Roambi Lite - Lite on pain not in features!
May 15, 2014

Roambi Lite - Lite on pain not in features!

Shreyas Shukla | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Roambi Lite

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  • Catalist
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Overall Satisfaction with Roambi

I currently use Roambi within my own department (Manufacturing). I use this product only as per my personal preference, neither my department nor my company endorse the use of this product yet. After some research, I decided to utilize this product to enable quick analysis of business operations figures for department leaders who are almost always traveling and usually do not have the time nor the inclination to access detailed excel sheets and go through rows and rows of information. The Roambi app for iPhone and iPad makes it quite convenient for me to represent a lot of information on attractive and easy to reach charts that can be quickly accessed on mobile devices on the go. So I developed an excel template that when updated on a regular basis would provide the consumers of the Roambi front-end the most uptodate information possible. This "proof of concept" was well received and the capabilities of the Roambi software were much appreciated.
  • Quick and precise synchronization of information between the front end and back end: I have extensively updated offline excel templates with information and upon uploading to Roambi I could see that no information had been lost and the synchronization process itself is quite speedy and precise.
  • Plenty of options to customize representation of data on the front end: I have played around with lots of available options to represent raw data in an attractive and easy to read manner. There is always an option available to suit my needs irrespective of the dimensions or the dept of data that I am trying to represent.
  • Well designed and implemented app for idevices: The app itself is very well designed and of a very high aesthetic value. I am especially impressed with the performance of the app.
  • Easy to learn and use: The whole Roambi layout (esp. Roambi Lite), back end templates and front end apps are very easy to learn and use. There are no complicated steps and the representation or layout you want can always be achieved with some tinkering.
  • The system that performs the rendering of data to the front-end can be improved to intelligently read the back end data template or at least the layout. Inserting new rows/columns of data completely messes up the rendering on the front end and the process of re-selecting information to ensure proper rendering is a very tedious one.
  • Also, Roambi should have the capability to analyse information in formats other than excel such as word, ppts and/or pdfs. I found the lack of this capability a major hurdle because each time I had to export information into excel to render into a template.
  • Presented a more vivid picture behind business operations numbers
  • Effectively highlighted talking points and allowed for better and more efficient analysis/discussion of available information
  • Reduced the effort required to make extensive operations information presentable
I found that compared to software such as QlikView and Tableau, learning to effectively use Roambi is much simpler as the other two have steep learning curves where Roambi does not. For the purposes I had defined for myself such as quick sharing and visualization of large amount of data, I found Roambi to be the most effective solution.
Roambi has now been accepted as an effective tool to visualize and analyse large amounts of data within our department with its use slowly trickling down to other users. It has gained acceptance amongst users that generate this information and users that consume this information chiefly because of its ease of use. The engine that renders information in the front end works very well, whatever layout I have in mind can be ultimately achieved by tinkering with the numerous available options. Users can further drill down to a limited extent if they want to look closely at a dataset.
It is well suited in the following scenarios:

1. When accessing and analyzing large excel sheets or extensive data is difficult
2. When having remote discussions of trends (highs/lows) with colleagues in other geographies
3. For presenting a more visually appealing picture of what data is trying to say

It is less appropriate for:

1. Users on devices other than Apple devices
2. Desktop users, Roambi should be able to export in an interactive file format so that functionality is not lost to those users