features to QuoteWerks, including so many ways to deploy. I would like to see a simpler SQL back-end or web-based interface to complement the already easy network and remote user configurations
  • QuoteWerks definitely allows us to be more responsive to our clients purchasing and planning requirements.
  • QuoteWerks ease of use and more structured sales quoting process makes it easier to bring new staff on-board and maintain better consistency to our sales quoting approach.
  • Quosal,QuickBooks Pro,Sage Simply Accounting,Excel,Swiftpage ACT!
QuoteWerks offers a "perfect-fit" for Act! users. Manual methods, or those included with the Act! Sales Opportunity simply cannot produce as accurate or professional looking quote in the same short period of time. Other products may offer higher degress of proposal formality, but we have found that more often this is a drain not only on our time but our client's too as they must review all the details proposed. QuoteWerks hits the mark, every time!
Although I have been using QuoteWerks for 15 years, there are still many features in the current version I have not fully explored. It's just *that* feature-rich! Still, there are other features and online delivery methods currently awaiting, plus new features I am very excited to engage. The price of QuoteWerks is also quite reasonable, keeping our data exactly as we want it - on premise and affordable!
The only condition I can think of for not using QuoteWerks is if every quote/proposal offered is completely custom and unique. That is rare however, since QuoteWerks handles even extremely customized quotes quite well if you consider that many times a quote is based on the same time and materials ingredients.
My strongest recommendation for anyone considering QuoteWerks for their company is to work with an experienced provider. A manager can not make demands of his staff until the tools are ready to use, and with many, many options to a QuoteWerks implementation only experience and a commitment to understanding customer will see this through.